Taiwan’s 2019 Cherry Blossom Forecast And Best Viewing Spots

Klook team
Klook team
14 Mar 2020
Taiwan Cherry Blossom Forecast 9

When and where to find cherry blossoms in Taiwan this 2019

Whoever said you can only find cherry blossoms in Japan has obviously never been to Taiwan in the Spring! So if you’ve been dreaming of a sakura wonderland, Taiwan is also an amazing destination to consider! From January all through April, cities all over the country are lined with cherry trees – and we’ve got the lowdown as to when and where you should be going for the ultimate sakura treat.
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1. Wuling Farm, Taichung (10 January to 27 February)

wuling cherry blossom
Taiwan Cherry Blossom wuling
If you’re serious about cherry blossom viewing, then be sure to place Wuling Farm at the top of your Taiwan itinerary! Located at the mountain valleys of Taichung, guests are guaranteed a whole landscape of blossoming cherry trees from early January all through February.
However, it is important to note that there is an actual Cherry Blossom Festival in Wuling Farm from February 5 to February 27 and entrance to the park is limited. So in this case, plan around this schedule to avoid the crowds as much as possible!
Expected full bloom: January 25
Other viewing spots: Peach Garden, Wuling Road, Tea Garden Trail

2. Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei (20 February to 20 March)

yangmingshan cherry blossom
yangmingshan cherry blossom
Source: eazytraveler for Flickr
The capital city of Taipei isn’t missing out on the pink blooms, either! Just twenty kilometers north of the city, tourists will find themselves at the scenic Yangmingshan National Park – also known as “Taipei’s Back Garden”.
The entire park is expected to be fully adorned with cherry blossoms by mid February to mid March, so if you’re visiting Taipei around this time – this is one destination you wouldn’t want to miss out on! After you’ve maxed out your memory cards, feel free to stroll through the gardens or even enjoy a nice dip into their famous hot springs!
Expected full bloom: 24 February

3. Alishan, Chiayi (1 March to 1 April)

alishan cherry blossom
alishan cherry blossom
Alishan is one of the country’s most popular sakura viewing spots – and totally understand why! Home to over 20,000 cherry trees, visitors are sure to spot cherry blossoms no matter where they end up in this idyllic Chiayi town. However, if you do end up travelling to Alishan for the sakura, you might as well make your way to Alishan Ranger Station for some of the most magical blooms in the country.
Since Chiayi is quite far from Taipei, we recommend taking the Taiwan High Speed Rail to fully maximize your stay. You can also opt to book Klook’s Discover Alishan Mountain activity to get a comprehensive tour of Alishan’s best spots – cherry blossoms included!
Expected full bloom: March 15
Other viewing spots: Alishan Forest Railway, Alishan Magnolia Garden

4. Wulai Waterfalls, New Taipei (22 January to 5 February)

wulai cherry blossom
For postcard-perfect photos, the trek to Wulai Scenic Area is not one to be skipped! From January 22nd to February 5, the cherry blossoms by the Wulai Waterfalls will be in full bloom, offering one of the most picturesque opportunities in all of Taiwan!
Once you’ve finished your trek, we recommend a stroll through Wulai Old Street to feast on some of Taiwan’s world-famous street food! Their jumbo crispy pork cutlet, spring onion pancake, deep fried squid, and of course – milk tea – are to die for! Don’t miss it!
Expected full bloom: January 28

5. Tianyuan Temple, New Taipei (10 March to 30 March)

Yet another scenic spot on our list is the Tianyuan Temple in the quiet countryside of Danshui. Even without the cherry blossoms, the famous Taoist temple is stunning on its own – boasting an intricate and colorful exterior that’s sure to get anyone’s attention. But all through March, you can expect the volume of visitors to triple – thanks to a backyard full of cherry blossoms!
Although you can definitely take the Taipei MRT, you might want to Klook yourself a private car charter to save yourself the hassle and avoid the crowds that are about to come in in the afternoon!
Expected full bloom: March 14

6. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Taichung (25 February to 15 March)

taichung cherry blossom
The cherry blossom field of your dreams exists – and you can find it at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Taichung! With hundreds of rows lined with cherry pink trees, you might start to think that you’re no longer in Taiwan!
The largest Sakura Festival also takes place in the same village, featuring kimonos, parades, cultural shows, and a whole lot of food! While you’re at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, be sure to board the Skyline for a bird’s eye view of the entire park!
Expected full bloom: 17 February

7. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei (10 February to 10 March)

chiang kai shek
The popular tourist attraction is getting its fair share of pink blooms this Spring! If you’re visiting Taipei this February to March, we’re sure that a visit to the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial is already on your list – so you don’t actually have to travel far to get a glimpse of Taiwan’s sakura blooms.
Klook yourself a Taipei Fun Pass and get admission to 12 tourist attractions – including Chiang Kai Shek and Taipei 101 – plus unlimited Taipei MRT and City Bus rides, allowing you easy transportation around the city.
Expected full bloom: 21 February

8. Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, Nantou (5 March to 20 March)

nantou cherry blossom
Despite the short bloom – 15 days to be exact – you can trust Sun Moon Lake to provide the most picturesque scene. From the ropeway to the actual lake, visitors will be floored by the bright pink cherry blossoms that appear early March.
Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful destination to visit whether or not it’s Spring. So why not spend a whole day at Sun Moon Lake and join in on exciting activities such as a stand up paddle boarding against the lake’s stunning background?
For an overnight stay at Sun Moon Lake, Klook yourself a 3 Day Taiwan High Speed Rail Ticket to travel back and forth from Taipei with ease!
Expected full bloom: 7 March