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Milk Shop in Taiwan
★ 4.8
100K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 0.89

From US$ 0.85

Shi Yun Fried Chicken in Taipei
★ 4.8
20K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 2.15

From US$ 1.95

Eatogether in Taiwan
★ 4.8
20K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 27.50

From US$ 27.25

Guiji at Zhongshan Station
★ 4.8
7K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 1.79

From US$ 1.65

Popcorn Chicken King in Taipei
★ 4.7
7K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 2.35

From US$ 2.15

The Master Instant Spicy Noodles in Taipei
★ 4.8
10K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 2.89

From US$ 2.50

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle at Ximen and Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
★ 4.8
30K+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 1.99

From US$ 1.79

Mantanghung Spicy Hot Pot at Xingtian Temple Station
★ 4.6
4K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 31.15

Don't Yell At Me in Taipei
★ 4.7
6K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 1.45

From US$ 1.29

Taipei 101 Observatory E-Ticket
★ 4.7
800K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 10.75

From US$ 6.80

Experiences for everyone in Taipei

Taipei Checklist
World class sights and attractions you cannot miss
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Sky High
Rise up to the peak of Taipei and admire the city with breathtaking 360-degree views
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Perfect Pineapple Cakes
With its bright tropical flavors and a delicate crust, these immaculate pastries are a must-try before you head back home!
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Old Town Trails
Escape the busy streets of the city and make your way to Yehliu, Jiufen, or Shifen to discover the old towns of Taipei in a day!
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Must-Try Taiwanese Treats
Go on a food tour in Taipei as you try out some of the most delicious and mouthwatering dishes in the city!
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Why people love Taipei

The food is delicious! However, using KLOOK for shopping this time before ordering online and then picking up the goods on the spot is cheaper than buying directly at the store! In addition, the gift box comes with a bag. When giving it to a friend, the friend is very happy when he sees that it is the famous Lao Tian Lu Lu Mei in Taipei! Next time, if you want to buy Laotianlu’s duck tongue, I will continue to choose KLOOK!
1. The driver and tour guide are professional and enthusiastic, arrange the itinerary quite smoothly, and the explanation of the relevant attractions is also very complete. 2. The entire northeast corner has been walked or passed, and then returned to Taipei from the snow tunnel, a good trip. 3. For passengers who are not driving, it is a more relaxed way to focus on the northeast corner of the trip.
Overall, the driver who is quite good is a novice, Yantu will introduce it~ the rest is very good😁 After arriving in Wuling, I have about 2.5 hours to enjoy the flowers, I have plenty of time and~ I have helped prepare a super business lunch box, really Very good 👍🏻 Bring your own placemats, drinks, and snacks to enjoy the cherry blossom rain under the cherry trees ❤️ But ~ why go to Yilan Jimmy Park? ? It would be better to go back to Taipei or other attractions earlier😆
Taipei children s amusement park ticket was very easily bought from Klook. You can show the ticket in mobile at amusement park and get the unlimited band which can be used in any main 13 attractions any number of times. Attractions which are not in 13 are not of that importance and can be ignored. So this unlimited ticket is very cheap and useful. If u buy tickets at counter, u have to pay around 20-30 nt for each attraction.
The way to redeem the ticket is very convenient and fast. It is 90 yuan cheaper than the leisure card. This time I booked for 3 people, and now it is very cost-effective to save 270. If you are a Taipei citizen, it is not recommended to buy it, because there is a discount for Taipei citizens to take a catwalk, which will be more cost-effective than buying a Klook package.
A great experience! Very safe equipment, you can see a long distance after going up, and you can recognize the buildings and scenery of Taipei one by one, which is unique to the people of Taipei. The sunset moment is very magical and impressive! You can also change to a cup of shaped drink, recommended 😂