10 Reasons Why A Trip To Legoland Is What You Need To Feel Young Again

14 Mar 2020

Relive your childhood at Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia
No matter how much Lego we had as a kid it was never enough! Our mums would try their hardest to avoid toy stores just so they wouldn’t spend more on yet another Lego brick. However, before you know it, we outgrew those little toy bricks and moved on to bigger (and less fun) toys like calculators and smart phones.
Lo and behold, just across the causeway lies what we can say is the childhood dream of many – Legoland Malaysia! The Klook team visited and felt like kids all over again.
Before you read on, check out what we got up to in this video!

1. Eat, sleep and play in Lego Paradise!

Legoland Hotel
Legoland is situated right next to a Lego Hotel. For starters, the hotel is impossible to miss because its vibrant colours and adorable design will catch your eye as soon as you exit the North-South Highway! This hotel will have the Lego-lover in you excited even before setting foot into Legoland!
Legoland Hotel Lobby
Step into your childhood dream a.k.a. the hotel’s lobby and you’ll be greeted with giant castles, Lego pits and pirate ships. However, these play areas are only for the little ones, oops!
Legoland Hotel Kingdom Room
Kingdom Room
Check-in to your room and that’s where the magic happens. The hotel offers over 200 rooms with Deluxe, Premium and Standard classes. You can choose from the different themes as well including Adventure, Kingdom and Pirate!
Legoland Hotel Kingdom room lounge
Legoland Hotel Brick Restaurant
Hungry? Here in Legoland Malaysia Resort, even your culinary experience will be Lego-fied. Certified Halal, their Bricks Restaurant serves a comprehensive breakfast buffet accompanied by adorable Lego figurines!
Legoland Hotel Di Mattoni
Other options include Di Mattoni which serves Italian cuisine in a cosy setting, as well as The Skyline Bar, where you can enjoy tap beers, wines and cocktails!

2. EVERYTHING is made out of Lego

The Cafe entrance
Legoland is filled with interesting sculptures every corner you turn, right from the entrance. These sculptures are all built with little Lego blocks, and they often make sounds as well. You’d be surprised, some even spray water at you as you go by!
Lego sculptures at Imagination Land
Some of them resemble blockbuster movie characters and some can be seen hanging off the roof of the restaurants.
Lego sculptures at Lego City
Lego sculptures at Lego City
It’s actually pretty fun discovering the different Lego sculptures around the park, and how they relate to the individual lands!
Lego sculptures at Land of Adventure
Look, these two at the Land of Adventure, right in front of Pharaoh’s Revenge, fit into the theme perfectly!


Entrance to The Cafe
Every restaurant in Legoland is Halal-certified and each of them stand out in their own way. There are a total of 6 eateries around the park serving both Western and Local Malaysian cuisine. Needless to say, food here like all other theme parks around the world can be a little pricey, so watch what you order if you don’t want an unwanted surprise at the end of your meal.
Lasagna at The Cafe
And if you’re looking for something that’ll fill your tummy just enough to get on the rides, head over to The Cafe, located right by the park’s entrance for a hearty portion of the Chicken Lasagna. The lasagnas in this cafe are so popular that you can see the staff replenishing them every ten minutes!
Menu items at The Cafe
There are also other options available such as the Bread and Butter Pudding, Blueberry and Apple Crumble, and an assortment of sandwiches.
Entrance to Market Restaurant
If you’re craving for local food, head over the Market Restaurant, located in Lego City, one of the seven lands in the park, where you can find favourites like Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice.
Market Restaurant Interior
Look at those adorable Legomen hanging from the top!
It is also the biggest restaurant in the park so finding a spot here won’t be difficult. I mean, look at all that space!
Lego sculpture at Market Restaurant
Roast chicken at Market Restaurant
Also, they take their roast chicken very seriously. This dish is a popular favourite in this restaurant and for a good reason. Roasted to a crisp, the Klook team highly recommends this when you’re visiting Legoland!
Drinks stall at Market Restaurant
The Market Restaurant also serves Western cuisine. Choose between pastas, pizzas, salads and so much more!
Also, most of the restaurants in Legoland include play areas where both the adults and the little ones can play with Lego while munching!

4. The rides, enough said!

Beetle Bounce at Land of Adventure
Contrary to popular belief, the rides in Legoland aren’t all just for the kids. Some of these rides are pretty thrilling for adults as well, so don’t underestimate them!
Boating School at Lego City
You can also head to the boating school at Lego City. Suitable for all ages, have a go at steering the (almost impossible to control) Lego boat through the course. You’d be surprised, some guests end up using their hands to manoeuvre the boat!
Dino Island at Land of Adventure
In the Land of Adventure lies the one and only water ride in the park – Dino Island. This ride will have you slowly inching up the “lost volcano”, wandering through the different dinosaur structures and before you know it, you’re in for a huge splash!
Klook tip – you’ll definitely get drenched after taking this ride so make sure you bring along spare clothes or be prepared to walk around under the sun to dry off.
Project X at Lego Technic
And if you’re really looking for that one ride that sets itself apart from the rest, then head over to Project X in LEGO Technic. With an 18-metre drop, this ride will have you questioning your initial gungho-ness as soon as it begins. Screamers are welcome!

