Your Klook Year-End Holiday Travel Kit

14 Mar 2020
Klook Travel Kit 11

The most wonderful time of the year!

You’ve worked hard all year just for this moment – the epic year end holiday you’ve been counting down to!
As we all gear up to take some time to pamper and refresh ourselves, we’ve pooled some handy tips to making this holiday an unforgettable one. From special Christmas celebrations to hotels with the best views of the Northern Lights, here’s how to make this holiday the best one of 2018!

Winter Activities

This is best time of the year especially for snow bunnies who love skiing and snow boarding! Be sure to book while you can – these activities are available for a limited time only! 
  • Winter Activities In Japan
  • Winter Activities In Korea

Theme Park Celebrations

We can never be too old for theme parks! This is also the time of the year where special activities and events are rolled out for parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan and more! 
Don’t miss these exclusive seasonal events happening at your favourite theme parks. 
  • Paris Disneyland
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Universal Studios Singapore

Travel Essentials

With the snow and weather, it can sometimes be difficult (or expensive) to navigate your way around the country. 
Find out more about these handy passes for hassle-free travel around Japan and more!


JR Passes/Shinkansen


Epic Hotels

For those lucky enough to be chasing the Northern Lights in Finland, Norway or Scandinavia, check out this list of Northern Lights hotels that allow you to catch a glimpse of these dancing beauties without even leaving your room! 

We also think you’ll love these!

  • Europe’s Best Christmas Markets
  • Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay
  • Dragons and Beasts at The Singapore Zoo

Limited Time Deals

Check out these exclusive offers available for a limited time only on Klook!