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Why people love Taipei

Published 232 days ago
Because of the storm that happened on that day, the fare indicated that the ticket price could not be refunded, but because we did not live in Taipei, the customer service staff worked hard to assist us to make our refund successful. Although the price is not high, we are very moved by the customer service's efforts. Thank you KLOOK for your warm service. , We will definitely consume again.
Published 111 days ago
One of the most beautiful scenic spots in New Taipei, "Yehliu Geopark", the most famous in Yehliu Geopark, of course, is the beautiful Queen's Head, as well as the special geological landscape, as well as the coastal scenery with superb views. Recently, the successor is very playful. The princess and the leopard are even more popular check-in spots. When paired with a day trip to the North Coast, it is definitely a good choice for a weekly vacation. Hurry up and arrange a trip!
Published 83 days ago
Very accessible through public transportation. It is also very convenient if you use klook, cause you just get to print the ticket on the ticket booth and line up to ride the ferris wheel. We can really enjoy the view of Taipei from the wheel for like 10-15 minutes. Great place to spend your holiday with your family and friends!!
Published 43 days ago
A great experience! Very safe equipment, you can see a long distance after going up, and you can recognize the buildings and scenery of Taipei one by one, which is unique to the people of Taipei. The sunset moment is very magical and impressive! You can also change to a cup of shaped drink, recommended 😂
Published 28 days ago
The way to redeem the ticket is very convenient and fast. It is 90 yuan cheaper than the leisure card. This time I booked for 3 people, and now it is very cost-effective to save 270. If you are a Taipei citizen, it is not recommended to buy it, because there is a discount for Taipei citizens to take a catwalk, which will be more cost-effective than buying a Klook package.
Fa Jung
Published 27 days ago
Originally, there was little way to understand why I had to queue up for redemption after I bought a ticket on the Internet. But I found that after buying tickets online at noon that day, I grabbed 900 places before the holiday, I can exchange chicken cakes and drinks, and I am also eligible to go to the 101st floor observatory, which is actually very cost-effective. Although the queue downstairs is not short, at least the flow is fast, and the control of each floor is very clear, so the experience is good. It is the second time to climb to the 101 building and look at Taipei City. This is indeed a trip that even Taipei people think is very worthwhile!

Popular Popular Attractions in Taipei

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