5. Although some rides are really just for the kids

Junior Driving School at Lego City
For the little ones, rides offered at the Driving School located in Lego City is perfect! The Junior Driving School is suitable for kids aged 3-5 years old while the Driving School is for the older ones, aged 6-13 years old.
The Forestmen's Hideout
There are also huge playgrounds located around the park. Interestingly, the playground in Imagination Land is entirely sheltered so no worries if the weather suddenly changes while your kids are there!
Indoor playground at Imagination Land
These indoor playgrounds are also really spacious, so mummies with bubs in the prams can roam around with ease!
Royal Joust
There is also the Legoland Tram ride and Royal Joust that the little ones shouldn’t miss out on!

6. Enjoy panoramic views of Legoland from the Observation Tower

View from Observation Tower
For the ones who love being above everything else, head over to the Observation Tower located at Imagination Land. Included with your Legoland entry ticket, the Observation Tower will serve as a panoramic treat for guests! And besides, what better way to see all of your childhood Lego dreams than from up above?
You’ll get to enjoy 360-degree views of the whole park, so be sure to snap all the panoramic photos that you can! This air-conditioned ride also serves as a perfect respite when you want to take some time off from the hot sun!

7. You can never be too old to try and score a giant plushie from the game stalls

Game Stall
Remember that scene from Despicable Me where Agnes begged and begged for that one unicorn plushie from the Game Booth? That’s how you’re going to be here (well, minus the begging maybe)
Game stall
These pay-to-play game stalls located around the park are all decorated with extremely huggable plushies that will have you wanting to bring one home!
Game stall
Good news is that the games are fairly easy to play. For instance, shoot a few hoops and score yourself a Teddy Bear! This costs approximately RM6 per play and are not included in the entry ticket. So play away at your own cost!

8. Be a Lego engineer for a day

Build + Test station
What’s Legoland without a chance for you to build your own Lego sculpture? In Imagination Land, Build + Test allows you to build your own Lego building or car from scratch and test its durability.
Build station in Build + Test
Here, even the adults can be seen immersed and lost in time as they assemble all the Lego bricks together to build the best Lego masterpiece!
Durability Station at Build +Test
Once you’re done, head over to the Durability Station to test your building’s strength in a simulated earthquake!
Lego building
Head over the to Race Station to test the speed of the Lego cars you built by racing them with the other players! You can already picture yourself being here for at least an hour building the perfect car or building, right?

9. The Miniland, because these structures are exactly how you expect your LEGO buildings to look like in an ideal world

Singapore area at Miniland
If you think that the Lego sculptures around the park are impressive, wait till you get to Mini Land. Here, different landmarks around Southeast Asia are constructed purely out of Lego blocks with so much attention to detail!
Singapore flyer at Miniland
Picture iconic landmarks like the Singapore Flyer, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, Thailand’s Wat Arun, The Philippines’ Bolinao and more in 100% Lego form! We were so impressed with the models we couldn’t stop taking pictures.
Thailand area at Miniland
Look at how detailed these structures are! We absolutely loved how they included almost every iconic Southeast Asian landmark here, seeing how this is the ONLY Legoland in the region!
KLIA at Miniland
Don’t miss out on the Malaysia area, which is the biggest one of all! You’ll see other major landmarks including Putrajaya, Port of Tanjung Pelepas and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
Malaysia area at Miniland
Putrajaya at Miniland

10. You won’t go home empty-handed

The BIG Shop
There are a total of 7 gift shops located all over the park. Each of these shops are filled with row after row of Lego merchandise evident of how much the brand has expanded over the years!
Lego Merchandise at The BIG Shop
The BIG Shop, like its name, is the biggest in the park and here, you can find everything you need. From lunch boxes and water bottles to keychains and stationery, these shops are a Lego lover’s haven! They also sell swimwear if you’re thinking of visiting the Waterpark.
Trolleys in The BIG Shop
And look, there have these adorable little trolleys where you can put in all of your Lego finds! Remember how Mum and Dad used to stop you from buying Lego Toys as a kid? Who’s stopping you now?

Bonus: New Ninjago ride opens at Legoland Malaysia

Lego fans will also rejoice to know that an all-new ride has just opened at Legoland! The Ninjago ride is Asia’s first ever cutting-edge 4D indoor ride and features state of the art technology that brings all your Lego fantasies to life.
Use your special powers to defeat the Great Devourer and its minions and save the day for all Lego-kind!

Lego to Legoland

Lego 4D Movie Adventure Entrance
Whether you’re on a family day trip or on an adventure with your friends, Legoland Malaysia is the place to be for theme park fun in JB.
Legoland also features two prayer rooms or the Surau in the park. One can be found right behind The Cafe, just a short walk from the entrance while the other can be found in Imagination Land!
Surau behind The Cafe
Surau behind The Cafe
Surau at Imagination Land
Surau at Imagination Land
Legoland Malaysia is located just a 20-minute drive away from the Malaysia Customs and a 5-minute drive away from Hello Kitty Town! But if you’re not looking to lose your way finding a theme park or even dealing with possible traffic jams, Klook your very own bus or private transfers and you’ll be in Legoland hassle-free, in no time!
So what are you waiting for? Get your friends on board (which you can also earn credits for, ahem) and you’re well on your way to another great adventure!