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Another upcoming friends’ gathering means you get to meet all those lovely faces again, yet every time the same struggle -” Where to go?” pops out. Usually, after a series of discussion, you and your friends would end up doing one of those popular gathering activities like karaoke, going to cafés, party rooms or theme parks. Aren’t you just bored of them?  It is time to explore a more exciting gathering activity – Hiking, check out the following hottest hiking activities below with your friends now!

hiking, hiking in hong kong, hiking with friends, Tai Mei Tuk, Plover Cove Reservoir Dam, Cycle

Photo Credits: nobody_hk, Pat Cheungwut88, LW Lau

Hiking with Lazy Friends: Tai Mei Tuk Family Walk [Trail A]

Difficulty: 1/4 |Duration: 45 minutes| Distance: 1 km (*Scores based on EnjoyHiking)

Highlights: Sunset, Cycling

Among a group of friends, there must be one or two people who object the idea of going to hike, either they are really “bad at sports” or simply because they are “lazy”. But no worries, they would have no excuses for the Tai Mei Tuk Family Walk. With a flat concrete pathway, it is almost the easiest hiking trail in Hong Kong and it only takes 45 minutes to complete the journey. When you reach the finishing point, see if your lazy friends are tired, otherwise, it would be awesome to cycle along the Plover Cove Reservoir Dam. There are also other recreational facilities including Water Sports Center, Outdoor Activities Center, Barbecue Area and other restaurants nearby. For details, refer to the map below.

How to Get There?

Starting Point: Get Off at Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus, then walk along Tai Mei Tuk Road to Plover Cove Reservoir dam.

Bus No. 75K ( Tai Po Market MTR Station – Tai Mei Tuk) – Fare: $5.8 | Duration: ~25 minutes
Bus No. 275R (Tai Po Market MTR Station – Bride’s Pool) – Fare: $10.6 | Duration: ~25 minutes
Green Minibus 20C (Tai Po Market MTR Station – Tai Mei Tuk) – Fare: $7.3 | Duration: 20 minutes

* Bus No.275R only runs on Sunday and Public Holidays

Finishing Point: Walk back to Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus to take bus.

Bike Rentals:

Lung Kee Bicycle 龍記單車

Address: Lung Mei Tsuen, Ting Kok Rd & Tai Mei Tuk Rd, Shuen Wan, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 09:30-19:30
Fare: $10~40/ Hour, $40~100 / Day
Paying Method: By Cash
Phone Number: 26625266

*There are also other bike rentals stores on the same street, you may compare the prices and quality of bikes before you rent them.

If you and your friends are dropping by the Plover Cove Reservoir but are looking for a more challenging activity. Check the following tour!

Plover Cove Cycle and Hike Here!

hiking, hiking in hong kong, hiking with friends, the peak, peak tram, Sky Terrace, the Peak Circle Walk

Photo Credits: aglu1, Kate Ott, CWAB_85, Wallace

Hiking with Night-Owls: The Peak Circle Walk [Trail B]

Difficulty: 0.5/5 |Duration: 1.5 hours | Distance: 4 km (*Scores based on Oasistrek)

Highlights: Nightview, Peak Tram, Sky Terrace 428

What if your friends cannot get up early in the morning? Hiking is not only a day-time activity, it is also a good one at night. The Peak Circle Walk is perfect for a night hike because it is near the city center, covered with concrete pathway, and most importantly, it offers a stunning panoramic night view from the highest peak in Hong Kong Island. After a relaxing night walk, you may also go down hill to Lan Kwai Fong for a drink with your friends. For details, here.

How to Get There?

Starting Point: Meeting Point of Lugard Road and the Peak Road. Take the following transports and walk here.  The Peak Tram – Fare: $ 32(Single), $45 (Return)

Bus No.15 (Central Pier 5 – The Peak) – Fare:$9.8 | Duration: 15~20 minutes

Minibus No.1 (Hong Kong Station PTI – The Peak Public Transport Terminus) – Fare: $10.2 | Duration: 5~15 minutes

Finishing Point: Meeting Point of Harlech Road and the Peak Road. Take the same transports above to leave. 

hiking, hiking in hong kong, hiking with friends, Ng Tung Chai, Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls, Tai Mo Shan

Photo Credits: potaihse, @sing@sing@sing, Mani Kumar Rai, Tommy Au

Hiking with Nature Lovers: Ng Tung Chai Waterfall Path, Tai Mo Shan [Trail C]

Difficulty: 3/5 | Duration: 3.5 hours | Distance: 5.5km (*Scores based on Oasistrek)

Highlights: Waterfalls, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Landscape Photography

Even though Hong Kong is world famous for her city view. Yet, anything that is special at the first sight will turn ordinary after seeing it for a thousand times. If you and your friends are tired of city life, why not go on a nature escape? Ng Tung Chai Waterfall Path is located at the western slope of Tai Mo Shan, you will pass by five waterfalls along the trail : Ng Tung Fall, Bottom Fall, Middle Fall, Main Fall and Scattered Fall. Apart from these gorgeous waterfalls, as one of the “Four Natural Wonders” in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan is also rich in local dragonfly and butterfly species. Nature is still a big unknown to men, there are a lot waiting for you and your friends to discover!

