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Published 171 days ago
Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for the first time, using klook to buy it is very discounted. There are 400 mosquito crystal lotus dining coupons (the food is average). The surrounding environment is very holiday-like. All employees include the front desk, the room, the restaurant, and the shuttle bus. The staff are very kind, friendly and courteous, worthy of recommendation. 👍🏻
kin victor
Published 41 days ago
It is very convenient to use qr code directly. The only thing is that many restaurants in the park are not open. Only two restaurants are open on the day of admission, so I had to have one lunch and dinner each. It is not a choice. Fortunately, the food standards are good. The package of snacks includes ice cream batter and popcorn, both of which are good.
Published 38 days ago
Klook is really convenient, and this time buying a package (ticket + 100 yuan consumption voucher), you can use it in the restaurant or in the store, the price is very attractive! ! I just finished going to Ocean Park and I already want to buy tickets for the next time. Klook is my first choice when buying tickets. ❤️🐧 The restaurant is more delicious than I thought. The antler coral chocolate mousse, fresh fruit tower, and meatball noodles are all It's delicious, I rushed to buy chocolate biscuits with marine animals before 7 o'clock and enjoyed it at home ~ Hong Kong Ocean Park is really fun, it is worth coming again! 👍👍🐬🐡🦈
Sai Yunn
Published 35 days ago
Ngong Ping 360 can enjoy the scenery of Tung Chung to Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which is very suitable for families. After that, you can walk for 20 minutes to the Heart Sutra Forest. The Tiantan Buddha is under maintenance. After the return journey, you can have a rest with tofu flowers. Ping 360 returns to Tung Chung city center, the whole journey takes about 4 hours to complete.
Review for: Noah's Ark
Ka Wai
Published 34 days ago
It is a very suitable place for family activities. You can meet different animals and have outdoor activities. There is also a beach nearby to play. The children are so happy and satisfied. The most important recommendation is to go when it is sunny, because if it rains, many activities cannot be carried out, and you can only stay in the ark.
Published 28 days ago
It’s very easy to use as we just need to flash our email of this voucher on our phone to access the park. It really save the trouble and time printing out and so much easier for big families like us. We have lots of fun and there’s even vouchers for food. This is highly recommended. Everything is so good and we will want to purchase again if we ever go back Hong Kong for Disneyland adventures with our kids.

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