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Hong Kong Camping 2021

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Why people love Hong Kong

Kai yin
Published 128 days ago
The atmosphere is great, the camp is big, but in a rural area, don’t look forward to hotel services. Turn off the lights after 10 o’clock. The starry sky is so beautiful at night. It is highly recommended to go to Phoenix Mountain to watch the sunrise. The physical strength on the top of the mountain is about 1.5hr, but there is a chance Too many clouds and mists can’t be seen
sau ling
Published 90 days ago
Arrive by minibus No. 7 from Saigon. The camp is cleaner than expected, and the staff provided cleaned quilts and laid them on their own. There is a barbecue grill for barbecue, the kitchen is fully equipped, there are cooking utensils, tableware, refrigerators, etc. to borrow. There will be hot water before ten o'clock in the evening, and the toilet and bathroom are shared. Although the lights will be turned off at ten o'clock in the camp, there are young people who play until more than two o'clock in the middle of the night, and there is no staff to stop it.
Ka Kit
Published 47 days ago
I am more than $1250book on March 26th. Now the price has been increased. Very good and comfortable camping. Two days and one night experience. Free activities include rope net/zipline, Qianqiu, early morning. The campsite is better than you. Walk around for five minutes. There is Baili Bay beach to experience the first-class nature. Go camping at night. There are no mosquitoes on the folding stool outdoors, my girl is unwilling to go after playing
Chung Lim
Published 33 days ago
A very good experience, with camping and good training. The beds and the place are clean. There is drinking water and barbecue. As long as you prepare your own food, you can move up and down the stairs at most, and you must have physical strength. , Kids absolutely have no questions😄 Finally, I must like the social supervisor. He is very good, and he is ready for everything he needs! Thank him! Recommend a good place for camping, it is best for children to come on weekdays, so relax!

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