Book Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls Hike Here!

How to Get There?

Starting Point: Take Bus No. 64K/ Minibus No. 25K and get off at Pak Ngau Shek. Take at short walk to the starting point near Ng Tung Chai Public Toilet as referred in the map.

Bus No.64K (Tai Po Market Railway Station Bus Terminus – Yuen Long West) – Fare: 8.4 | Duration: 20 minutes

Minibus No.25K (Wan Yan Street, Tai Po Market – Ng Tung Chai) – Fare: $5.9 | Duration: 15 minutes

Finishing Point: Same as above.

hiking, hiking in hong kong, hiking with friends, So Lo Pun

Photo Credits: chansw, Bergman, Michael Hansen

Hiking with Adventurers : So Lo Pun [Trail D]

Difficulty: 4/5 | Duration: 6 hours| Distance: 15.5km (*Scores based on Oasistrek)

Highlights: Abandoned Village, Mangrove Forests, Old Farmland, Coastal Features

The name “So Lo Pun (鎖羅盆)” literally means “the compass is locked” in Chinese, because there were hikers reported that their compasses tend to stop functioning when they enter this area. Surrounded by a dense area of mangrove forests and laying next to the abandoned village, So Lo Pun appears to be one of the very few mysterious places within this cosmopolitan city. There were many rumours about the village, some believed that all the villagers died in a boat accident on the way to a wedding banquet and there were also others claiming that there was once a visitor haunted by ghosts in the village. Putting these rumours aside, So Lo Pun is definitely worth a visit with its decrepit traditional Chinese buildings, old farmlands, and beautiful coastal features, showing you the most indigenous side of Hong Kong. Let’s go unlock this secret trail!

How to Get There?

Starting Point: Take Minibus Bus No.20R and get off at Wu Kau Tang.

Minibus No.20R (Tai Po Market Station – Wu Kau Tang) – Fare: $9.3 | Duration: 30~ 40minutes

Finishing Point: Take Minibus 56K at Luk Keng. 

Minibus No.56K (Luk Keng – Fanling Station) – Fare: $8.1 | Duration: 30 minutes


hiking, hiking in hong kong, hiking with friends, sai kung, Sharp Peak

Photo Credits: Jack Lam, Mathieu Castel, Tara Poky

Hiking with Hard-Cores: Sharp Peak [Trail E]

Difficulty: 4.5/5 | Duration: 6.5 hours| Distance: 12km (*Scores based on Oasistrek)

Highlights: Coastal views of Pacific Ocean, Tai Tong Wan

With continuous uphill and downhill loose gravel paths  , Sharp Peak is considered one of the most challenging hike in Hong Kong. It is true that the best views comes after the hardest climb. Once you managed to get on the shrubbery trail, the breath-taking views of Pacific Ocean, Tai Wan, Tung Wan, four snow white beaches are all yours. Yet, make sure you and your friends are really hard-core hikers, because this trail is physically demanding and involves some clambering. Do not underestimate its difficulty!

How to Get There?

Starting Point: Pak Tam Au

You may take any of the following transportation and get off at Pak Tam Au, then walk to the starting point as indicated in the map.

Minibus No. 7 (From Sai Kung Pier to Hoi Ha) – Fare : $11.4 | Duration: 30 mins

Bus No. 94 (From Sai Kung to Wong Shek Pier) – Fare $18.7 | Duration:65 mins

Bus No. 96R (From Diamond Hill to Wong Shek Pier) – Fare: $9.5 (Mon – Fri) , $14.5 (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays) | Duration: 10mins

Finishing Point: Chek Keng Pier

You may leave from Chek Keng Pier by taking ferry to either Wong Shek Pier or Ma Liu Shui.

Grass Island to Wong Shek Pier – Fare: $9.5 (Mon – Fri) , $14.5 (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays) | Duration: 10mins

Grass Island to Ma Liu Shui –  Fare: $18 (Mon – Fri) , $28 (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays)

Book Sai Kung Peninsula Hike Here!

Final Thoughts

Common friends gathering activities are available in any season . Yet, hiking is exclusively for Autumn, otherwise it would be too hot or too cold for it. So, do not miss this perfect season for hiking. Pick the trail that you like most and start your journey with your buddies!

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A Collective Map with Transport Directory 

*This collective map is inclusive of the five hiking trails: Tai Mei Tuk Family Walk, The Peak Circle Walk, Ng Tung Chai (Tai Mo Shan) Waterfall Hike, So Lo Pun and Sharp Peak mentioned above.

Klook x Hong Kong Tourism Board: Great Outdoors Hong Kong


Photo credit: Discover Hong Kong

Safety is always at the top of our priority list. If you are a beginner in outdoor activites or you are new to certain trails, it is often a good idea to join a guided tour.

Klook is now collaborating with Hong Kong Tourism Board to offer guided tours along well-recognised hiking trails and cycling routes to discover the green side of Hong Kong in the company of experienced hikers and cyclists.

For more details, you may also visit the website in Discover Hong Kong.

Great Outdoors Hong Kong Here!