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Tainan City to Kaohsiung City buses schedule & prices

3 Aug


4 Aug


5 Aug


6 Aug


7 Aug


8 Aug


9 Aug


18 buses scheduled on Aug. 04, 2021 with services provided by 1 operator(s)




麻豆轉運站 岡山站


US$ 2.89




麻豆轉運站 楠梓站


US$ 2.89




麻豆轉運站 岡山站


US$ 2.89




麻豆轉運站 楠梓站


US$ 2.89


≈1h 10m


麻豆轉運站 建國客運站


US$ 4.15

Prices and times listed here are updated regularly but might not match operator’s latest price. Please check again when booking.

Operators for Tainan City to Kaohsiung City buses

This is a summary of all buses scheduled on Aug. 04, 2021 by 1 operators
Operators Fastest Earliest departure Latest departure Cheapest
≈30m 07:35 19:35 US$ 2.89

Travel from Tainan to Kaohsiung by bus

Formerly known as one of Taiwan's industrial hotspots, the southern city of Kaohsiung has rapidly transformed itself in the past years to become the cultural destination that it is today! Located along the coast, you'll have easy access to waterside views and swimming beaches during your visit. You can also go shopping for food and clothes at the Liuhe Tourist Night Market, immerse yourself in local culture at the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, get uninterrupted views of the city at the 85 Sky-tower CTtraveller Suit, or admire the architecture of the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. Whatever you fancy dancing, you'll never run out of things to do in Kaohsiung!

Peak travel season in Kaohsiung is from October to March when the weather is clear and sunny. During this time, you can freely explore the city without worrying about the weather and partake in local festivals such as the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival in late February or early March. It is not recommended to visit Kaohsiung during spring and summer (May to September) due to the hot and humid weather and the risk of typhoons.

Traveling around Kaohsiung and surrounding cities is made easy by its well-designed public transportation system. When you visit, make use of the city's Metro (MRT), Light Rail, buses, and taxis to get around the city. Car, scooter, and bicycle rentals are also available for those who want flexible itineraries. For less hassle, it is recommended to purchase an iPass or an Easy Card.

Bus guide

A one-way bus ride from Tainan to Kaohsiung typically ranges from TWD80-115 via Ubus, depending on your drop-off station. From Madou station, the total travel time may take around 40 minutes to Gangshan Station, an hour to Nanzi Station, and an hour and 30 minutes to TRA Kaohsiung Station. To get more information on the latest prices and schedules, please check the journeys for your preferred travel date in advance.

Operators on route

Only one operator serves the Tainan-Kaohsiung route:

  • Ubus, or the United Bus is one of the first private national highway passenger transportation companies in Taiwan, established in 1989

Departure and arrival points

Departure point

  • Madou Bus Station

Arrival points

  • Nanzi Station
  • Gangshan Station
  • TRA Kaohsiung Station

Things to do in Tainan

  • Visit Anping Fort, Taiwan’s oldest fort, which played a significant role in regulating international trade in the region
  • Climb up the Anping Tree House, which occupies what was once the Tait & Company warehouse
  • Marvel at the decorative woodwork, paintings by local folk artists, and festive bells of the Beiji Temple
  • Take selfies at the newly opened Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park, which has an area dedicated to blueprint-style setups

Things to do in Kaohsiung

  • Walk up the hill to the British Consulate compound, the first foreign consulate built on Taiwanese soil
  • Explore the gigantic rainbow masterpiece that is The Dome of Light, created by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata
  • Go sightseeing or go on a boat cruise at the Love River, a perfect location for a romantic date
  • Watch the sunset at Lotus Lake, which is surrounded by flourishing lotus flowers and has numerous nearby temples and pagodas

Travel from Tainan City to Kaohsiung City by bus

Heading to Kaohsiung City from Tainan City? Find your tickets with Klook now and compare prices, schedules and journey durations at a glance.Taking a bus from Tainan City and Kaohsiung City is a popular choice - it's affordable, hassle-free and usually frequent. Ticket prices on Klook start from US$ 2.89 and journeys can take ≈30m.

For most days, the earliest departure is 07:35 and the latest is 19:35. On Klook, you can find 18 journeys per day to choose from.

Just book and present your e-ticket for boarding or get it redeemed for a physical ticket.You can find 1 operators with services from Tainan City to Kaohsiung City on Klook. Operator offers tickets starting at just US$ 2.89.Trips on buses between Tainan City and Kaohsiung City leave from 麻豆轉運站, and head to 岡山站, 建國客運站, 楠梓站.Choose your bus ticket type for routes between Tainan City and Kaohsiung City on Klook. You can book Standard fare, Concession fare tickets, with US$ 2.89 tickets starting from just US$ 2.89.

Common Questions

How much do bus tickets from Tainan City to Kaohsiung City cost?

For Tainan City to Kaohsiung City, bus tickets start at US$ 2.89 from Ubus. Overall, prices will depend on the outbound times and ticket types.

How long does it take to travel by bus from Tainan City to Kaohsiung City?

For Tainan City to Kaohsiung City, it usually takes around ≈46m by bus. Ubus provides the fastest trip at just ≈30m.

Where can I take the bus from Tainan City to Kaohsiung City?

You can take the bus to Kaohsiung City at 麻豆轉運站 in Tainan City.

By taking a bus from Tainan City, where will I arrive in Kaohsiung City?

By taking a bus to Kaohsiung City, you can arrive at 岡山站, 建國客運站, 楠梓站.

Which operator runs a route from Tainan City to Kaohsiung City?

Currently, Operator operates from Tainan City to Kaohsiung City, with around 18 departures per day.

How can I book bus tickets for Tainan City to Kaohsiung City?

Simply choose your outbound date and time for Tainan City to Kaohsiung City on Klook and book.

Depending on what tickets you've booked, you can board with your Klook e-ticket or redeem it for a physical ticket at the outbound point.

How long will it take before I get a refund?

If your initial payment was made via PayPal, the refund will be processed instantly.

Refunds for payments made by card usually take 5-7 working days to be returned to your account, but can take up to 30 days for certain banks.

If your refund is taking longer than the times mentioned, please reach out to us at by submitting a 'Feedback on Existing Booking' inquiry.

Can I change or cancel my booking?

Changes can only be made at a bus station counter. Cancellations are possible through Klook but are subject to the terms and conditions of the bus operator. A cancellation processing fee may be charged.

What are the differences between an Open Time Ticket and a Fixed Time Ticket?

Open Time Tickets can be used to board a bus for your selected route at any given time within 6 months.

For Fixed Time Ticket, tickets are only valid for your selected date and time.

Who is eligible for a concession fare?
  1. Passengers over 65 years old. Taiwanese residents can use their ID as proof. Non-Taiwanese residents will need to show their Mackay Project Alien Permanent Resident Certificate.
  2. Passengers holding a Disability Card and their carers can both buy a concession ticket (1 carer for each disabled passenger can enjoy the concession price)
  3. i. Children aged 0-5 years old can travel for free (proof of age required) ii. Children aged 6-11 can buy a concession fare ticket (proof of age required) iii. Children who are permitted to travel for free must be accompanied by a paying passenger and cannot occupy a seat of their own (max. 2 per paying passenger. Any more than 2 must buy a concession ticket)