All You Need To Know To Conquer Lotte World

14 Mar 2020
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Conquer Lotte World Korea like a pro!

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No visit to Seoul is complete without heading to the Disneyland of Korea – Lotte World! Whether you’re travelling as a family looking to bring your kids on a magical day out or a grown adult looking for that extra kick of adrenaline, you’ll definitely find it at Lotte World.
For the uninitiated, Lotte World is home to a theme park with both indoor and outdoor elements, making it the ULTIMATE place for a day out no matter the weather! Lotte World is also home to an aquarium, a folk museum as well as the 5th TALLEST building in the world.
From thriller rides with drops of up to 70 meters to Beluga whales swimming in Korea’s largest aquarium and of course, one of the best views in the city, read on to find out how to have the best time at Lotte World!

October Exclusive: Lotte World Halloween

All-You-Need-To-Know-To-Conquer-Lotte-World -HALLOWEEN-PARADE

If you’re lucky enough to head to Lotte World during Halloween, check out the Lotte World Horror Halloween event! As darkness falls, zombies roam around the park looking for fleshy humans to feast on! Some of the rides like Ark Adventure and Blooded Boat will also be spookified to enhance the halloween atmosphere in the park.
For the little ones, Lotte characters will also be dressed up in Halloween costumes in time for the Halloween parade!

1. About Lotte World

Lotte World is divided into Lotte World Adventure – an indoor world themed area as well as Magic Island – an outdoor themed area.
Lotte World Adventure is home to 22 different rides and host to the parades and shows. Magic Island is built in the middle of the Seokchon Lake and boasts 17 different rides!
Download the Lotte World Magic Pass app on your mobile phone to get the latest updates on show timings as well as special events that could could coincide with yourvisit!

2. Lotte World Facilities

Lockers are available for all visitors at 9 different spots across the theme park! Store your belongings and explore the park hassle free! For families with babies, you can also rent a stroller if you don’t wish to bring your own!
It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to lose their young child in a sprawling theme park like Lotte World. Thankfully you can head over to the central information counter at Lotte World Adventure 1F to get a special bracelet for your child that will help park handlers to identify them in the event they wander off.
For parents who need to change those dirty diapers or feed hungry babies, nursing Rooms can also be found on Adventure 1F and Magic Island. These rooms are furnished with changing stations, wash basins, bottle cleaners, water purifiers and even microwaves!
Now that you’ve got all your amenities sorted out, here comes the most exciting part of the theme park, THE RIDES!

3. Lotte World Adventure

From thrilling rides to child friendly options and of course, the dance floor for the highly anticipated parades, here’s what you can expect:

3.1 Lotte World Adventure thrill rides

Most of us go to theme parks for the adrenaline rush that thrilling rides bring us – the addictive heart thumping, stomach dropping feeling! Plus, if you’re there for a date, what better excuse to hold your crush’s hand than on a scary ride? Here are some of our favourite thrilling rides at Lotte World Adventure:
3.1.1. Giant Loop
If you like the thrill of being upside down, this is the ride you CANNOT miss. As you go through a 360 degree loop, be prepared to hang out at its peak and feel the adrenaline course through your veins! Imagine yourself standing upside down except at a way higher height.
P.S. The ride will stop whilst upside down.
3.1.2 VR Experience
Meet the latest addition to the Lotte World theme park, the Virtual Reality (VR) Fantasia! Try escaping from a laboratory filled with zombies or speeding around like a Formula One driver all with the help of motion stimulation and wind effects. It is definitely an experience you would not forget. It may all seem too real, but don’t confuse it for reality!
3.1.3 French Revolution
Rotating at 360 degrees and even up to 540 degrees in some parts, the French Revolution coaster is definitely a MUST DO for all adrenaline lovers. The coaster goes through buildings so there is always a near-miss crash feeling that ups the thrill factor of this one.

3.2 Lotte World Adventure rides for the whole family

Since thrilling, heart thumping rides aren’t for everyone – we can’t all be daredevils after all! If that sounds like you, instead, check out the following rides that will still get you excited without you peeing your pants:
3.2.1 Camelot Carousel
Most note worthy and iconic to Lotte World is the Camelot Carousel! No visit would be complete without the perfect Instagram shot of you riding on one of the wooden horses. We suggest taking a ride and resting your feet after conquering all those heart thumping rides!
3.2.2. The Aeronaut Balloon
Get one of the best views of the entire adventure park as you sail around in your hot air balloon! Look down at the sparkles and colors of the park and try to spot all your favorite rides. If this is your first time visiting the park, you MUST ride this before you leave.
3.2.3 Adventures of Sinbad
All aboard the Adventures of Sinbad as you sail through the Amazon tropical forests. Stop by the sorcerer’s cave and watch Sinbad fight off three-headed dragons, sword fighting skeletons and even a teleporting genie to rescue the princess. Don’t blame us if your crush falls in love with the brave prince!
3.3. Lotte World Adventure parades
Rest your feet and those lungs (especially if you’ve been screaming on all the rides) as you catch the Lotte World parade daily at 2pm at the 1st floor of the Adventure indoor park! From March to June, the parade is themed after a masquerade! Get lost in the world of masked dancers as they glide across the dance floor and you’ll wish you were as graceful as them.
From June to August, catch the Rio Samba dancers as they parade down the streets in flamboyant costumes and fiery moves. From September to October, catch the ghosts and ghouls as they attempt to scare the bejeebers out of you! And of course, who can forget the Christmas themed parade from November to December.
Finally, stay for the Let’s Dream Night Parade for a spectacular lights and fireworks display. Featuring electronic aerial balloons, flying lanterns, flamboyant costumes and everyone’s favourite FIREWORKS, you can bet it’ll be a feast for the eyes. Set those alarms for 8pm since the show only lasts 30 minutes daily and you wouldn’t want to miss a second of it!
8 lucky children are randomly selected to participate in the parade and ride the floats, so cross your fingers you’ll be selected!

