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Why people love Paris

Yen Kai
Published 383 days ago
It is strongly recommended that those who want to come must buy a quick customs clearance! Standing in line at the scene is a bit scary, because the number of people moving is very slow! Quick customs clearance can be entered at a specified time, there is no need to wait for a long time, we have to go about half an hour early, but in fact should be about 10-20 minutes early. The catacombs are very worth seeing, not scary at all, remember to wear good walking shoes
Published 318 days ago
Immerse yourself into the ancient world of France history where Napoleon was the rightful king at that time. Discover the wonder of the palace architecture and Arts that have never been forgotten by ages. Visit the majestic palace garden located besides the palace. It is so huge that you might get lost. Highly recommended to visit the Palace is you are in Paris. And don’t forget to get the tickets from Klook!
Review for: Paris Museum Pass
Published 308 days ago
I remember that after buying the pass on KLOOK, you will need to redeem the physical ticket of the museum at the designated place~~ Although there is one more procedure, the overall is not very troublesome and the instructions are clear. The attitude of the service staff is also very good, friendly and fast! (Chinese is also spoken!) So it is really recommended to use KLOOK to buy tickets before arriving in the local area. In addition to the transparent price and less affected by exchange rate fluctuations, the price will usually be discounted and you can also get points!
Published 269 days ago
We arrived late due to raining and it’s another 5-10min before it closes. We’re lucky that we can still make it with skip-the-line ticket, we manage to spend the rest of the limited time in the building. It’s an amazing place that you cant find in other places. The nice interior and the calm & warm atmosphere.
Published 153 days ago
Disneyland is indeed magical!! The place is really huge with 2 parks so 1 day is not enough to cover all, unless with express tickets. Walt Disney studios park also closes earlier than the Disneyland park which I did not realise beforehand so in the end I did not manage to spend much time at the walt Disney studios park :( The light show and fireworks at night is beautiful, would definitely recommend!
Published 124 days ago
queue to the Louvre museum was extremely long because of the various tour groups there at the same time i was. lucky for me to have bough the priority access otherwise i would have had to wait outside in the cold. the Louvre is definitely a place worth visiting. beautiful art pieces to admire. no regrets. thoroughly enjoyed.

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