Located 130 km away from the capital city Cochin, Munnar is the most popular hill station in Kerala. Moreover, Kerala is known for its lush tea plantations, gushing streams and picturesque hiking trails, which makes this chilly hill station an ideal destination for travellers seeking peace to rejuvenate from their daily woes. Furthermore, Munnar is also becoming one the favourite pick among newlyweds and couples as the perfect honeymoon retreat down south India.

While you’re planning to make a trip, you can browse through our list of activities and things to do in Munnar which will give you an idea of how you can completely customize an itinerary to your liking. In the meanwhile, here are 5 must-see attractions to absorb in the coolest destination down south.

1. Visit the Tea Plantations

Munnar Tea Plantations

Did you know that Munnar has one of the best tea gardens? No doubt! if you are looking somewhere less touristy, then you can explore the tea fields of the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate (one of the highest tea plantations in the world), which is best known for its authentic tea. Above all, if you’re a genuine tea lover, this experience will surprise you!

Munnar Jeep Safari

Next, if walking is not your thing, you can also choose to enjoy a wonderful half-day jeep safari. For example, the experience of driving to a long upward route towards the plantation and exploring massive rows of tea plants can be just awesome! In addition, you can also spot some workers picking the fresh leaves with a guided tour of the tea factory.

Munnar Tea Plantation Workers

Munnar Tea Plantations

Apart from Kolukkumalai, you can discover the scenic beauty of the luxurious Kanan Devan Hills plantations on a walking tour. In this experience, your chosen guide will explain you the history and culture of Munnar, as you walk through the picture perfect landscapes at the same time. Ofcourse, there is nothing better than spending your day amidst rolling hills and emerald greenery where the tea is grown.

2. Hiking and Camping

Top Station Point in Munnar

Munnar, incidentally, also happens to be a happy hunting ground for trekking enthusiasts. Set amidst natural beauty and landscapes, trekking through off-beaten trails is something you cannot miss!

Munnar Top Station Camping Experience

Infact, the 32 km hike to the campsite at Top Station is probably the most enduring trials in India. Finish the trek and reach vantage point; 1700m above-sea-level, to treat yourself with a dazzling campfire experience.

Lakshmi Hills Trekking from Munnar

Lakshmi Hills Trekking from Munnar

However, if you are looking for a lesser challenge, then opt to hike towards the Lakshmi Hills which is just 3km away from Munnar, and by and large, the most interesting treks!

3. Kathakali Show

Kathakali Show in Munnar

Now, as a matter of fact, you must definitely experience India’s most celebrated dance form by Watching the exhilarating Kathakali dance show, right in the heart of Munnar.This show is performed by skilled artist in its traditional essence which will certainly enthral you.

Kathakali Show in Munnar

Take a closer look at the ‘story play’ of the dance performance which involves elaborate makeup, bright costumes; intricate hand, body, facial and even eye movement. After the show, interact with the locals who might be able to give you more insight about the dance and its roots in local culture.

4. Explore Wildlife

Image Copyrights: Koshy Koshy

All things considered, experiencing the wildlife is something you cannot skip! Under the rivers or deep inside the forests, you can find Kerala’s  exciting flora and fauna. For that reason, we highly recommend you to visit the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary to witness the true hues of nature. Located 60km away from Munnar, this place has it all; gorgeous forests, melodic lakes and rivers and abundant wildlife to explore.

Image Copyrights: kuribo

Image Copyrights: C Fotografia

Hop onto a jeep and take the night safari which will give the rare chance to spot exotic giant squirrels, spotted deer, slender loris, wild elephants, tigers, leopards and ‘star tortoise’ of the region (for the which the sanctuary is best known for).

5. Cycling in the Mountains

Mountain Biking in Munnar

Arguably, even the cycling connoisseurs in the beautiful routes of Munnar have something to cheer about. You start off your biking trip on off-beaten paths and pass through the nourishing tea estates. The biking trails on these hillsides are some of the finest in the country.

Munnar Landscape

Image Copyrights: Bill Bourne

In any case, if you are an amateur or professional, these mountain biking/cycling tours are specially designed to give you a bird’s-eye view of the exquisite countryside, the indigenous tribes and the tea estate workers who work these tea gardens.

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