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Taichung City to Taoyuan City buses schedule & prices

3 Aug


4 Aug


5 Aug


6 Aug


7 Aug


8 Aug


9 Aug


90 buses scheduled on Aug. 04, 2021 with services provided by 2 operator(s)


≈2h 10m


台中車站 桃園機場第一航廈

Sold out


≈2h 5m


台中車站 桃園機場第二航廈

Sold out


≈1h 40m


朝馬站 桃園機場第一航廈

Sold out


≈1h 35m


朝馬站 桃園機場第二航廈

Sold out


≈2h 0m


台中車站 林口站


US$ 9.69

Prices and times listed here are updated regularly but might not match operator’s latest price. Please check again when booking.

Operators for Taichung City to Taoyuan City buses

This is a summary of all buses scheduled on Aug. 04, 2021 by 2 operators
Operators Fastest Earliest departure Latest departure Cheapest
≈1h 30m 03:01 21:30 US$ 8.45
≈1h 40m 06:50 21:50 US$ 6.45


2.5/ 5
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5 Good
2021-04-12 11:27:52
台中車站 -> 林口站 ·
超級方便的 上網訂付錢 之後到現場取票就好 也不用特地出門買票或付費 已經習慣在這訂票了
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5 Good
2021-04-21 15:50:48
水湳站 -> 龍潭中正路 ·
比在車站買便宜,且使用ShopBack 還有現金回饋,超級划算的👍👍👍👍
Translate Review To English
5 Good
wei jen
2021-04-24 06:13:05
台中車站 -> 林口站 ·
用Klook購票可以累積積分 折票價 很讚 希望多一點優惠券使用
Translate Review To English
5 Good
2021-05-05 23:53:24
台中車站 -> 林口站 ·
Translate Review To English
5 Good
2021-05-13 02:43:09
水湳站 -> 龍潭中正路 ·
Translate Review To English
5 Good
Ying Chieh
2021-05-14 01:15:29
朝馬站 -> 桃園機場第二航廈 ·
Translate Review To English
4 Good
2021-05-18 03:42:41
水湳站 -> 林口站 ·
Translate Review To English
5 Good
Min Min
2021-07-11 03:19:55
水湳站 -> 林口站 ·
使用KLOOK購票、取票快速方便👍 統聯一直是我搭乘客運的第一選擇 防疫做得確實,發車時間準時無延誤,短短2小時就回到台北~~(讚讚 會願意繼續支持使用的App❤
Translate Review To English
5 Good
wei jen
2021-07-16 14:05:23
台中車站 -> 林口站 ·
用Klook購客運票 可以累積積分折抵票價 非常划算 希望能夠再推優惠券等活動!
Translate Review To English
5 Good
2021-07-18 13:36:13
水湳站 -> 林口站 ·
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Travel from Taichung to Taoyuan by bus

Taoyuan, located in the northwestern part of Taiwan and adjacent to Taipei, is a bustling city blessed by an abundance of natural and cultural attractions. It is an industrial city and is also where the seat of the municipal government lies. Go back in time and visit the historic street of Daxi Old Street, offer your respects to the late president Chiang Kai-shek at the Cihu Mausoleum, spend a day with nature and head to Xiaowulai Transparent Skywalk, shop your heart out at the Zhongli Tourist Night Market, or experience the local fishing life at Yongan Fishing Harbor.

Taoyuan city, like most cities in Taiwan, has a subtropical climate. The best time to visit is from October and November when the weather is pleasant, however, these months are particularly busy with tourists coming in and prices are at a high. The months of December to January are also ideal months to visit the city. The months of March to July record moderate humidity which is also an excellent time to visit the city if you're okay with this kind of weather.

Getting around Taoyuan is relatively easy. You can cover the downtown areas on foot. The city has a good metro and bus system that covers the major parts of town. You can purchase a transportation pass which gives you easy access to ride both metro and bus systems. It is an affordable option compared to taking taxi cabs.

Bus guide

A one-way bus ride from Taichung to Taoyuan typically costs between TWD260-300, depending on the operator and the departure time. The average travel time to complete the 140.3km distance between the two destinations is around 2 hours. To get more information on the latest prices and schedules, please check the journeys for your preferred travel date in advance.

