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Dubai Skiing & Snow Sports 2021

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Published 36 days ago
everything went great. took "premium Snow" for 7500 rubles per person (on the website Sky Dubai-10000). skis with good edges, boots dry and clean, clothes are vacuum packed. after registration at the entrance, they give out a wristband. the time when to visit the penguins is written on the bracelet (we were at the ticket office at 10.20, the penguins were recorded for us at 15.30, but since we left at 15.00, we were allowed through at 13.30 with another group). after the checkout on the left, you get gloves that you will leave behind, and hand warmers. then go to the distribution of clothes and skis. name your height, weight, foot size, level of skiing, length of skis. then you go to be transferred (if you put on ammunition on the clothes in which you arrived, you can transfer in the common room, if you completely change your clothes, then you can go to the toilet, there are also booths where you can leave things). our boxes were turned on for the whole day. then go to the slope, after taking sticks, immediately after the escalator, before going out on the snow. Our package included an unlimited number of chairlift lifts, but there are also two drag lifts. the slopes are short, but in general, for a one-time visit at plus 35 on the street, they are excellent, there were practically no queues (because it was Tuesday). We rode for a couple of hours, then went on skis and boots, took warm boots and went to a meeting with the penguins, went through a briefing, stroked, took pictures (only with a photographer, the cheapest photo is 2500 rubles). then the rest of the entertainment: tubing, sorg, sledges. it took a long time to choose the photos which we will print. All the photos were taken of the penguins. in other places you can take pictures yourself, then you took only 2 photos included in the premium package. How to pick up a photo and finish your visit, be sure to go to the restaurant nouf 28. lunch is included in the package. we took pasta and red fish. the dishes are delicious and great. in general, everything is at a decent level. you can spend the whole day, we met at 4, 5 hours, tk. then we went to the oceanarium.
Review for: Ski Dubai
Published 34 days ago
As much as I find Dubai attractions generally overrated and overpriced, this was an exception. I had a premium ticket which is almost 100 usd (and nearly 40 usd cheaper than at the venue) but if you can afford it, it’s totally worth it. You get unlimited skiing or snowboarding (perfect for beginners and intermediate; advanced skiers might quickly get bored, even though they have a “black” run) or a lesson, all equipment, access to all fun rides, a good meal (you chose from the menu), waterproof gloves, hand warmers , hot chocolate, locker, one printed photo (for all of these you pay extra otherwise and they charge a lot), and penguin encounter (mine lasted almost one hour). You can easily spend there a whole day. Bring you own hat and put on some layers, jackets aren’t very warm.

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