14 Travel Gift Ideas For The Wanderluster In Your Life

Klook Team
Klook Team
17 Mar 2020
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The more you give, the more you receive!

Valentine’s is just around the corner and perhaps you have a travel enthusiast in your life you’d like to spoil them with gifts. If you’ve been scratching your head on what to get them, here are 14 gift ideas you can get them this 14 February!
But hey, even if it’s not for a Valentine, any globetrotter would appreciate these gift.

1. Custom-made passport holder

see the world passport holder
Source: Etsy
For that savvy traveller in your life who already has all the cool gadgets and accessories, the trick isn’t beat them to the latest travel must-haves. More likely than not, you’ll lose! Instead, get them something personalised like an engraved or custom-made passport holder.
This special passport holder holds the one thing they NEED when travelling. It also serves as a nice reminder of you every time they’re off on their adventure at whichever part of the world!

2. Cork globe

cork globe unique
Source: Amazon
A globe for a fellow globetrotter seems like a very fitting gift. Who needs a boring ol’ corkboard when they can have a cork globe to pin all the places they’ve visited and lived in! Heck, go crazy with different pin colours to represent different significance or moods.
To make this gift extra special, get them a pack of heart-shaped pins as well. You can use those for all the places you’ve visited together!
heart shaped pins

3. Foldable keyboard

foldable keyboard
Source: Amazon
We all know that one workaholic who’s always clicking and clacking away on their laptops or typing away furiously on their phone no matter where they are. They could be metres away from a lion in the safari, but they still gotta clear their inbox first.
For those travel bloggers or businessperson – a foldable keyboard may not be the most glamorous gift but it’s definitely a thoughtful one that they’ll appreciate!

4. Travel wallet

travel wallet
Source: Amazon
Whether you know a Type A traveller or a klutz who loses everything, they can all agree that going through immigration and the seemingly endless checkpoints when travelling can be a pain and sometimes slightly chaotic.
A perfect gift for them would be a travel wallet that holds all the essentials from passport to boarding passes, ID card, credit cards, cash, and even a phone. No more fumbling around looking for things! This travel wallet comes with a selection of various colours too.

5. Scratch-off world map

scratch off world map
Source: ezbuy
Almost as fun as scratch-off lottery tickets, this massive scratch-off world map deserves to don the walls of a globetrotter. Slick and stylish, the map gets more fun and vibrant as each country is being scratched off!

6. Pay for their travel-inspired tattoo

travel inspired tattoo
For the ink-obsessed travel enthusiasts in your life, paying for their tattoo is a gift they’ll remember for a very long time! It’s a gift that will be permanent on their skin, after all.
Whether they like getting inked to commemorate their visit to a new destination or enjoy getting a tattoo to symbolise their love for travelling, it’s something that means a lot to them. If you want to go above and beyond, secure an appointment for them with their favourite or dream tattoo artist as well!

7. Travel listography

travel listography
A travel listography journal with vibrant illustrations and guided lists is a practical yet thoughtful gift for those who likes journaling as much as they like jetting off around the world. It’s also great for checking off experiences from their bucket list!
A journaler cherishes his or her journal as much as their other prized possessions. After all, it holds all the stories, adventures and thoughts from travels for many years to come when their memory fails them.

8. Waterproof and crumpled city maps

waterproof crumpleproof city maps
Physical maps may be a thing of the past now with the advance of technology, but these crumpled city maps are here to stay! Waterproof, soft and basically indestructible, these crumple-happy maps can be folded, scrunched up, and even squashed into a ball.
For that person in your life who rumbles and grumbles about anything technology, this new take on traditional maps is right up their alley.

9. Travel cocktail kit

travel cocktail kit
Source: Amazon
Long-haul flights can be an absolute nightmare but they’re definitely a lot more tolerable when you can enjoy a cocktail or two. This TSA-friendly cocktail kit is the perfect gift for that jet-setter in your life who never turns down a drink or a party.
No more settling for boring soft drinks as mixers when they can whip up a classy cocktail right from their seat!

10. Retractable lint roller

retractable lint roller
retractable lint roller dogs
Source: Facebook
Lint roller is something we all wish we have when travelling but never actually have it! They’re bulky, sticky, and not exactly travel-friendly. Whoever gets the Flint retractable lint roller as a gift will thank you forever.
Compact, refillable, and easy-to-use, these lint rollers also come in an array of designs and colours. Not only are they functional, they’re also absolutely #aestheticgoals.

11. Travel size set of skincare, bodycare or grooming products

travel toiletries
Source: eBay
If you know someone who can’t live without their holy grail shampoo or moisturiser, get them a travel-size set of their favourite products! You will save them the hassle of decanting their favourite products into TSA-friendly containers.
They won’t have to compromise on their skincare, bodycare or grooming routine, and be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness!

12. Scarf with a hidden compartment

scarf with pockets hidden compartments
scarf with pockets hidden compartments man
For the worrywarts and cautious travellers, get them the Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel scarf! The scarves come in a variety of colours and designs, and each has a hidden zipper compartment for keeping travel essentials. That way, they can keep their valuables like passport, ID, cash and cards close to them even if they don’t have any pockets and don’t want to attract pickpockets with a flashy bag.
These unisex inconspicuous scarves blend in seamlessly with just about any personal styles and go almost unnoticed by suspecting pickpockets. They’re definitely much better than sporting a fanny pack!

13. Travel stub diary

travel stub diary
We all know that one person who collects all the movie tickets, boarding passes, entrance tickets, and whatever memorabilia they can manage to get their hands on. A travel stub diary is right up their alley.
If they’re a frequent jet-setter, you might wanna get them a few of those. They might finish all the pages in a flash!


dry bag waterproof
waterproof dry pack bag
Source: secoo.life
For the beach bums and divers, a dry pack is a must-have for their island or beach excursions. However, as much as they are essential, they aren’t exactly the nicest looking things. So, take this opportunity to treat them with a Viciousvenom dry pack.
These dry packs are chic, fashionable, and as Instagrammable as the idyllic beaches. They can also serve as an everyday backpack and keep the precious electronics safe from unruly outdoor conditions!

The gift that keeps on giving

At the end of the day, what matters most isn’t what you buy for the person but the thought and significance behind those gifts. For those who prefer to share experiences and precious moments instead of receiving material goods, you can bring them on unique travel dates or impressive first dates! Perhaps you both can share a meal at one of these next-level date locations.
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