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Taipei Local Sightseeing 2021

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Published 229 days ago
Thanks to the tour guide, Brother Joseph, for his explanation and explanation, which allowed us to understand a lot of Taiwan’s history and environment, and to have a better understanding of Taiwan. This trip has benefited a lot from participating in this trip. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience.
Review for: Explore Taipei City
Published 192 days ago
I had the best time on this tour. Ruth was fun and shared so much knowledge about Taipei and the places we visited. I’m thankful to her for such a great time! She was also a master photographer! Even though I was the only participant, they continued with the tour. It’s comprehensive and includes a lot of the main sites even several changing of the guards.
Published 190 days ago
Departing at nine o'clock, we went to Yehliu, Shifen Waterfall, Jinguashi (Yinyang Sea + Golden Waterfall), Jiufen Old Street, and returned to Taipei at exactly five o'clock. The trip went smoothly. The itinerary is that there are a lot of people in various scenic spots on Sunday. If you are taking a ride on your own, you can't go to so many places in a day, and there will be traffic jams in Jiufen. The passenger class is full, and the chartered car is really the right package~! It is convenient to charter a car for family outings in the future!
Published 68 days ago
Super awesome! ! ! It is highly recommended that the cat cable can go in the afternoon, and then have a snack or dinner and wait for the cable car to come back after dark! ! The night view is really beautiful~~~~ Take a double-decker bus again~ Around the red line for about an hour~ There is an audio guide along the way~~ Even people living in Taipei can see Taipei from different angles, which is very fun.ˊˇˋ
Published 67 days ago
This event brought memories to the family. Adults were happy and children were happier. The professional introduction of the tour guide Chen Yingshan made us know each attraction better. I really have a long knowledge. Thank you Klook for giving us a high-quality journey. I will choose a guest next time. Road as a journey itinerary.
Published 36 days ago
The boarding place is at Exit M4 of Taipei Main Station, where there are many people waiting for the bus stop sign, and the road signs are very clear. This time I take the Blue Line to take the bus, and the terminal is the Palace Museum. There are guides on the bus and headphones can be provided by yourself, but if you want headphones, you can ask the bus lady to get them. If you need to charge, please sit in the indoor seat (under the chair) because there is no charge outdoors. The weather is very good today, but the wind is quite strong. The guided lady is very active in promoting the minibus. Because of Children’s Day, there is a 30% discount (two small cars give one eco-friendly handbag) very cute! In fact, you don’t need to wear earphones, because the broadcast on the car is very loud, and if you are a foreign tourist, you may not understand Chinese. You can get on and off the bus as many times as you like for 9 hours if you buy a daytime ticket, but there is no ringing outside and you must tell Miss Car Palm to get off, otherwise it will become a direct train. Klook says it is the only platform I always choose to buy tickets. I used to buy tickets abroad. Now I can’t go abroad or the only option. It is very convenient and fast. You can show your ticket with QRcoad. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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