Counting Down In Universal Studios Japan Is The Grand Finale You Need For 2018!

klook team
klook team
14 Mar 2020
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Countdown to 2019 at Universal Studios Japan!

If you’re looking for a big bang to end off your 2018, look no further! The countdown party at Universal Studios Japan is one of the biggest events in Japan and tickets often sell out long before!  
These tickets grant visitors special extended access  to the park from 7pm on 31st December 2018 till 9pm on 1 January 2019, which means you’ll get a whole 26 hours in this amazing theme park! On top of this, there are also exclusive one night only events you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.
Bigger and more exciting than before, here’s why the only place you should be spending the last few hours of 2018 at is Universal Studios Japan!

Getting tickets

If you wish to attend the Universal Countdown 2019 event, you will need to get the Universal Countdown Party Pass. Entry into the park after 7pm on 31st December 2018 will only be granted to those with the party pass.
Those with a regular 1 day ticket will be asked to leave the park at 5pm on 31st December 2018 and you can only enter the park at 2am on 1st January 2019.
The Universal Countdown Party Package includes a Universal Countdown Party Pass as well as special express pass that grants you fast track entry to 3 of the park’s most popular rides.

What to expect

You can’t celebrate the end of the year without fireworks and at Universal Countdown 2019, you can expect more than 3000 fireworks lighting up the night sky!
In addition to the firework spectacle, there will also be a one night only special seasonal event. This will showcase the entire year of festive celebrations! With a series of live performances and entertainment ranging from the Special Night Parade, Summer Festival, Surprise Halloween and even Universal Wonder Christmas, you’ll feel as if you were at Universal Studios Japan all year!
Expect a snow party with your favorite yellow mischievous minions, a zombie party on the streets and the spectacular Harry Potter castle light show all in 1 night! Of course, you will also gain access to ALL the rides and attractions for 26 hours. Trust us when we say riding The Flying Dinosaur after dark is a whole new experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Your Universal Studios Japan experience awaits!

Can’t wait for the year end to visit? Head to Universal Studios Japan today and don’t forget to Klook your e-tickets to skip the long lines at the ticketing booths. Just flash your mobile e-voucher at the turnstiles and you’re all set. Be sure to check out our guide to Universal Studios Japan for insider tips and secrets to get the most out of your visit to the park!