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Kenting Nature & Wildlife 2021

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Why people love Kenting

Jian yue
Published 42 days ago
The long-distance kayak is quite suitable for novices, because the coach will give you a lot of time to rest 🤣 will also help take pictures, but it is a pity that we set off with another group for short-distance trips, but their locomotive keys are on our coach, so we had to halfway Going ashore and waiting for them to get the keys, I actually want to stay at sea to train my biceps~~
Published 22 days ago
This is the time to take the glass boat at 4 pm. The glass boat goes deep into the bottom of the sea. It is my first ride. It is a fresh experience and feels very safe. During the ride, I saw bright fishes, sea turtles, starfish, seaweed, etc. , The whole journey is about 40 minutes or so, there is a chance to try different periods of seabed exploration.

Popular Nature & Wildlife in Kenting

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