Reviews (1,453) 4.8
  • Fae Celine Gamboa 4 Dec 2019

    Our China Easter flight was delayed by 30minutes to 1 hour and I booked our train tickets at 12:40+ I was really anxious if we miss our train since I've heard that they leave on the dot. We ended up missing the train but we can actually change tickets so I worried for nothing. I just presented the printed version along with the passport and they handed us the tickets. I did not regret booking with klook since most of the ticket counters were closed since it was on a weekend. The train staff also provided us some snacks and drinks since we were in business class which was great since we were really hungry since we still haven't had our lunch. Suzhou is so beautiful, I enjoyed my time there

  • Thatchadech 3 Dec 2019

    Very easy to redeem. All sign in the railway station also shown English. Once entering in the station, please present your passport first at special gate (other gate required Chinese ID only) then directly go the ticket booth and show your booking. The staff familiar with Klook. They will give the ticket for your booking. Tip: please be at gate before departure time and show your passport (again) to entering platform

  • Arch elmar jay 4 Dec 2019

    Easy and comportable transportation service. Hassle free to get the tickets from the counters and no additional fees.

  • Sthephanny 26 Nov 2019

    Easy and confortable transportation service, no hassle to get the tickets from the counters and no additional fees.

  • Wen Chyi 24 Nov 2019

    It is really a very convenient way to book the ticket online and the whole process of redemption of the physical ticket at the counter of the train station is really fast. Also the online booking can help get confirmation of ticket in advance as the tickets of certain peak time slot might not be available if purchased directly at the counter.

  • Felicia Wai Lai 16 Nov 2019

    It's so convenient. The ticket automatically is attach to the passport so we didn't need to go to the train station 1.5h beforehand.. We were there 45min before boarding cos there's security check.. We got lucky cos we have the front seats which is v spacious.

  • Sheu Hui 27 Nov 2019

    Travelling with 3 young kids from Hangzhou East station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station, the train journey took about 40min only, definitely fast and easy way to travel . Please go to station at least an hour earlier, there's no clear indication where to redeem for train tickets. We spent at least 30min to located the ticket counter. The train is clean and seats are comfortable.

  • Ching Lam Paira 6 Dec 2019

    fast and convenient. price reasonable and have many choices and product will recommend to my parents

  • Aaron 29 Nov 2019

    First time to travel by high speed train great experience from klook ticket service

  • richelle ellaine 21 Nov 2019

    Highly recommended. I still queue in the line to get the physical ticket. No problem for me because i just gave them the booking number and the passport..