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Sapa Beyond the City 2021

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Why people love Sapa

Van Toan
Published 138 days ago
At the top, the temperature in Sapa drops deeply, the wind is windy, the fog falls on my face one by one, but it's strange because you will feel this very refreshing, exactly this feeling, a feeling of being in the middle of the world seen in Chinese mythology movies. The sound of a nearby temple bell, each beat, spread slowly to the four clouds, creating a real Buddha realm. Passing the surprise of the beauty at the top, in that blurred white cloud, you will see the striking red color of the flag fluttering in the wind towards the country despite the cold of the clouds. With this image in mind, everyone will bring up a certain emotion hidden in their mind. Standing on top, zooming out in 4 directions, 8 directions, surrounded by clouds, fog, cold winds and mountains, but it's majestic.

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