Reviews (464) 4.9
  • Yee Yin 15 Oct 2019

    Very smooth and fast train. Good experience. First time travelling in bullet train. Recommended. Exchange ticket at the station were very convenient as well.

  • Siow Mien 12 Oct 2019

    Easy to exchange voucher for train tickets, however to change to earlier timing is not possible without a top up and have to go to different counter to do it. Tthere is HK$30 per pax to pay at the counter which is on top of the ticket price which I had already paid.

  • Shu Rui 10 Oct 2019

    Easy to collect hassle free. Just give passport and booking number. The names weren't an issues and klook did confirm with me that my keying was correct. The checks were right at gate so do empty your water before entering.

  • Bradley 17 Oct 2019

    Easy booking and reservation of train tickets, confirmed immediately and without any markups. Helpful instructions were provided on how to obtain the tickets at the station.

  • Jiali 17 Oct 2019

    Super convenient redemption process! This is my third time booked with Klook for the train and more to come!

  • Chin Syan 14 Oct 2019

    Now new rule you need not redeem the train ticket as they are using ticketless system. You just have to scan throughusing your passport but make sure your passport number entered while purchasing ticket is correct. Very convenient and save a lot of time!

  • Ruzcalla 14 Oct 2019

    Simple hassle free booking of train tickets. We used it to get from Hong Kong to Guangzhou when it was hard to understand the train website and the info desk at the MTR was having a hard time explaining the process. Zook also included a pdf with visuals that was great!

  • Jiali 28 Sep 2019

    Was a bit worried before since Klook just started to sell China rail recently but everything was perfect!!! Smooth and clear booking procedures and super easy redemption process!! Even got a window seat automatically!!

  • JUDITH 26 Sep 2019

    This was the most memorable Klook Voucher i never regret buying! Considering the stiff prices of train tickets in China and the difficulty of changing Phil.Peso unless in the airport these Train tickets sold via Klook is the most useful and guarantees you a RESERVED SEAT of the busy long distance train. Just be very careful with entering the passport details of the passenger otherwise the computerized Train Ticket Counter will not be able to read it if theres even a slight mistake in the entries. I encoded 1 missing passport number due to extreme tiredness and honest excusable oversight.. its just good the lady at the counter reconsidered it...made me talk to the train staff ( with a chinese translator) and thankfully my companion was allowed to board the train with a simple Post It note attached to her passport despite NO TICKET BEING ISSUED. I just showed her my VOUCHER ISSUED BY KLOOK that IT WAS PAID!😀😀😀

  • Supreecha 15 Oct 2019

    It was so easy to pick up the ticket and proceed boarding the train under the information listed in Klook application.