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Queenstown Activities & Experiences 2021

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Why people love Queenstown

Published 211 days ago
Originally, we could not make the trip due to the weather, but in the end we returned to Queenstown to book this activity. It was very nervous, because the skydiving in the afternoon did not know whether it was possible until noon that day. Fortunately, we could complete this life list at the end! Because of the price, there is no option to purchase a third-person shooting, but the coach will help with the shooting during the whole process, including recording some videos before the start to record the current feelings and feelings. It is a great itinerary and it is worth participating!
Yong sheng
Published 146 days ago
Another Bucket list unlocked! Amazing experience !its definitely a nice try in ur life ! I will do it again but it’s abit pricey! Sadly I din manage to sky dive at queenstown and end up at alpine ! Please spare at least 1 extra day just in case they cancel ur skydive due to weather condition... for the video and photo u need buy if u wan too...u can check the price at their official website...there is no discount for this
ruo jen
Published 115 days ago
It is very suitable to take the cable car in the evening, go karting on the top of the mountain, and watch the sunset at sunset, you can have a panoramic view of Queenstown. It is recommended to buy more than three kartings. The first one is for beginners to practice the track more smoothly, and the subsequent track is more exciting. There are also many lazy bones, tables and chairs on the side of the track for resting and watching the scenery.

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