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Berlin Alternative Culture and Street Art Walking Tour

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  • Join this walking tour to discover Berlin's development of a unique art and nightlife culture
  • Discover the city's street art and some of its coolest districts including the East Side Gallery
  • Learn about the controversy behind city gentrification and hear about protests and riots
  • Stroll around the streets of the city with your English/Spanish-speaking tour guide

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Take a break from the typical tourist attractions and explore a side of Berlin not seen by many. On this walking tour, discover the city’s vibrant graffiti culture as you learn about its history along the way. The tour starts at the Brandenburg Gate, the iconic 18th-century monument. Hop on the train and use your AB Zone transport ticket to travel outside of the city center. Stroll around and admire the beautiful works of art on the pavement, the walls, and the rooftops. As you do so, listen to your English/Spanish-speaking tour guide as they explain the various kinds of street art such as paste-ups and stencils. Hear stories about protests and rebellions as well, including the negative effects of gentrification and the city’s best-known and longest-standing squats. Your tour guide will also share some of the best clubs in the city. Finally, head to the East Side Gallery, which was once the Berlin Wall but is now one of the longest open-air galleries in the world. Book now and see a different side of Berlin!

tour guide with grouo in berlin
Visit sites that are great alternatives to the typical tourist attractions on this walking tour
tour guide pointing at street art in berlin
Appreciate the creativity of the locals which is reflected in the graffiti you'll see during the stroll
tiger and duck street art in berlin
Learn about the different kinds of graffiti such as paste-ups and stencils
tour guide talking next to street art in berlin
Listen to fascinating stories about the city's alternative culture


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