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Milford Sound Cruise by Southern Discoveries
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Milford Sound Day Tour from Queenstown or Te Anau by GreatSight
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Milford Sound Day Tour from Queenstown or Te Anau by Southern Discoveries
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[20% Off] Milford Sound Vista Day Tour from Queenstown or Te Anau
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Milford Sound Cruise Tour from Queenstown or Te Anau
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Fiord Day Cruise with Underwater Observatory & Kayak Experience in Milford Sound
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Premium Milford Sound Small Group Tour from Queenstown or Te Anau
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Milford Sound Tour from Queenstown or Te Anau
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Milford Sound Kayak and Cruise Experience
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Milford Sound Boutique Small Boat Cruise
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Scenic Sights
Soar the skies or sail the seas of Milford Sound and see the pristine views first hand!
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Why people love Milford Sound

Fortunately, buying a package instead of driving to the road by yourself is scary enough. Many road sections have a lot of bends and the road is super narrow. You can only follow the command to move. If you are not careful, you may crash and die. Then I found out that there is only 10 a year. It’s sunny, but I’m a little bit tricked to the scene. The rain is not too big for a while. The seals are also super cute and the glass ceiling of the cable car is clear on the return trip. The sky is super beautiful.
A must-do activity in Milford had been looking forward to the cruise since my last visit there almost 15 years apart. The peace and serenity of the well preserved natural park are simply breathtaking. The challenge is always the long drive to Milford area, so would recommend catching the coach services which departs from nearby townships and do grab the lunch options onboard as there is very little F&B options in the area.
Really a sight to behold, an absolute stunning day to do this trip. The waterfalls, the sheer cliffs, the wildness of this part of the world was just spectacular. Very reasonable you priced and well worth every cent. I think every NZer should see this wonder of the world, should be compulsory. AAA+

Top sights in Milford Sound

Nestled within the Fiordland National Park is Milford Sound, New Zealand’s breathtaking scenic destination on the west coast of the South Island. This stunning fjord is known for the towering Mitre Peak, waterfalls that spill over its sheer cliffs, lush rainforests, and its colonies of fur seals, penguins and dolphins. Milford Sound (Māori: Piopiotahi) is the only fjord in the country accessible by road through the Homer Tunnel. Among the top things to do in Milford Sound include boat tours, glacier hikes, luxury cruises, helicopter rides, and nature walks.

Mitre Peak

Mitre Peak is one of the most iconic mountains in all of New Zealand with its distinctly-shaped summit that resembles the ceremonial mitre headdress of Christian bishops. Known in Māori as Rahotu, Mitre Peak is situated right at the shore of Milford Sound and is said to be almost a vertical mile going up to the summit at 1,692 meters (5,551 feet) above sea level. It is difficult to ascend and there are six routes to choose from; most climbers start the journey via boat to Sinbad Bay.
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Milford Foreshore Walk

The Milford Foreshore Walk is a 400m loop perfect for hiking or tramping (Kiwi term pertaining to walking over rough country) and is suitable for all ages. The trail begins from the main visitor parking area in Milford Sound where Milford Road ends. The short walk offers picturesque views of Mitre Peak and an ideal way to stretch the legs before getting aboard a Milford Sound cruise.
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Milford Sound Underwater Observatory

The Milford Sound Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. From a large underwater viewing room 10m below sea level, visitors can get up close to fascinating sea creatures, including rare species of black coral. Aside from marine knowledge, visitors can also learn more about the history of Milford Sound including information about the Homer Tunnel, which links the fjord to Te Anau and Queenstown. The observatory is on Harrison Cove and can only be reached by boat.
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Stirling Falls, Milford Sound

Standing 151m, Stirling Falls is Milford Sound’s second highest waterfall. Its cliff face has a sheer drop enabling cruise boats and even thrill-seeking kayakers to position themselves right beneath it to experience the power of its glacial water. Stirling Falls is known locally as Wai Manu, which means “cloud on the water” in Māori. Bowen Falls is the only other permanent waterfall in Milford Sound along with Stirling Falls. All the rest appear only during winter months when there is heavy and frequent rainfall.
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