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You don’t need us to tell you that going on an adventure can be a lot of work. Nevermind the planning, finding out who to take with you on this adventure can be stressful enough. But let us ease some of that burden for you and tell you exactly who you should be taking on your next getaway.

We look to the stars for answers – so read on and call up your match for an adventure of a lifetime!

Aries – Libra

As the first zodiac in the calendar, Aries is a forerunner who enjoys being free and taking the lead. That said, this sign would go absolutely well with a Libra given the latter’s laid back nature, allowing the fiery sign to take lead. However, Libras can expect a jam-packed itinerary all thanks to Aries’ fear of missing out.

The Aries – Libra combo calls for an outdoor adventure involving some snorkeling and beachside happy hour cocktails!

Ideal Destination: Bali, Indonesia

Bali is dotted with many cultural sites and beaches, allowing Aries to go wild with its itinerary planning. Libras, on the other hand, don’t mind for all the attraction-hopping, but is probably looking forward to the happy hour drinks by the beach once the sun goes down!

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Taurus – Cancer

Despite being known for being stubborn and stationary, Taurus signs aren’t necessarily opposed to travelling. You can find these earth signs gravitating towards more pleasurable getaways – such as sunbathing on the beach, relaxing spa getaways and even a wine tour on the countryside.

A Taurus’ best bet for a travel buddy is definitely Cancer, one who is attracted to spaces that feel familiar, or like home. As soon as they’ve agreed on a destination, these similar spirits are sure to set off on an incredible stress-free journey!

Ideal Destination: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne’s cityscapes can easily remind these signs of home, but if they’re looking for a retreat from the city –  Victoria is home to many beautiful sites that are accessible from the city. Whether thats a spa trip in Daylesford, a wine tour in Yarra Valley, or a beach day in Mornington Peninsula – it’s all just minutes away from the city!

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Gemini – Sagittarius

With a deep desire for new and exciting things, you can expect Geminis to head straight into the unknown – fast. However, you can also expect them to lose interest quickly – making plans and itineraries pretty much non-existent in their book.

You can complement a Gemini’s spontaneous disposition with a Sagittarius’ explorative nature and love for learning. A change in plans won’t be a big deal for the Sag – so you can expect to go on a sardine run in one hour and skydiving in the next.

Ideal Destination: Queenstown, New Zealand

This adventurous duo are sure to have a wild time in Queenstown, New Zealand. They’ll most likely start off hiking up one of many mountains to explore the glorious landscapes then schedule a bungee jumping experience on a whim to end their trip!

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Cancer – Virgo

The Cancer’s travel profile is quite specific, making it tricky to pair them to any specific sign. This water sign is known to be a family-oriented individual who gravitates to familiar spaces such as their home.

Cancer signs would honestly be happy just as long as they have family with them, but they’ll benefit greatly from a Virgo individual who can cater to their travel preferences by planning it out for them to a T. So whether they’re looking to try all the local food, meet the locals, or indulge in a couple water activities – Cancer’s Virgo buddy will plan out a practical itinerary they can enjoy at their own pace.

Ideal Destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia

While Virgos are busy mapping out how to get from one Angkor temple to the next, their Cancer travel buddy is chatting up locals for local food and other recommendations. After temple running through Siem Reap, you’ll find this duo unwinding with the locals somewhere in Pub Street!

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Leo – Aries

For the Leo, a vacation filled with luxury and glamour is the way to go. They aren’t ashamed about their fanciful preferences, which may include watching an Opera, joining in on a dinner cruise, or sipping champagne in a jacuzzi spa.

Aries are the best travel companions of Leos as their high energy can match that of the latter sign. Though Aries are known to thrive outdoors, their bold spirits make them a true match for a Leo, providing a good balance between the two.

Ideal Destination: Positano, Italy

An ideal vacation for this duo would probably involve a lot of Italian food, bottomless wine, and a private cruise to Positano and Amalfi Coast – just the right kind of opulence for our Leo travellers. On the other hand, their Aries travel buddy definitely isn’t complaining and is just glad to be part of the entire experience! To steer clear of any major FOMO, these signs spend their free time in between parties and meals documenting their travels on Instagram!

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Virgo – Gemini

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll find Virgos double checking their calendars and checking off their to-do list; but on vacation? These earth signs tend to loosen up just enough to enjoy both their travels and rest. Sure, they’ll list out a couple of top attractions, cafes and shops – but they won’t be sticking to a solid itinerary so as to make room for a good amount of R&R.

Always down for something new, Geminis make a good match for Virgos. And as both signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of travel and communication, these two signs are sure to bond over new experiences as much as rejuvenating activities, as well.