Operators on route

Two operators serve the Taichung-Taoyuan route:

  • Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport, which has been operating in Taiwan since 1946
  • United Bus, one of the first private national highway passenger transportation companies in Taiwan and established in 1989

Departure and arrival points

Departure points

  • TRA Taichung Station
  • Chaoma Station
  • Shuinan Station

Arrival points

  • TPE Airport Terminal 2
  • TPE Airport Terminal 1

Things to do in Taichung

  • Shop for clothes and food at Feng Chia Night Market, said to be the biggest night market in Taiwan
  • Experience the local nightlife at the following destinations: 洞穴 The Cave, Goût Bar 好吧, 3 Giants Craft Brewery, and Amuce Plus
  • Marvel at the city's architecture as you visit Taichung Old Station, Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center, and Taichung Shiyakusho
  • Visit Taichung's fascinating museums such as the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung Literature Museum, and the National Museum of Natural Science

Things to do in Taoyuan

  • Appreciate Taoyuan's natural wonders at Hutoushan Park, a scenic spot that's perfect for a day of hiking
  • Try freshly-brewed tea and learn about Taoyuan's tea culture at Daxi Tea Factory
  • Feast on delicious food at Daxi Old Street and Zhongli Tourist Night Market, where you can visit small shops, cafes, and food stalls
  • Face your fear of heights at Xiaowulai Skywalk, a transparent skywalk with stunning views of the surrounding waterfalls
  • Learn about the local history at Cihu Mausoleum, where Chiang Kai-shek was buried

Travel from Taichung City to Taoyuan City by bus

Taoyuan City and Taichung City are two must-visit cities. See them both with Klook and book bus tickets for trips between Taoyuan City and Taichung City.You can travel from Taichung City to Taoyuan City by bus as fast as ≈1h 30m, with tickets starting from just US$ 6.45.

For most days, the earliest departure is 03:01 and the latest is 21:50.You can find 2 operators with services from Taichung City to Taoyuan City on Klook. Operator offers tickets starting at just US$ 6.45.Trips on buses between Taichung City and Taoyuan City leave from Dongshi Station, 台中車站, 朝馬站, 朝馬站(國光), 水湳站, 豐原站, and head to 林口站, 桃園機場第一航廈, 桃園機場第二航廈, 龍潭中正路.Book Standard fare, Concession fare tickets for buses Taichung City to Taoyuan City with Klook, your all-in-one travel platform. You'll get an e-ticket to present at boarding or redeem for physical tickets.

Common Questions

How much do bus tickets from Taichung City to Taoyuan City cost?

For Taichung City to Taoyuan City, bus tickets start at US$ 6.45 from Kingbus. Overall, prices will depend on the outbound times and ticket types.

How long does it take to travel by bus from Taichung City to Taoyuan City?

For Taichung City to Taoyuan City, it usually takes around ≈1h 55m by bus. Ubus provides the fastest trip at just ≈1h 30m.

Where can I take the bus from Taichung City to Taoyuan City?

You can take the bus to Taoyuan City at Dongshi Station, 台中車站, 朝馬站, 朝馬站(國光), 水湳站, 豐原站 in Taichung City.

By taking a bus from Taichung City, where will I arrive in Taoyuan City?

By taking a bus to Taoyuan City, you can arrive at 林口站, 桃園機場第一航廈, 桃園機場第二航廈, 龍潭中正路.

Which operator runs a route from Taichung City to Taoyuan City?

Currently, Operator operates from Taichung City to Taoyuan City, with around 90 departures per day.

How can I book bus tickets for Taichung City to Taoyuan City?

Simply choose your outbound date and time for Taichung City to Taoyuan City on Klook and book.

Depending on what tickets you've booked, you can board with your Klook e-ticket or redeem it for a physical ticket at the outbound point.

How long will it take before I get a refund?

If your initial payment was made via PayPal, the refund will be processed instantly.

Refunds for payments made by card usually take 5-7 working days to be returned to your account, but can take up to 30 days for certain banks.

If your refund is taking longer than the times mentioned, please reach out to us at by submitting a 'Feedback on Existing Booking' inquiry.

Can I change or cancel my booking?

Changes can only be made at a bus station counter. Cancellations are possible through Klook but are subject to the terms and conditions of the bus operator. A cancellation processing fee may be charged.

What are the differences between an Open Time Ticket and a Fixed Time Ticket?

Open Time Tickets can be used to board a bus for your selected route at any given time within 6 months.

For Fixed Time Ticket, tickets are only valid for your selected date and time.

Who is eligible for a concession fare?
  1. Passengers over 65 years old. Taiwanese residents can use their ID as proof. Non-Taiwanese residents will need to show their Mackay Project Alien Permanent Resident Certificate.
  2. Passengers holding a Disability Card and their carers can both buy a concession ticket (1 carer for each disabled passenger can enjoy the concession price)
  3. i. Children aged 0-5 years old can travel for free (proof of age required) ii. Children aged 6-11 can buy a concession fare ticket (proof of age required) iii. Children who are permitted to travel for free must be accompanied by a paying passenger and cannot occupy a seat of their own (max. 2 per paying passenger. Any more than 2 must buy a concession ticket)