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Phu Quoc Nature Escapes 2021

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Why people love Phu Quoc

Hsiu pin
Published 324 days ago
A well-known travel agency in Phu Quoc Island, the tour guide’s English is very good, communication is no problem, Nguyen takes us to many attractions, enjoy the scenery of Phu Quoc, the best thing is that he explained to us the history and cultural background of many Phu Quoc islands, this is Very good experience!
Published 159 days ago
A one-day tour, caring hotel pick-up, arrange a Vietnamese tour guide to lead the team, this time the island hop is a pity that there is no two-story boat, only a small boat can ride, but the speed of riding the wind and waves make up for the shortcomings. The tour guide is very dedicated to lead all the group members, from time to time in English and Vietnamese to explain to tourists of different nationalities. When snorkeling, the tour guide will take care of everyone from time to time to ensure that no one is injured or physically weak. If you need help, please raise your hand and let me know. This is a bonus! The overall package is very relaxing and suitable for travelers who are visiting Phu Quoc Island for the first time! The only recommended free photo service, the picture quality can be better, otherwise it is a pity.

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