4. Magic Island

Now that you’ve conquered the indoor section of the theme park, you definitely need to spend some time outdoors. Feel the wind in your face as you race across the coaster tracks and enjoy the stunning views as you linger on top of the world before free falling!

4.1 Magic Island Rides

Here are some thrill rides you cannot miss while you’re in Magic Island:
4.1.1 Flume Ride
Everyone loves a good ol’ flume ride! This jungle themed attraction will take you back to the Jurassic Era as you sail around the park. Prepare yourselves for that big splash when your log boat plunges into the waterfall!
4.1.2 Atlantis
This is probably the most popular ride in the whole of the theme park. Zooming past at super speeds of 72km per hour, you’ll experience the ULTIMATE thrill when the coaster soars 20 meters down a 72 degree angle.
4.1.3. Gyrodrop
Free fall from a height of 70 meters at a speed of 100km/hour! We assure you that the drop will happen be fast, so fast that your heart may just drop out of your chest. We suggest holding onto the handles of your shoulder restraints for your life!
4.1.4 Gyro Swing
Ever wondered what it felt like to be Tarzan, swinging from tree branch to tree branch? Finally, now you can! While not exactly swinging from tree to tree in a jungle, you’ll be seated (and strapped in) as you swing up to a height of 42 meters! If you don’t shut your eyes in fear, you’ll be able to see the Seokchon Lake and its surrounding areas while swinging from side to side.

5. Lotte World must try snacks

No trip to the amusement park is complete unless you stuff yourself on sugary treats to further fuel your excitement. Lucky for us, Lotte World has the cutest looking cotton candy that you definitely wouldn’t bear to take a bite of!
If you’re looking to beat the heat, chomp on one of these Lotty shaped ice cold popsicles! With so many different flavors, you’ll definitely find one to suit your tastebuds.

6. Lotte World trick-eye photo zones

I’m sure almost all of us have been to an optical illusion museum of some sort, or at least seen pictures of people doing the impossible like sitting in a lion’s mouth. Well, in Lotte World, not only can you scream your lungs out on the exciting rides, you can also take many photos at the hidden photo zones. These backgrounds are not only optical illusions for you to trick your friends but they also make great souvenir pictures.
Be sure to charge those camera batteries!

7.Other Lotte World attractions

Once you’ve conquered the theme park, the fun doesn’t stop there! Lotte World has so much more to offer- from Beluga whales to traditional Korean folk games and even a glass bottomed observatory! Here’s what else you can check out at Lotte World:
7.1 Lotte World Folk Museum
Learn about Korea’s rich culture and history dating all the way back to the stone age at the Lotte World Folk Museum. Check out the miniatures exhibits where they recreate historical figures which some of us might recognize from watching all those historical Korean dramas! In addition, with new visual technologies, you’ll be able to see the fights that took place, making you feel as if you’ve got a front seat in the war.
Not only will you learn more about the lives of Koreans long ago, the best part of the museum is of course the interactive exhibits! You can play traditional games like Tu-Ho where you throw arrows into a narrow necked jar- sounds easy but trust us, it’s not!

7.2. Lotte World Aquarium

Complete your day at Korea’s LARGEST indoor aquarium- the Lotte World Aquarium! With over 650 species of sea creatures, we are no marine biologists but that is definitely plenty to see. Of course you’ll see family favorites like Dory and Nemo, but better yet, you’ll also get to see rare Beluga whales and 2 meter long nurse sharks!

7.3. Lotte World Tower

Finally, head over to the 5th TALLEST building in the world, the Lotte World Tower! Since you’re 555 meters up, you’ll definitely be guaranteed one of the best bird’s eye views of the city.
Take the world’s FASTEST elevator to the SEOUL SKY observation deck on the 123rd floor and take a walk around this vertigo inducing glass-floored observation deck if you dare.
If you’re afraid of heights, don’t look down! Otherwise, enjoy being suspended over the busy Seoul intersection as you watch the world pass you by.

8. Lotte World Hotel

Can’t get enough of Lotte World? Stay the night in the Lotte World Hotel! Kids will surely love the mascots Lotty and Lorry themed rooms. You’ll also get to enjoy stunning view of Lotte World theme park from your room window! Even the bathroom amenities provided are character themed!

Getting to Lotte World theme park

If you plan on taking public transportation for the rest of your trip, klook yourself a South Korea Railplus Transport Card. Use it for public transportation rides in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Busan and Chungcheong-do or pay for taxis. Most noteworthy is you can also pay for your purchases at convenience stores!

Getting tickets to Lotte World theme park

It’s truly a bummer when you head to the theme park and it rains, or if your favorite rides are closed. Klook your tickets Tickets are OPEN-DATED so check the weather forecast and the official website for ride closures before you go!

Lotte World Magic Pass

With Lotte World’s soaring popularity not just among foreigners but even the locals, you can be sure that the wait time for thrill rides can be at least 30 minutes long. If you hate waiting in line, instead opt for the Magic Pass to skip the queues!
In addition, make advanced reservations for selected rides using your mobile phone on the Magic Pass app. Instead, you can also use any of the Magic Pass kiosks located around the park. Register your validated ticket, select the attraction and desired time from the list and you’re all set!
Do note that the Magic Pass can only be used once per ride and you can only use your pass for rides that are operating on your visit date. In addition, if you download the Magic Pass app for Lotte World, you can get 3 extra rides with Magic Pass perks!

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