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Ting Yun
Published 141 days ago
Located at the center of the Lanyang Plain Coastal Recreation Zone, it is the only Japanese-style garden resort that combines landscape, humanities, arts, ecology, and leisure and recreation. It is adjacent to the confluence of Lanyang Creek, Yilan River and Dongshan River. It covers an area of 5.75 hectares using lakes. , Waterfalls, streams, landscaping, planting and planting unique Japanese-style gardens, refreshing and pleasant 🌴Extreme View Suite🍂Villa 🌴Superior Courtyard CILLA 🌴Deluxe Garden VILLA 🌴Luxury Lakeside VILLA 🥀Facilities Introduction Hotel connects Green Dance Hotel to Luodong Transfer Station (the guest will be free of charge for one round trip) Reservation inquiry: 03-9603808 ext. 9 The latest reservation will be cancelled if there is no reservation for the flight. The hotel will pick up at the transfer station. The transfer time is 9:00 The latest transfer time from the hotel to the transfer station is 17:00 The earliest transfer time from the transfer station to the hotel is 9:30 The latest transfer time from the hotel to the transfer station is 17:00 Cafe🌴Dance Japanese Cuisine🌴Muyun Banquet Hall🌴Bake World🥀Themed Activities🌴Outdoor Tea Feast🌴Go with God🌴Green Dance Manor Escape🌴Ninja Forest Experience Camp🌴Green Dance Fantasy Forest (Knight Castle) So 🌴Monopoly🌴yukata experience🌴Matcha experience🌴Catch the week experience🌴Cultural and creative experience🌸Matcha experience🔸Matcha pure drink (including a dessert) NT$299🔸Matcha experience (including a dessert) NT$499 Green Dance Art Museum 🔹The park ticket on the day can be discounted to NT$100. The matcha experience activities are at 11 am and 3 pm. The experience time is about 30 minutes. You need to sign up 30 minutes before the event. Yukata experience Time: 09:30~ 16:00 🔹Standard yukata 399 yuan/person, classic yukata 599/person for paid activities Hand water house, covered with flowers ▪️Kimono indoor photo zone, you can borrow Japanese-style props for taking pictures indoors, you must return it first when you go out to take pictures🌸Lake Dancing Lake Experience🔹Time: 09:30~11:30, 13:30~17 :00 🔹Lake Dance Touring Lake Experience (250 yuan/40 minutes per boat) Sign up at the visitor center, open daily. Put on a life jacket in the visitor center and follow the coach to the shore of the lake to prepare to set off 🌸A personal guide introduces the Green Dance Park 🔹Time: 10:30~11:00, 15:00~15:30 There is a personal guide to introduce the Green Dance Park 🔹The unique urn of Miyazaki Qingdao Shrine in Japan is introduced into the Green Dance Japanese Park to allow visitors to experience the little fun of Japanese culture🌸Green Dance Monopoly🔹Time 11:10~12:00 🔹Provide on-site registration🔹Green Dance Exhibition Hall, The live-action version of Monopoly is on time. Guests and visitors to the theme park can participate for free. Visitors who arrive at the destination first can get a small gift 🌸DIY Cultural and Creative Shop DIY, you can paint beautiful patterns 🌸Explore the park🔹Time: 09:00 ~11:00, 15:00~17:30 🔹Outdoor grass-skating and archery, open for two hours a day🌸Fantasy Forest (Knights Castle) The fantasy forest introduces the same facilities as the Knights Fort🔹Opening time September-March 9:30 -16:30 April-October 09:30-17:30 Extended opening to 20:00 every Saturday 🔹Guests can use it for free
Yi Hsin
Published 122 days ago
It is very convenient to order tickets for the Arts Center through Klook. It saves time in queuing and scans the QR code for the staff to enter the park. This time I came to Yilan to be fortunate to have come to Chuanyi Center. After reading the introduction of Nanbeiguan, it is hard to see this traditional activity in modern society. The performance of Princess Gomeran is even more beautiful. It is worth taking a family to the park to visit the performance.
chung cheng
Published 105 days ago
Go to Taiping Mountain National Forest Recreation Area on holidays. It is very convenient to buy and use electronic tickets on klook on the day of departure. On holidays (200 yuan on site), you can save parking fees (100 yuan) by calculating the daily price (150 yuan). Roll the barcode to ticket salesperson B, and those with student ID cards can buy student tickets for 100 yuan on the spot. The staff is very skilled and friendly, a great experience and great value, recommended! On the other hand, the weather on the mountain changes a lot. Drive carefully and there are many tourists getting on and off at the crossing of cyclists and Jianqing Trail. Take a trampoline to go up the mountain early and buy tickets first (play back and forth for about 2 hours), leave time to see Qing (play back and forth about 1~1.5 Hours), see the small parking lot at the entrance of Qingqing Trail (about 5~7 people for small cars) and the tour bus is easy to park, and it is necessary to park about 2 kilometers (the sign says 1 kilometers!?) The large parking lot has toilets that have been cleaned and cleaned ( (Stock palm)), old women and children can first go under the trail entrance, drive to the parking lot and walk back to the trail entrance. Seeing the Qing trail, there are many trees, mountains, and many people are beautiful!

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