The Best Facebook Groups to Join before You Travel Again

Diana Vidovic
Diana Vidovic
13 May 2020
FB travel groups
Most people think of travel agencies, Lonely Planet or Google when planning a trip. Facebook can be a handy tool too - there's a bunch of public and private groups on there where you can find insider tips from real people without the marketing mumbo jumbo.
We've listed the best ones here for every type of traveller!

1. Is Japan on your bucket list?

Then you can't skip pass Japan Travel Planning.
Japan Travel Planning
Monitored by Sydney mum and travel fanatic Anne from Pretraveller, this group now has over 100k members! People post in here anything and everything related to Japan - from deals they scored on a JR Pass (thanks Klook!) to their favourite Japanese food to tips on getting refunds from airlines (COVID :() to spots on where to take the best insta shots.
Sometimes the content can be overwhelming, but you can manage this! Turn off your notifications, check the announcements for major updates and use the search bar when you need something specific! Happy Japan Travel Planning!

2. Are you a female, travelling solo?

If yes, you need to join The Solo Female Traveler Network.
The chat ranges from the safest (and not so safe) places to travel, experiences on being by yourself, meet-ups for solos in various cities and beautiful travel shots. Even lady dramas grace the feed, with travellers chatting on how to manage long, curly, unmanageable hair when on a boat! The moderators actively encourage girls not to ask things that can be found on Google (i.e. what to do in X) and also to avoid any non-travel topics, so there's not much riff-raff to sift through. The content is genuine and they also have an insta account. You go gal!

3. Do you regularly hit up Bali?

Well then, you could probably label yourself a Bali Groupie.
Bali Groupies
Everyone in this group is a Bali fan and keen to share the Bali love. You'll find transport updates, happening events, local news, prize giveaways and ways to support better tourism. A bunch of Aussie ladies that either live in Bali or regular visit Bali moderate the group (Alison, Lisa, Lynda, Amanda, Emma) to ensure the content is not spammy. So if you're a Bali Groupie or even a Bali Newbie, be sure to check it out!
I love Bali

4. Is Phuket your annual holiday spot?

If it's not Bali, then it must be Phuket? Time to join Phuket Thailand Groupies instead.
Phuket Groupies
A similar set up to Bali Groupies, this group is tailored towards regular Phuket goers to gain access to insider tips and local goings-on. Food is a big focus with restaurant deals commonly posted, as well as lodging discounts and sometimes sharing of secret spots across the island. Don't join this group unless Phuket is in your travel plans, otherwise you'll get envy!

5. Do you travel with your family, on a budget?

Thrifty Family Travels is the group for you!
Thrifty Family Adventures
Run by Melissa and her fam (they also have their own blog), this group focuses on how to travel the globe with the kids without spending a bomb! From Melbourne to Noosa, Halong bay to Lombok, Melissa dedicates a lot of time to answering the community's questions and moderating the content to ensure it is relevant for families everywhere. You can also join their Travel in Queensland group for deals on theme-parks and attractions!

6. Are you theme-park addicted?

If rollercoaster is your middle name, you're probably already following Theme Park Insider. But if you're wanting more specifics on a certain theme-park - like dining options, merchandise, avoiding ride queues, discounted tickets - then we recommend following these!

7. Do you need tips for New Zealand?

Kia Ora! New Zealand Travel Tips - run by Exploring Kiwis - is your go-to group!
New Zealand Travel Tips
Given the COVID pandemic, it's become important now more than ever to support local community. Run by Kiwis for Kiwis, this group does exactly that - gives small operators and local tourism a chance to shine! Of course, if you're not from New Zealand, feel free to join as you'll get the real local's experience when you next get the chance to visit! Kia Koa!

8. Want travel deals for Australia?

Then don't swing past Australian Travel Deals & Offers. And if you're after more specific travel or tips on a State level, try these:
Australia travel

9. Planning on trainin' it across Europe?

We all know how confusing the Eurail passes and Europe rail train systems can be. If you have questions (Can I travel these lines on the pass? Can I reach this city by train? How do I reserve seats for Deutsche Bahn? Is Thalys on strike?) then have them answered in Eurail Travelers Official!
Eurail Pass

10. Just wanting some inspo?

Our favourite couple from Perth are the ones to watch! Join Flying The Nest's group and become a part of their travel community!
Flying the Nesters
Stephen and Jess, despite coming from one of the most isolated cities in the world, have nearly seen it all. Their YouTube channel showcases all of their adventures and they regularly share tips and new content - as well as have a great member community that do the same!

Or are you just after hot Klook deals?

Then look no further!
In the meantime, you can keep an eye out on our Facebook Page and Instagram!
Happy travelling!