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kin victor
Published 270 days ago
First of all, it is highly recommended. The driver arrived on time to pick you up. Maybe because of the early morning time, the journey is only less than 1 hour, which is very good. When booking the ticket, it was like the flight back at 12 o'clock, but then the travel agency notified the airline to change the time and changed the flight back at 6 o'clock in the morning. The airport bus had to go to Seoul Station in the early morning, and the bus was in the early morning. It’s easy to comb, and you have to go back and forth when you go. Originally, it was convenient to get on the bus in Myeongdong, but when the ticket time was changed, the hotel had to add one more night and the book car, which was an extra cost. Fortunately, At that time, I did not know how much money I would like to make a tight booking, so I would get a 10% discount on the book car and even the day tour. Happy.
Published 176 days ago
The driver we had was really friendly and accommodating to our needs. As we traveled with 2 elderly on wheelchair, the driver went the extra mile to offer to wait for us to be done with our shopping to send us back to our hotel. Really appreciate the kind gesture :) He would also give us recommendations on the places to go and restaurants to dine at. Would definitely look for him again if we ever plan to visit Korea again. Highly recommended!
Jamaine Jia Min
Published 152 days ago
This was very quick and fuss free! Upon arrival at the airport, just collect your pre-purchased SIM card from the arrival hall you’ve indicated during the purchase. A representative from Klook will be waiting for you. Throughout the trip, the data connection was stable and we didn’t have any issues with it at all. Highly recommended! Way better than getting a wifi egg honestly since you don’t have to charge it and can be away from your friends during your travel.
Seok Hong
Published 137 days ago
Upon arriving Seoul, it took me some time to find the place where I could collect my pocket wifi. Gladly, it was easy to show my phone and collect the wifi. And the internet connection worked well. I will definitely recommend it to my loved ones if they are travelling to South Korea in the near future. Thank you.
Ka Man Karman
Published 132 days ago
This KR Pass is very convenient for me, because I travel from Seoul to Busan for a few days, and then from Busan back to Seoul. This KR Pass allows me to save on the fare, and I only need to pre-register my seat online to get on the same day. The train goes to the destination, and there is heating on the train, which is very warm!
Published 24 days ago
I have to compliment Ayasi (uncle driver). He was very responsible for waiting at the airport early in the morning. Because the driver was still fluent in English, he introduced me to many attractions along the way. I was the only one who booked that day, so the ride sharing service instantly became Chartered car, it's like a friend chatting with me, and even called my Hanok guesthouse service staff intimately, and asked them to come out to pick me up. He drove away after seeing me smoothly to the guesthouse. I was really touched!

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