Giant Thai Food Guaranteed To Satisfy Every Foodie’s Wet Dream

Giant Food Bangkok 14

No such thing as too much

If you’ve visited Bangkok you’ll know most of their food portions are tiny and you definitely cannot stop at one (hello Victory Monument boat noodles). Thank the street food gods some local vendors have heard your cry and now you can have your grub in monster servings! We’re talking an entire plastic bag full of noodles, barbequed pork, dumplings and vegetables.

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  1. Wanton Noodles

    Giant wanton noodles in Bangkok


    If you love your wanton noodles as much as we do, get your hands on this insane plate of deliciousness right now! Besides a massive portion of the popular stringy noodles, you’ll get a more-than-healthy dose of wantons (dumplings), fresh vegetables and char siew (barbequed pork).

    Don’t want to eat in? Ask for takeaway and bring your prize home in a large, clear plastic bag to declare your undying love for this street food favourite. If you’re not a fan of stuffing your face, you’ll be glad to know they serve normal portions too.

    P.S. Feed your obsession for just 250 baht tops. Finish your meal by yourself and you eat for FREE. What’s stopping you now?

    บะหมี่ล้มยักษ์ ท่าน้ำนนท์

    Price: THB250

    Address: ซอย ประชาราษฎร์ 26, Amphoe Muang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11000

    Contact No.: +66 85 366 3616

    Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm daily | Closed on Mondays

    Visit their Facebook page for more information.

  2. Thai noodle dish with gold leaf meatball

    man cooking giant bami jom palung

    Source: Bami Jom Palung Facebook

    Thai food lovers – take a deep breath. This monster dish at Talad Roi Fai will have you hyper-ventilating. If this isn’t the ultimate Thai food heaven we don’t know what is!

    People with giant thai noodle dish

    To be even more specific, this whopping 35kg dish is made up of noodle with pork wonton, crispy wonton, crispy pork, braised pork, duck egg, chicken, crab, bok choy, broccoli and tomyum soup in the middle with giant gold leaf pork ball.

    Knock yourself out!

    Bami Jom Palung

    Price: THB2499

    Address: Talad Nut Rod Fai Srinakarin, Srinakarin Soi 51, Srinakarin Road, Near Seacon Square

    Contact No.: +66 80 566 6672

    Visit their Facebook page for more information.

  3. Chicken rice

    giant plate of chicken rice in Bangkok

    Source: Facebook

    close-up of giant chicken rice in bangkok


    Fancy a plate of chicken rice bigger than your face? Sri Lueng Potchana’s popular chicken rice comes in massive portions and you can even add your favourite sides like chicken liver. Take your pick of white steamed chicken, deep fried chicken or both and dig right in!

    Sri Lueng Potchana ร้านศรีเหลืองโภชนา

    Address: 670/6 ถนนพหลโยธิน, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

    Contact No.: +66 94 782 8926

    Visit their Facebook page for more information.

  4. Japanese curry

    Man with giant japanese curry in Bangkok

    Source: Gold Curry Bangkok Facebook

    close-up of japanese curry in Bangkok


    If there’s one type of cuisine the locals love more than local food, it’s Japanese food. Hence, it’s only natural they dish up some mean Japanese curry in huge portions as well!

    The catch with this dish is that the large mound in the middle is made up mostly of rice drenched in copious amounts of glorious Japanese curry. The jumbo portion comes topped with three chicken cutlets, but they also have a less intense version with just one cutlet and significantly less rice. We say go big or go home.

    Gold Curry Bangkok

    Address: 20/3 Soi Sukhumvit 39 Sukhumvit Rd Klongton-Nua Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

    Contact No.: +66 2 662 5003

    Visit their Facebook page for more information.

  5. Lobster Tom Yum Goong

    Giant tom yung goong in Bangkok


    Tom yum soup may as well be Thailand’s national dish. Add a whole lobster and you have yourself a crowd-pleaser. Get your hands on this jumbo serving but be warned – the spiciness might get to you first before the portion size will!

    Each portion comes with more ingredients than soup. Think swimmer crabs, lobsters, mussels, prawns, squid and fish in one hot piping bowl of fiery soup.

    Tom Yum Goong Shop @ Talad Rod Fai

    Price: Approximately THB1200 (dependent on weight)

    Address: Talad Rod Fai Srinakarin & Talad Rod Fai Ratchada

    More bang for your buck in Bangkok!

  6. Giant Thai mix and match rice dish

    giant thai mix and match rice dish

    Source: Yor Yuk Facebook

    Most people have 1, maybe maximum 2 eggs with their meal. But 6 eggs? At Yor Yuk, no problem!

    It’s a five-step process to ordering your meal and you get to customise your rice, meat, sauce, and ingredients. After all if you’re going to have a healthy meal you better make sure it’s one you’ll enjoy!

    Yor Yuk

    Price: THB199

    Address: 190-192 จุฬา 50 กรุงเทพมหานคร Bangkok, Thailand 10330

    Contact No.: +66 2 611 9218

    Visit their Facebook page for more information.

More bang for buck in Bangkok!

Bigger is always better where Thai food is concerned. If you’re in the mood for some serious indulgence, grab your friends and head to Bangkok now! 

I need to go to Bangkok pronto!