How To Explore The City In The Clouds Khao Kho From As Low As US$36 A Day

7 Mar 2019

Noelle Ong

Klook Travel Curator
Visit Khao Kho hassle free with a private driver!

Located just 4 hours away from the bustling city of Bangkok, Khao Kho is the perfect getaway from the city for those looking to be one with nature. You’ll feel as if you’re on cloud nine as you visit Khao Kho’s highest peak and stand above a sea of clouds. Khao Kho is also home to some of the most beautiful temples in Thailand, especially because they sit above a bed of clouds.

Did we mention that you can visit all of these breathtaking sites and more for as low as US$36 a day with the Klook Private Car Charter? This means that you’ll have your very own private driver take you to wherever you want to go!

How to get to Khao Kho from Bangkok

The easiest and most convenient way of getting to Khao Kho is by car from Bangkok. For most of us, the roads are unfamiliar and can be pretty confusing. Klook offers custom tours from Bangkok where you’ll get your own private driver take you from Bangkok!

Choose between pickups from either Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Muang Airport or your hotel in Bangkok! There are also different vehicles for different party sizes, from a car for 3 people to a van for up to 10 people.

Each charter includes the following:

  • 12 hour charter service (per day)
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Basic English speaking driver
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Fuel costs
  • Toll charges
  • 1 child seat (available upon request)
  • Guide (additional fee)
  • Insurance provided by the operator

Now that you’ve got your transport settled,here are some highlights you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Khao Kho Highlights

1. Wat Prathat Phasornkaew (Temple on the Glass Cliff)

Hidden up in the mountain tops of Khao Kho, the Wat Prathat Phasornkaew is a must visit for anyone travelling to Khao Kho. This temple serves as a sanctuary for monks and Buddhist followers because of its serenity up in the mountains.

The ice white temple, 5 Buddha statues, surrounding gardens and beautiful mosaic tiled floors are all stunning photo moments!

Address: 95 หมู่ 7 บ้านทางแดง, ต.แคมป์สน อ.เขาค้อ, Amphoe Khao Kho, Chang Wat Phetchabun 67280, Thailand Opening hours: Daily 8am to 5pm

photo credit : @todayweexplore
2. Khao Kho Wind Farm

Hop on over to the Khao Kho Wind Farm and get ready to swing over spectacular views. Overlooking 24 giant windmills standing tall in the middle of the fields, strap onto the swing and get ready for that million dollar shot.

There are also handcrafted souvenirs made by the locals in the village which serve as the perfect souvenirs!

photo credit : @todayweexplore
3. Phu Thap Boek Mountain

Standing tall at 1768 metres above sea level, the Phu Thap Boek mountains is the highest point of the Phetchabun Mountains. Most of the mountains are covered in forests and the slopes are home to some cabbage farms!

The stunning views make the climb worthwhile for sure! Come at sunrise and see the golden ball of sunshine rise above the sea of clouds for that epic sunrise photo.

photo credit : @todayweexplore
4. Golden Hill Village

The Golden Hill Village looks like a small town straight out of a children’s storybook! The pastel colored shops and huts are home to some vintage stores, handcrafted local souvenirs as well as cafes.

Address: Yang Tan, Krok Phra District, Nakhon Sawan 60170, Thailand Opening hours: Daily, 8AM to 8PM

photo credit : @todayweexplore
5. Bang Rachan Islet

The Bang Rachan Islet is part of Thailand’s ecotourism conservation effort where locals are make a living from offering boat rides down the river. These locals are also the gatekeepers to the environment’s pristine condition and the Nong Mae Na area.

Take a river boat down and catch sight of the Khek River wildlife, a Buddhist temple, a butterfly-watching site and even freshwater jellyfish!

6. Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

The hike through the Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park is an easy hike that can be completed in one and a half hours and has plenty of great viewpoints! But, the unique rock formations and various viewpoints of the park are not just a pretty site. This national park used to serve as the headquarters and a battle zone of Communist Thailand.

7. Pino Latte Cafe

Dine in the clouds at Pino Latte where you’ll get to enjoy beautiful mountain views as you enjoy a long relaxing brunch! Don’t miss out on their signature Pino Latte and Eggs Benedict. Who says you can only enjoy brunch in a fancy cafe?

Address: 232 Moo 5, Khaem Son 67280, Thailand Opening hours: Daily from 7am to 6.30pm

photo credit : @todayweexplore
8. Tanrak Talaymok

The Tanrak Talaymok restaurant overlooks a mountain valley and is surrounded with beautiful coloured blooms. If you’re looking for a meal with a view, this is definitely it! Pick a balcony seat and enjoy your meal alfresco!

9. Jolly Cafe

This chic country style cafe- Jolly Cafe is perfect if you plan to spend the afternoon relaxing over a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. They also have mains like homemade wood fired pizza and pasta which you should definitely finish off with some of their delicious desserts. We suggest going in the evening when the fairy lights are switched on for the perfect Instagram shot.

photo credit : @todayweexplore
10. B.N Farm

If you happen to be lucky enough to visit during strawberry season, you’ll be glad to know that Khao Kho has plenty of strawberry farms! As you reach the entrance, you’ll overlook the beautiful ravishing plump berries that you can actually pick and take home!

Over at B.N. Farm, they also have exotic fruits such as avocados, lychees and persimmons! The fruits change depending on season so you’ll find a different fruit available every season.

Other Khao Kho essentials

4G SIM Card

With so many epic instagram moments, you'll definitely need a 4G SIM Card to share these with your followers!