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The Halloween season has kicked off in Ocean Park for 2015 and visitors should be all set for another year of screams, laughter, fear and tears. The Klook team headed to Ocean Park for the preview event to check out what’s going on this year!

Ocean Park

Arriving at Ocean Park we were all on our tippy toes about the frights that loomed ahead.  As we consulted the park map we were interrupted by an axe wielding figure who creeped up from behind and gave us our first scare. For anyone prone to being scared easily we warn you that during Halloween you won’t be able to avoid it! Taking the Ocean Express we were whisked to the summit of the park and our journey into the top scary haunted experiences began! All the Halloween attractions have been scattered out over the various areas around the park, this means you can enjoy all the usual rides as you make your way around the park.

Bloodborne Mansion

We were the first in our party to enter the room meaning that we were first to be greeted by the cackles of the ghostly figures that are resident to this haunted mansion. As you creep through make sure you go the right way or else you’ll end up getting a scare!

Source: Ocean Park

Source: Ocean Park

Take note: By day this attraction is the Lolita Mansion and as night falls it turns into the Bloodborne Mansion

Scare Factor: 4/5 – Leading the pack really does make it more scary!

Mutant Escape

This attraction is something a bit different to the traditional horror houses. The Mutant Escape is a 40ft inflatable obstacle course where you make your way up and down climbing frames, dodge moving boulders and slip and slide your way through. At the same time you’ll be chased mutants lurking in the shadows.

Ocean Park Mutant Escape

Take note: The queues were longer than other Halloween attractions because you’ve got to take your shoes off, oh and you must be wearing socks.

Scare Factor: 3/5 – The obstacle course really tests your fitness and running from the mutants excited us! Unfortunately, the flood lights prevent it from being scary.

15 Years of Horror

Delve into selected scenes from past Ocean Park Halloween festivals – visiting scenes of haunted Hong Kong including funeral homes, haunted carnivals and abandoned theaters.

15 years of Horror Ocean park

Take note: This haunted house is located in Adventure Land which means a long journey up and down the escalators at the north end of the park. Allow enough time if you plan to visit 15 years of Horror.

Scare Factor: 3.5/5 – We were the last in the group to enter meaning that we watched people get the frights but didn’t get any ourselves.

Puppet Master’s Workshop

The Puppet Master’s Workshop was enough to spook the Klook team out.You’ll set foot in the workshop not knowing whether the puppets that live in there will come alive or not!

Puppet Workshop Ocean park

Take note:  Watch your back in one of the pitch black rooms inside this haunted house!

Scare Factor: 4/5 – The concept is definitely creepy and enough to give us goosebumps as we exited.

The Walking Dead

The headliner for this year’s Ocean Park Halloween  – The Walking Dead attraction is undoubtedly the best in the Park. All the scenes that you walk through are replicated from the television show and oh boy, they are realistic! Out of all the attractions, the zombies were what scared us the most!

Walking Dead Ocean park

Take note : The experience isn’t over until you step foot outside – We warned you!

Scare Factor: 5/5 – The zombies don’t need to jump out at you, they’re already scary enough!


Unfortunately we weren’t able to try out H15 as visitors have to be given a special code  – however we were able to ask people exiting the attraction what they thought!  We got comments such as “it was scary to be alone” and “it was really spooky”. So folks to get yourself into H15 you’ll have to obtain a special code to enter!

Ocean Park H15

What we recommend

  • If you can, take a whole day out for Ocean Park. There is plenty to see for Halloween as well as the permanent animal attractions and amusement rides.
  • Halloween at Ocean Park is for everybody. There are attractions targeted at children during the day, however after 5:30pm all the spooky stuff will open up.
  • Take your selfie stick, there are plenty of costumed Halloween characters on the loose who’d love to take a photo with you.
  • Remember not to go through the haunted houses too quickly! Ocean Park has obviously paid a lot of attention to the detail of the replicated scenes.
  • Book your discounted ticket on Klook for only 293HKD (Original Price 345HKD)