Destination: Isolation - Recreate Disney Magic at Home

Viv Tan Wei Wen
Viv Tan Wei Wen
27 Mar 2020
Destination: Isolation - Recreate Disney Magic At Home

Destination: Isolation - Recreate Disney Magic At Home

In case you missed it - Disney parks around the world have closed in line with social distancing rules. The U.S. and European Disney theme parks announced a closure up till at least the end of March, which is likely to be extended. On the other front, the theme parks located in Asia - Tokyo Disney Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland have been closed for weeks but are slowly reopening its doors.
Even though Disney may have shut its doors, it doesn’t mean that the magic has to be lost! Park-goers and Disney fans have come together to post their ride-through videos showcasing their Disney ride experiences - there are now hundreds of videos available that let viewers experience these rides online! 
We’ve put together a list of all these ride-through virtual videos from all six Disney parks around the world, Disney games you can access online, as well as Disney board games for the entire family.
Geared with the above, you’re sure to be able to bring some magic into the household and experience the Most Magical Place on Earth - right from your couch! 

1. Virtual Disney Rides

Credits -
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This one’s sure to keep the kids entertained for hours -  they can now take a ride on Frozen Ever After,  TRON Lightcycle Power Run, Star Wars and even Splash Mountain!
No need for long lines or strategising the best way to use that coveted fast pass, here is a list of of them in Disney World Florida, Disneyland California, Disneyland Tokyo, Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris! 

Disney World, Florida

Disneyland, California

Disneyland, Tokyo

Shanghai Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland Paris

2. Online Disney Games

Credits - Disney / Via
Credits - Disney / Via

Old School Disney Channel Games

90s kids, rejoice! Explore all your favorite old school games from your childhood- from Lilo and Stitch’s 625 Sandwich Stacker to Kim Possible’s Bueno Rufus, this one will sure be a flashback!

New Disney Channel Games

This site’s got it all - from Marvel games, Tic Tac Tangled, Frozen Rush to Cars 2 World Grand Prix and more.

Disney Junior Games

This one’s for the kids aged 7 and under - featuring notable Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie and Simba. You can even download free Disney colouring sheets to keep the kids busy for even longer!

3. Disney Board Games

Disney Theme Parks Monopoly
Disney Theme Parks Monopoly
You’ll also need some time off the screens - these Disney board games are sure to bring the family together!

Disney Theme Park Monopoly 

We can’t think of a better one than this board game which combines the world’s most popular theme parks with the world’s most popular board game. You’ll be able to trade on properties like The Haunted Mansion and the Disney monorail. What more - you get to pick which Disney character to be as your Monopoly token!

Mickey Mouse & Friends UNO 

Don’t think anyone can go wrong with a good game of UNO - it's perfect for kids of all ages. This deck includes Mickey Mouse and his friends Minnie, Pluto, Donald Duck, Goofy and Daisy Duck. The only twist in this version is that there is also a Friendship Rule card, with which the player can call out a character instead, to be discarded.

The Disney Meme Game

Players have to pair images with word cards to create the funniest meme of the group - with the aim to be voted as the best meme-maker by the rest of the players and to be ultimately crowned the Funniest Person on the Planet!

There you have it! And once you’re ready to start adventuring again -