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About Thailand

The generous hospitality of Thailand's locals makes it easy for travelers to feel right at home in the Land of Smiles. Each city or small town offers a one-of-a-kind experience that makes any other place you visit difficult to compare. Make your way around the colossal shopping complexes in Bangkok, go for a temple run in Ayutthaya, take a dip in the oceans surrounding Phuket, or cozy up with gentle elephants in Chiang Mai.

Boasting of exotic wildlife in the countryside, ornate Buddhist temples in the heart of the capital city, and mouthwatering street food that you can find anywhere in the country, Thailand is one destination that travelers will no doubt return to time and time again.

General info

  • Currency
    Thai Baht

    1USD = 32.91THB

  • Language(s)
  • Best time to visit
    • APR

      Songkran Water Festival

    • NOV

      Yi Peng Lantern Festival

Cities to Explore in Thailand