Terence Yin

HK-born, US-bred performer Terence Yin is all about laidback weekends and live music

Terence Yin is an actor and musician based in Hong Kong. Born to film director Kang Wei and 60s starlet Jenny Hu, the Los Angeles-bred performer is no stranger to the world of show business. Since his return to the city, he has starred in several movies and started an experimental boy band, establishing himself as a favored mainstay in local entertainment.

It is of no surprise, then, that Terence’s appreciation for entertainment extends to his favorite places in Hong Kong. Here he runs us through his picks, from classic local diners to live music venues that bear his stamp of approval.

K: Before we get started, tell us: what do you love most about the city?

T: I love the diversity and convenience of Hong Kong. It’s a pleasure living in a cosmopolitan city.

K: Anything exciting you’ve been up to lately?

T: I just released a CD, and will continue to work in music and film.

K: What’s your idea of a perfect day in Hong Kong?

T: Lunch and chilling by the beach. A day on a junk boat with friends would also be nice.

Terence’s Picks

A Local Palate

  • Jimmy’s Kitchen: is a restaurant that has been open in Hong Kong for decades. I love many things there, but their curries are quite special.
  • Hee Kee Fried Crab Expert: Aside from the great typhoon shelter seafood like spicy crab or ‘pissing’ shrimp, my favorite dish is their fried beef noodles. These beef noodles are deceivingly hard to make well, but Hee Kee makes some of the best in HK.
  • High Tea at the Peninsula: I don’t often do high tea, but I think the Peninsula still has the best high tea experience in Hong Kong. Very nice to occasionally re-visit!


Live Music Joints

Ned Kelly's

  • Ned Kelly’s Last Stand: Ned Kelly’s is one of the few places in HK to hear some good jazz! It’s jazz’s last stand in HK!
  • I love live music so Peel Fresco and Backstage would be the places to go to in Central. My musician friends sometimes play there so I’d grab drinks with them and hear them play. At Backstage, look for Loli every Wednesday for open mic night. She is a wonderful pianist and you can sing with her during the session!

Shop & See


  • Stanley Market and its surrounding areas has many bars and restaurants that are great for lazy Sundays and anytime you don’t want to be in the city. Even the stalls selling tourist items can be a fun maze to walk through!
  • I like the idea of shopping more than actually shopping. Most friends I have taken to the Ladies Market seem to find their bargaining chops quite quickly! It’s fun to watch!
  • The Peak is great because it’s one of the best places to view the Hong Kong skyline. I like to go to the Peak for an occasional escape from the buzz and for the view.


Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published as a Klook Connoisseur feature of Hong Kong actor and musician, Terrence Yin.