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Gateway to the Arctic
Endless winter snow, reindeer and husky sledding, camping under the Northern Lights and more unique experiences await
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Northern Lights Big Bus Chase from Tromsø
We did not see the Aurora in Norway that day. The driver later took us to Finland to guide us very well. He would tell a short story and would be very helpful in taking pictures. He would also get the photo files of the day if there is no professional camera. Bring a mobile phone tripod to take a tour guide will teach you how to shoot the aurora. The temperature is minus 20 degrees on the day. Remember to do the warming work. Luckily you can see the aurora the first time you go

5 /5

Highly recommended
Northern Lights Big Bus Chase from Tromsø
Splendid first time experience catching the aurora lights. Bert and Teagan were friendly, enthusiastic and jolly tour guides. They are experienced photographers and the shots (shared later via email - dropbox link) taken were picturesque. The complimentary cookies and hot chocolate capped off a memorable tour at the end before heading back to Tromsø city.

Top sights in Tromsø

Tromso is a coastal city famous for its museums, historic wooden houses, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and sea. Easily accessible via regular commercial flights, the city welcomes thousands of tourists each year. Don’t miss out on visiting the most iconic sights in the city such as the Arctic Cathedral and Polaria. Check out this helpful guide to make the best of your visit to Tromso!

Arctic Cathedral

Built mainly of concrete and glass, the Arctic Cathedral is one of the most iconic buildings in Tromso. Opened to the public in 1965, the striking modern church is visible from Tromso Sound, the Tromso Bridge, and when landing at the city’s airport. Prominent design elements include a large glass facade, glass mosaics, and prism chandeliers. Visit in the morning or during sunset and marvel at the magnificent lighting inside the cathedral.
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Opened in May 1998, Polaria is an educational facility that focuses on child-friendly marine exhibits. An architectural marvel, Polaria has a striking design inspired by the ice floes in the arctic. The aquarium is home to many native and exotic marine species and a collection of polar exploration equipment. Polaria's centerpiece is an open pool containing a group of bearded seals. Located just a few blocks away from Tromso Center for Contemporary Art, the aquarium is accessible by Strandvegen road.
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Fjellheisen is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tromso. Enjoy the fresh air of Norway on a cable car ride that will take you to the Storsteinen or the Big Rock. The four-minute trip to the upper station is a popular destination itself, offering visitors a commanding view of Tromso and the surrounding fjords. Witness the panoramic views of the city, ice-capped mountains, and the sea during the trip. Take amazing pictures of these sites as you relax aboard a modern cable car.
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Tromsø University Museum

Established in 1872 and incorporated in the University of Tromso in 1976, the Tromso University Museum is one of the destinations in the city that you should visit. Explore various exhibits in the museum that include geology and zoology, as well as two Sámi exhibitions. As the oldest scientific institution in Northern Norway, the museum has 2 million objects under its care.
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