Who doesn’t like theme parks? Whether you are a little kid looking for a magical escape or a grown adult searching for an extra rush of adrenaline, theme parks have the power to get everyone excited! In Korea, there are two famous theme parks, Lotte World and Everland. Ideally, you would visit both parks; yet, reality hits – you only have the time and budget for one. So the big question is: which one should you choose? Here’s a breakdown comparison to make this decision a little bit easier.

Lotte World or Everland

The Rides


Lotte World 4/5 | Everland 5/5

Lotte World, with more than 40 rides, covers all the classic attractions. Rides are located both outdoors and indoors, helpfully air-conditioned to combat the summer heat or heated to ward off the winter chill. For those looking for thrilling rides, you can challenge yourself with the Gyro Drop and Gyro Swing, which reach up to 70 meters high!

Everland, the biggest theme park in Korea, has five separate themed zones. Roughly matching in total quantity, Everland’s rides tend to be larger than Lotte World’s. Most notably, the T Express, as the steepest ride in the world, tests the courage of even the bravest daredevils. Yet, kids will not be left out. Everland features an animal safari and other animal exhibits that are guaranteed to please every young animal lover.

In terms of rides, Everland offers a more varied selection of both thrillers and kid-friendly attractions.

The Location


Lotte World 5/5 | Everland 4/5

Lotte World, near Jamsil Station, can be conveniently reached via public transportation. On the other hand, Everland is much further, requiring an hour or more to get there from the city center. Comparing location and accessibility, Lotte World wins.

The Lines

Lotte World 4/5 | Everland 4/5

Lines inevitably become part of the theme park experience. Both theme parks will most likely have long lines during the weekends but Lotte World may seem more crowded due to its smaller area. The best tip here is to use the Magic Pass, which is an app you can download that acts as a fast pass to shorten your waiting time at Lotte World, and the Q Pass, which is a first come first served on-site reservation system for rides at Everland.

Bad Weather Plan

Lotte World 4.5/5 | Everland 3.5/5

Weather is unpredictable and can shape your theme park experience tremendously. As an indoor theme park, Lotte World less likely to be affected by bad and extreme weather than Everland.  If you find yourself stuck in the rain at Everland, you can visit some of the attractions that still run during the rain, such as the Mystery Mansion and Castle of Oz, or watch a film in the Victoria Theater.

The Cost

Overall, The entrance fees for Lotte World and Everland vary by a slight margin. The table below has the breakdown of costs to each theme park.

Standard Klook
Lotte World Adult ₩48000 ₩ 30890
Everland Adult ₩52000 ₩ 34225
Child ₩41,000 ₩ 28960


Both theme parks offer night tickets for late entrance and Lotte World has two additional categories, youth and infant tickets. Lotte World’s ticket prices are lower but the difference is not huge so shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Tip: You can find discounted tickets on Klook for both Lotte World and Everland!

And the Winner is…

It’s a tough one! Each theme park present pros and cons in each categories. Traveling with kids? Everland has more kids facilities. Raining outside? Lotte World has more indoor attractions. Depending on your preferences and your itinerary, you can hopefully make the best decision for your trip. Either way, you will find lots of surprises and fun at Lotte World or Everland.