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Avilon Zoo Ticket in Rizal
★ 4.9
20K+ Booked
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US$ 15.95

US$ 11.95

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa Day Pass
★ 4.7
10K+ Booked
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US$ 22.89

From US$ 17.85

Kubs Mountain Resort Day Tour
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US$ 23.89

Treasure Mountain Day Tour in Rizal
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From US$ 8.99

Loreland Farm Resort Stay with Breakfast
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US$ 89.60

From US$ 71.69

Tanay, Rizal Day Tour from Manila
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US$ 19.89

ATV Experience in Rizal by ATV Adventures Rizal
★ 4.7
500+ Booked
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US$ 29.89

From US$ 29.69

Mount Purro Nature Reserve Day Tour in Antipolo
★ 4.6
400+ Booked
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US$ 15.95

US$ 15.19

LeBlanc Hotel and Resort Stay with Breakfast
Instant Confirmation

US$ 116.49

From US$ 70.15

Mt. Pugad + The Peak Campsite Tour
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From US$ 19.89

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Nature Trips
Go on an expedition into the verdant landscapes of Rizal for hikes up its magnificent mountains and walks along the sun-dappled trails of its conservation sites
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Why people love Rizal

Great place to take the kids out during this pandemic. The place is in Rizal so coming from QC, it’s about an hour or so drive. Not many people are there and the place is big. The path is numbered so you just have to follow them to avoid bumping into other groups visiting. My kids loved seeing and feeding the animals especially the giraffe.
One of our most memorable trip of 2019. It was our first time trekking so I was a bit worried because there were earthquakes happening around that month that we went. However we had a blast! The tour guide was very friendly and everybody was accommodating and making sure to follow safety first. We learned about the natural rock formations and how to respect other living things around the area. It was definitely worth the experience.
We relished the day without face shield and mask as we went from hydrotherapy, one of Luljetta’s many swimming pools, sauna and lastly the jacuzzi. At first we were a bit concerned seeing the number of vehicles when we arrived, but knowing how they carefully managed the number of guests put our minds at ease. The whole place was very clean and very relaxing. The staff were all friendly and bery helpful. The suman that came along with the package was delicious.
Contrary to the description in the main, animal shows are not held even on weekends. There is nothing you can do with your children except for giraffes and fish. The zoo is large, so it's okay to take a walk, but if you only want to follow the number signs, there are many stairs, and strollers and wheelchairs can make it difficult to move. It is a pity that 600 pesos per person is an entrance fee depending on the size of the zoo, and there is no animal show, and there are few parts to experience. I hope that no one gets caught in the description of the main screen animal show. However, I will give you 5 stars in terms of being able to go with your child in the Philippines in the case of coronavirus.
been wanting to book Luljetta's Hanging Garden for a long time and it made easy by klook. super hassle free. and for the activity itself, very relaxing and the ambience of the place is so nice. even the staffs are all accommodating. a very private place to have a good and relax time with your loved ones and friends. stressfree day away from the city. thumbs up to klook team.