Get camera-ready for the sakura season!

It’s time to say goodbye to winter and welcome the spring season. One of the most magical sights is seeing the streets covered in pastel pink and wherever you go, the sweet scent of flowers follow you!

The perfect season for a picnic, strolling along the streets dressed in kimono or hanbok, taking endless selfies and more, it’s no wonder so many people have caught the sakura fever! Scroll through the photos below for the ultimate sakura travel inspiration!

Cover image by arathebella.

Follow the train and it shall take you to places

Photo Credit: nadiaizzaty.nia

The magical train in Jinhae, Korea is ready to take you on a ride to cherry blossom wonderland.

Stop and stare at the beauty of the streets

Photo Credit: nadiaizzaty.nia

When cherry blossom fills the side of the streets, you can’t help but stop a little longer at the zebra crossing to admire its beauty. We’d gladly look left and right numerous times too before crossing!

Bike your way along the cherry blossom trail

Photo Credit: Nana Lurvee

When there is just too much to look at and too long to walk, rent a bike instead to enjoy the amazing view. 

Smell the sakura flowers in real life!

Photo Credit: @najahzlkfli

Have a whiff of the sweet floral scent when you’re surrounded with cherry blossom.

Put on a hanbok to match the beauty of cherry blossoms

When in Korea for Spring, rent a hanbok and take one (or many) photos with the cherry blossom.

Let’s not forget the beauty of the traditional kimono

Photo Credit: thegirlbeneathheadscarf

Of course, never miss out the chance to dress up in a kimono while in Japan.

Strike your best pose

Photo Credit: hamidahrachmayanti

With a stunning backdrop, give the camera your best pose and nail that Instagram game.

Let it rain sakura on you

Photo Credit: arathebella

Find yourself surrounded by the soft pink petals with the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Pose with the squad under the sakura trees

No better people to share these beautiful moments with than with your besties!

Always ready with the camera for the perfect shot

Photo Credit: raydahpunye

Remember to charge those batteries to make sure you’re all set for an all-day sakura photoshoot.

Let it be your ultimate romantic getaway

Photo Credit: mut_mut90

Does it get any more romantic than this?! #couplegoals

Get the fam together for a sakura photo op

Photo Credit: katyapresamadea

Family portrait in the cherry blossom field is exactly what every family needs.

No other props needed when you’ve got cherry blossoms

Photo Credit: fdzaman

Even amidst the cherry blossoms, you are the star of the picture!

Just casually walking down the most picturesque street ever!

Photo Credit: nadiaizzaty.nia

From far or near, catch the full bloom of cherry blossoms in your photos.

Dress in pink for the sakura season

Get dressed up in your best pink outfit this occasion and rock that color!

Show off your best smile  

Photo Credit: fyzzati

Nothing lights up a picture brighter than a great smile!

Sometimes the best shots are the candid ones

Photo Credit: fazrenaaziz

Looking like a movie star with the wind blowing and sakura petals falling from above!

Kickstart your cherry blossom journey!

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