Ideal Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

Slowly making its way up the list of must-visit European cities, you can trust that Virgos would want to visit Copenhagen before everyone else. Home to many cultural attractions, museums, and trendy shops and cafes, the Virgo traveller probably already has their must visit, must eat, must do lists all set up! Their Gemini travel buddy on the other hand is just excited to discover some place new, maybe learn a new language, and try a bunch of local recommendations!

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Libra – Pisces

Libras are known to most sociable out of all the signs, so naturally, they would be attracted to any activity that would involve socializing and endless fun.

On the other hand, Pisces love to go with the flow so if Libras need a friend to tag along with them on any crazy adventure – you can definitely count on your Pisces pal. Plus, they love to take photos and videos of everything, so you’ll have them to thank for your post-holiday documentation on Instagram. They’ll also probably get a headstart in connecting with all the people you meet along the way, too!

Ideal Destination: New York City, USA

In the city that never sleeps, this zodiac duo can surely fit a bunch of activities within 24 hours. In the AM – you’ll catch these two checking out local museums and snapping photos by New York’s top attractions; but once the sun goes down – they’ll be hopping from one party to the next making friends and new memories with locals and fellow travellers!

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Scorpio – Capricorn

With a deep desire to uncover secrets and mysteries, Scorpios are fit for a cultural excursion through century-old walls and they’ll most likely plan their trips around those activities as well!

Just like a match made in heaven, a Capricorns love for history and adventurous character pairs well with Scorpios ideal itinerary. And speaking of itinerary – Capricorns probably already have that one planned out for the both of you!

Ideal Destination: Athens, Greece

This travel duo will find paradise within Athens’ walls, which dates all the way back to 3000 BC! So if you’re looking for historical sights – there’s the Acropolis, Parthenon, and the Temple of Zeus just to name a few.

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Sagittarius – Aquarius

A Sagittarius individual is not one to travel with an itinerary – they like to feel out a place first and discover the city on their own terms. You can’t hold them down to a post, so you can expect these signs to wander off wherever the wind takes them!

Though we’d also recommend solo travel for this one sign, an Aquarius would be a great travel buddy for the free-spirited Sag. Known for their spontaneous and spunky spirit, you can trust that this air sign would be flexible enough to accommodate Sag’s sporadic travel schedule.

Ideal Destination: Tokyo, Japan

With so much to see and so much to do, an itinerary can actually hold you down when you’re in Tokyo. So for this #SagAquarius pair, you’ll find that your feet will start to wander off to the most surprisingly beautiful places! Whether that’s towards a family-owned Udon restaurant, or a local store selling handmade Kimonos, or a lantern lit alleyway with hidden Japanese bars – spontaneity is the way to go in this vibrant city.

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Capricorn – Taurus

You know what Capricorn’s consider a vacation? One with an hour-by-hour itinerary. You can spot these signs hopping from one attraction to another, most likely a museum or a local exhibit to suffice their love for culture and history.

While Caps are set to fulfil their entire holiday itinerary, a Taurus will be able to balance out the former sign’s ambitious nature and manage their expectations. With the Taurus’ appreciation for proper R&R, they’ll surely let their travel buddy know when it’s time to slow down.

Ideal Destination: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a mishmash of many things – beautiful cultural sites, Michelin-star food, cheap shopping, renowned spa services – all perfect for a this pair’s itinerary! While our history buff Capricorn will get their culture fix with Bangkok’s many palaces, temples, and food, their Taurus buddy will help relieve any travel stressors with a pub crawl or Thai massage.

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Aquarius – Leo

We know one sign that’s on a constant search for adventure: Aquarius. You can expect these signs to be game for anything and everything – especially if it involves meeting new people and creating new friends.

An Aquarius’ vibrant spirit can only be matched by Leo. These two social butterflies are always game for a round of adventures especially if they’re to be exposed to new places and faces.

Ideal Destination: Machu Picchu, Peru

Nothing can stop this adventurous pair from an experience of a lifetime! A trip to Machu Picchu will not only suffice their need for adventure, but they’re sure to make some lasting friends and memories along the way as well!

Pisces – Scorpio

The last sign in the zodiac is said to be the most spiritual of all, so you can expect there to be a couple cathedrals and monuments in a Pisces’ itinerary. However, this sign is likely to keep the planning to a minimum, allowing them to stumble on a couple surprises along the way.

Scorpio’s interest in culture and the arts makes them the perfect pair for their fellow water sign. You can also expect Scorpios to take lead in not only planning the itinerary, but adding in a cheeky nightlife escape for when the sun goes down.

Ideal Destination: Barcelona, Spain

For the cultural and spiritual side of both signs, Barcelona is home to some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals in the world – one being La Sagrada Familia! And to feed their interest in the arts, they’ll love a visit to Park Güell and other museums in the area. When the sun goes down, Scorpios will be dragging their Pisces buddy to the nightlife scene to party away with the locals!

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