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  • From Roller-Coasters To Koala Cuddles: The Best Theme Parks On The Gold Coast

    12 Apr 2021
    Sure to satisfy adrenaline junkies and animal lovers alike, these theme parks in the Goldie surely won't disappoint! Ride the biggest roller-coasters in the hemisphere before getting hands-on with local critters.
    So grab a ticket, strap in and get set to discover our pick of the Gold Coast's top amusement parks.

    1. Fulfil your fantasies at Dreamworld

    Home to the 'Big 9 Thrill Rides', Australia's biggest theme park is a big tick on every adrenaline junkie’s bucket list. Dare to ride to the top of the Tower of Terror at 160kph before zooming 100m back down. Hungry for more? Take on The Giant Drop, which dangles you 120m in the air before taking you on a thrilling vertical descent.
    Even if scaring yourself silly isn’t your go-to for a day out, there are over 40 attractions of all thrill levels to try out. The Rocky Hollow Log Ride is a more sedate journey through leafy waterways, but be prepared to get wet!
    As well as rides, you can get up close to some of Australia’s most-loved wildlife too. Visit Tiger Island and watch the big cats play and eat. You can even go on a tiger walk if you dare. With Klook's handy three-park pass, you can take in WhiteWater World and the SkyPoint Observation Deck's 230m-high views over the Gold Coast too.

    2. Slide and splash at WhiteWater World

    When the Gold Coast sun is high, where better to cool off than a water park? There are three main slides to try out here, not to mention a ton of rides and splash pools too.
    The Wedgie's spiralling loops propel you through the water at 45kph, while the Green Room's funnel-drop ending is sure to put you in a spin. Ride a water slide and 'coaster combo on the Super Tube Hydro; you'll travel up as well as down thanks to magnetic energy. Up to three thrill-seekers can share a raft to hurtle through its 236m of tunnels. And when we say hurtle, we mean hurtle!
    If you prefer a slower pace, visit the Cave of Waves for an ocean-like, beachside swell. You can even rent a cabana, where you’ll have deck chairs, a sofa and fridge to stay comfy all day. Klook a ticket that gets you access to this park, SkyPoint Observation Deck and Dreamworld as well.

    3. Picture yourself at Warner Bros. Movie World

    Lights, camera, action! Step through the gates and prepare to meet your on-screen heroes. As you walk through the theme park, you might spot Batman or the Scooby-Doo gang – #Jeepers!
    The theme park is home to the DC Rivals HyperCoaster, the tallest, longest and fastest ride in the Southern Hemisphere. Tick it off before joining your favourite superheroes on the laser-questing Justice League 3D ride and hitting 100kph on Superman Escape.
    There’s more to the park than rides. Dip in and out of the themed shops on Main Street and sit down at the Wild West Roadhouse for a juicy steak. Every day ends with the Streets Star Parade. You'll see characters from Looney Tunes and the DC Universe come together to party through the park.

    4. Explore the deep blue at Sea World

    Sea World is home to marine life from the Gold Coast and beyond. Spot bottlenose dolphins in the lagoon, watch penguins waddle at feeding time and spy luminous jellyfish light up the water. You can even see polar bears going about their business as if in the Arctic.
    It doesn’t stop with the animals as the theme park has a host of other attractions too. Head over to Vortex to twist and tumble on an 18m-high pendulum. At the Thunder Lake Stunt Show, athletes perform adrenaline-pumping tricks on jet skis. No, we don't know how they do it either!
    Calm down back with the animals on the lagoon. You can take a cruise in a glass-bottomed boat to learn about the sharks, rays and turtles. You'll have an unparalleled view from the safety of the deck!

    5. Talk to the animals of Paradise Country

    If you’ve ever fancied life on a farm, Paradise Country is the place to try it out. This animal theme park gets you closer to your farmyard favourites. Watch stockmen round up sheep with their dogs and see the woolly animals having their coats sheared. Cool!
    You can even get a taste of the outback with the Horse Arena show. Watch horses gallop over obstacles as their stockman riders show what's needed to get the job done. Ever wanted to cuddle with a koala – honestly, who hasn’t? This is your opportunity. Handle and hug koalas, and take advantage of the photo op. The Spring on the Farm habitat's tiger cubs are sure to melt your heart – now who has the cutest shot on Instagram?

    6. Make a splash at Wet'n'Wild

    Beaches, pools and thrill rides; this park has everything you need for a day of fun in the Gold Coast sun. Adrenaline seekers should get in line for the Surfrider to glide up this roller-coaster-style, 30-metre wave on a giant board. Not enough for you? Up the ante on the Tornado's 40m tunnel, swirling funnel and exhilarating plunge-pool drop.
    The park's giant wave pool is like spending a day at the seaside. You can dip your feet in the shallows or swim up against the waves. Up on Calypso Beach, relax and recline on a lounger. You are on holiday, after all!
    Once you’re all thrilled out, take a trip to Whirlpool Springs. These Jacuzzi pools give you the chance to unwind while warm waters bubble up around you!

    There's surely a lot to love and get excited about in the Gold Coast! read more about what you can explore in this slice of paradise.

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