Tsui Wah’s Famous Milk Tea And Condensed Milk Buns Come To Singapore

14 Mar 2020

Dine at one of Hong Kong’s best cafes in Singapore

Tsui Wah Cafe Outlet Clarke Quay Singapore
If you haven’t heard the news, the famous Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠華餐廳) from Hong Kong will be opening an outlet at Clarke Quay in Singapore! This Hong Kong supper hotspot stays open for 24-hours at some outlets and is renowned for its home-style cafe food. With cute porcelain cups and condensed milk buns, Tsui Wah has locals and tourists alike flocking to outlets.
The Singapore outlet promises authentic Tsui Wah dishes with Hong Kong chefs flying in personally to train local staff. Tsui Wah will also have some of these chefs permanently stationed in Singapore! 
Officially opening its doors on the 15th of June 2018 at 1pm, here are some of the dishes you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

1. King Prawns in XO Sauce with Tossed Noodles

Tsui Wah Cafe King Prawns XO Sauce Noodles Singapore
Source: Tan Kwang Yu
Nobody leaves the eatery without getting a bowl of the Tsui Wah bestseller King Prawns in XO Sauce with Tossed Noodles! Think springy noodles lightly tossed in shallot oil topped with succulent prawns, served with fresh vegetables and a dish of XO sauce. Absolute bliss. 

2. Tsui Wah Fish Ball Noodles

Tsui Wah Cafe Fishball Noodles Singapore
One of the best yu dan (fish balls) in Hong Kong (and hopefully, Singapore), the Tsui Wah Fish Ball Noodles is another must have on your visit to Tsui Wah! With fish balls that are handmade freshly daily, slurp up the thin chewy kway teow noodles and flavourful fish based soup that is sure to warm your tummy! Definitely a perfect dish to savour for your post drinking or pre-clubbing meal.

3. Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings

Tsui Wah Cafe Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings Singapore
Source: Tan Kwang Yu
Despite it’s name, there is no trace of Swiss origins in this dish! A classic Hong Kong dish, these Swiss Chicken Wings are marinated in a sauce made up of soy sauce, sugar, Chinese wine and spices. Expect a burst of flavour when you bite into the succulent juicy wings!

4. Condensed Milk Toast

Tsui Wah Cafe Condensed Milk Bun
Source: Tan Kwang Yu
Nick named 猪仔包 aka“Piggy Bun” due to its shape, the Condensed Milk Toast is not to be missed on your visit to Tsui Wah. To add crunch to the bread, the bun is halved and toasted with butter smeared on the top. Drizzled with condensed milk, this salty sweet treat is a perfect tea time treat.

5. Hong Kong Milk Tea

Tsui Wah Cafe Milk Tea Singapore
What good is a visit to a Hong Kong Tea Cafe without ordering some tea? Savour authentic Hong Kong milk tea served in the cutest porcelain tea cup that you will ever see!
Tsui Wah Cafe Drinking Milk Tea Singapore
Tsui Wah Restaurant
Address: #01-03 Clarke Quay, 3A River Valley Rd, S179020
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 11pm
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