Hey Boracay, What’s Good? Everything You Need To Know About The New Boracay

Klook team
Klook team
14 Mar 2020
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Boracay is back in business!

After six months of clean up and phase 1 of rehabilitation, our beloved white sand beach reopened its doors to tourists last Friday, October 26. However, the new and improved Boracay comes with a whole new set of rules – all of which are implemented in order to preserve the beauty of the island.
So if you’ve got any plans of visiting Boracay anytime soon, here are a list of some rules, reminders, and everything else you can expect on the newly reopened island!


1. The island is only open to 6,000 tourists (a day)

Initially, it was announced that the island could accommodate around 19,000 tourists a day, however, after the soft opening last October 15, it was apparent that the island’s capacity was only at about 6,000. However, this may change throughout the next couple of months.

2. Tourists can only book accredited hotels

As a way of controlling the number of tourists who come into the island, the government now requires travellers to present a booking reservation to an accredited hotel before they enter the island. Currently, there are only 157 accredited accommodations, housing only over 6,000 to 9,000 rooms all over the island.

3. Only over 150 establishments open

A handful of establishments in the area have been shut down during the rehabilitation process as many of these have violated environmental laws. As Boracay reopens its doors to tourists this October 26, only over 150 establishments are open to the public – excluding popular attractions like Ariel’s Point.

4. Partying beachfront is strictly prohibited

As major party events such as Laboracay have been banned, regular partying along the beach is now also been prohibited. That said, tourists are also not permitted to drink or smoke along the beaches.

5. All water activities are temporarily suspended

Unfortunately, water activities such as banana boating, sunset sailing, and snorkeling, are suspended until further notice. However, land activities are still in full swing! This temporary suspension will allow tourists to unwind and destress on the island.

6. Hot-coal roasting of meats is prohibited

In line with all the other environmental efforts in the island, the government has also banned beachside roasting. So, say goodbye to your favorite isaw and chori burgers, ‘cause those have most likely been closed down as well.

7. Avoid using single-use plastic

To preserve the current state of Boracay, government officials and locals have been encouraging tourists to lessen the use of single-use plastic on the island due to its very apparent effects on the environment. So if you’ve made plans to visit soon, be sure to bring some reusable cutlery and water bottles!

8. E-jeepneys are free until December

A great new addition to the island are the e-jeepneys! Tourists who visit the island until December are entitled to free transportation from one destination to another.

9. Souvenir and food stalls have been banned

Remember the small kiosks along the beach selling handmade jewelry and keychains? Well, they’re no longer in business. However, if you’re looking for some cool knick knacks to bring back home, you can definitely find a wide range of goods over at D*Mall!

10. No pets allowed by the beach

If you are able to tag your furry friend along to the beach, do take note that pets are not allowed along the beach. Officials also advise pet owners to look after and clean up after their pets. Pets that are unattended may be captured.

11. No littering

To prevent another round of rehabilitation, it is important that we follow through with the no littering policy that has been implemented all around the island. Violators will be fined, so to avoid this – make sure to throw your trash in the designated areas.

12. Sand-castle making is now regulated

If there’s one sight in Boracay that any past tourist would know very well it’s the iconic Boracay sand castle (insert date here). Unfortunately, government officials have regulated this activity, so we may no longer see these around the island.

13. Beach chairs and umbrellas are not allowed on the beach

Tourists are very much welcome to lounge by the beach, but are advised not to set up their beach chairs and umbrellas. Bring along your beach mat or towel and tan away!

14. Casinos are no longer allowed to operate

Sad news for visitors who frequented Boracay to gamble: casinos have officially been banned on the island, upon the request of President Rodrigo Duterte. The President mentions that Boracay is not a place to gamble, but a place for family get togethers and outings.