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Why people love Kaohsiung

Published 201 days ago
Great experience! Received the email with the receipt and online ticket immediately after purchased! Easily redeem the ticket at meet up place !! Easily set up the SIM card! The data is fast for me, no problem! I always purchased SIM card at Klook, so when I reach the country I no need to look for it! And Klook always got the cheapest and better one for SIM card!! Love it!! Thanks Klook!!!! Enjoy my trip at Taiwan!
Published 119 days ago
Very good package, highly recommended for those who come to Kaohsiung to visit, use the Kaohsiung MRT light rail to play, many attractions are close, and save parking trouble, great, it is recommended to buy MRT and light rail, because the light rail also contains many The route of the scenic spot, I really want to say whether the physical card can be issued, otherwise the light rail does not have a QR code to scan, and I am afraid that it will be regarded as a fare evasion.
Yi Chun
Published 81 days ago
The driver for this service is a female, and the road is safe and smooth. She also told us the secret special snacks. The seven-seater service is in place and the scenic spots can be customized. Weiwuying is super recommended! You can travel with your love rabbit, and it is also pet-friendly (Rabbit Fan Special: Cute Crop-Travel)
Published 40 days ago
The rental car location happens to be opposite to the 85 building and the surrounding area is just a place to stay....The city center is convenient to consider...but this time the boss will take more time to inform the charge and charge it~~ Pay more attention to the car and no photo The type of car I rented is a little disappointed this time... I have rented it many times, but the extra time charge is not 0k. Also ask me to contact the ķlook platform. Isn’t it what you want to use? Those terms are false? There are some fake ghosts @@

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