Just how booking through Klook can save you time and money; good travel gear could be the difference between a hassle-free holiday or a disorganized trip. As a women, making the investment into quality travel gear can prove to be a smart move while travelling. You surely want to take along something that can stand the test of time and function to make your trip – a real breezer of an experience.

Hence, we decided to list down some necessary & light travel essentials for women.

1. A good day-trip/hiking backpack.

Backpack for Women

Image Credits: rbw14form | Flickr

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiking through the valleys of Himachal Pradesh or doing the jungle trek in Chang Mai, Thailand, a girl (or anyone for that matter) needs her trusty backpack. Something lightweight, durable that also has the ability to protect your gear or items from light rain/snow and provide easy access to your other travel essentials and other accessories.

So make sure you carry the perfect bag that will carry all load you need for day trips and hikes. We strongly recommend investing in a good rucksack or light backpack which will unload the burden and avoid perspiration on your back.

2. Wifi & Sim Card


Getting access to internet to stay online when travelling internationally is like finding gold in the middle of nowhere. And even if you’re on a vacation, looking for an unwinding experience; there’s still that urge to stay in touch with your close people, just to see if they are doing alright. Also, who can we forget about social media? How would you Instagram all those cool photos and selfies you’ve taken during your trip. And how on earth would you navigate through unknown roads without using google maps?

To solve all these problems, we suggest you get yourself a 4G sim card with high speed internet. This way you stay in touch with family/close friends and be up to date with all the latest happenings.

3. Multi Pouch makeup bag


We all know what makeup means to women and how they practically can’t live without it. After all, you need to look beautiful if you are posing at the world’s most famous attractions like Burj Khalifa or the Eiffel Tower. So, for that reason we strongly suggest you to a carry multi-pouch travel bag that will sort out all the makeup, lotions and toiletry essentials- all in one place. It makes everything easily accessible and saves time that can be better used exploring the great outdoors!

4. Bring a lot of clothes


Needless to say; you will surely require a lot of clothes. There will be certain days on your itinerary where you will visit a beach and certain days where you might go hiking, so be prepared to dress for all occasions.

Portrait of happy young woman at beautiful water villa at Maldiv

If you’re travelling to destinations in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Indonesia or Dubai in the Middle East for that matter, don’t stress too much about having a complete wardrobe before boarding the flight. There will be a lot of scope for shopping without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

5. Menstrual Cup

menstrual cup

Periods come in uninvited and have no respect for your travel plans so chances are you’ll be facing many trips while already on, or expecting, your period. So, incase you’re travelling in a remote district in Phuket during your periods, carrying a menstrual cap becomes all the more important. It’s eco-friendly, cost-effective and apparently gets comfortable once you get the hang of it. It also takes up less space in your luggage and will avoid all the unnecessary stress of using sanitary pads.

6. Versatile footwear

Beach Footwear

Like clothes, variety in footwear also helps you navigate different terrains. There’s nothing better than ditching your trekking boots or walking shoes after a day of covering endless kilometers and slipping on to something more comfortable like sandals or flip-flops.

7. Power Bank

Power Bank

Clicking a lot of pictures and using your smartphones for google maps will drain down the battery of your device. You will find yourself completely lost without your phone. Hence, we strongly recommend you to get yourself a nice little power bank with a lot of battery life capacity.

8. A Kindle


If you’re planning a 6D/5N Dubai Itinerary, there will be days where you’re going to have downtime on your vacation and you’ll surely be looking to fill the void by devoting some quality reading. So, we highly recommend you to purchase a Amazon kindle, which will prove to be a serious a life-saver when it comes to saving luggage space during your journey. No need to carry too many books as you can get access to hundreds of e-books in one compact and lightweight device. A kindle will also cost you less as compared to iPads or other tablets.

9. Pepper Spray


Notorious surroundings or circumstances are best avoided. But in rare case scenarios, it’s better to be well equipped. Hence, we highly recommend you always carry a pepper stay during unforeseen events.

10. Dry Shampoo

Ask women and they will tell you how much they loath sticky hair. While travelling it’s a pain to have it and it’s not possible to wash your hair every time. For that reason, we have dry shampoo which will always come to your rescue. It is quite effective and extremely useful on those bad hair days.

There you have it ladies! Those were our top picks for key essential items that you must have for your next trip. Incase, if we’ve missed anything that you’d like to add? Share below!