Items you should not pack on an airplane

Did you know that your MacBook Pro might not be allowed onto your flight? The last thing you’d want before setting off on your holiday is to have your belongings confiscated at the airport. We’ve listed out some seemingly harmless items that are actually not allowed on airplanes.

Items that are not allowed in the airplane
Items that must be checked-in, and not packed in
a carry-on baggage

Prohibited Items

1. 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops with unsafe batteries


Calling all Apple users! If you own a 15-inch MacBook Pro purchased from September 2015 to February 2017 and has the Macbook model: ‘MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)’, your Macbook may risk battery overheat and thus, poses a fire safety risk.

To find out if your laptop is one of the affected models, key in your Macbook’s serial number at this link to find out. You can make an appointment and replace the banned batteries for free at the Apple Retail Store if it falls within the category.

2. Portable chargers exceeding 160Wh

Photo credits: Gregory K on Flickr

Power Banks exceeding 160Wh will not be allowed on board for fear of fire risks. If you’re having trouble converting Voltage to Watt-hours, here’s a cheat sheet to refer to:

Watt hours (Wh) = Amp hours (Ah) x Voltage (V)

On a side note, rechargeable batteries packs are prohibited in checked-in baggage and must be carried in your cabin luggage only.

3. Pepper Spray


We get it, most daughters will suffer the brunt of the Asian Mum Narrative which pretty much goes like this:

“The world is a dangerous place and unless you protect yourself, you’re not getting on that plane!”. Before you can react, a small bottle of pepper spray is shoved into your hands.

Unfortunately (or not), disabling devices such as pepper sprays are banned on aircraft.

4. Hoverboards with risky lithium batteries

Photo credits: Alexander Thomas on Flickr

Hoverboards are prohibited if the lithium batteries used are of fire risks. Although having your own personal transportation may ease your traveling woes, we suggest not taking the risk. Instead, hop onto the city’s local public transportation to explore the town like a local.

Here are some handy Subway Guides for you to get started on your trip planning:

5. Toy Guns

Photo credits: The Moog on Flickr

Whether your toy gun looks more like a defunct second-hand steal or you’re having trouble pacifying a crying toddler who refuses to part with his favorite toy, the rules are clear. Guns, fake or not, are strictly prohibited in the airplanes.

6. Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs)


Forget about Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs). No vacation is complete without tasting a country’s local cuisine!

Restricted Items

7. Manicure Sets


While having a manicure set by your side is a life-saver in the case of chipped fingernails, any sharp/bladed objects are not allowed in your carry-on bags. Other sharp objects labeled as restricted items, not limited to, are knives, pocket knives, etc.

8. Umbrellas

Photo credits: Jeff Laitila on Flickr

According to Singapore Airlines, all passengers are allowed to carry one additional item other than their carry-on baggage such as an umbrella. However, the maximum dimension of the umbrella should not exceed 80cm in length, width, and height combined.

Unless you’re bringing a foldable umbrella, our tip is to ditch it at home and pack a raincoat instead.

9. Snow Globes


If you’re planning to take home a piece of your new-found favorite destination as a souvenir for yourself or a gift for a friend, snow globes actually contain liquids that easily exceed 100ml. So make sure to pack it in your check-in luggage instead of your carry-on baggage.

10. Honey


The same argument over liquids limits can be applied to honey. But more pressingly, honey has long been a cause for serious allergies for affected flight passengers. The last thing we need is a delay in takeoff as the paramedics rush in for emergency aid.