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Osaka Travel Essentials You Can Pick Up From Kansai International Airport

8 Jun 2018

Noelle Ong

Klook Travel Curator

Your one stop Osaka Airport guide

Now that you’ve booked yourselves to Osaka, you’ll be needing a couple of travel essentials like a 4G SIM card as well as your ICOCA card and Osaka Amazing Pass to get around. The best part is, you can pick all these up in the Kansai Airport!

Head to the HIS Counter in the Kansai International Airport on the first floor of the Arrival Hall and to pick up the following items:

  • ICOCA Card
  • Nankai Line Airport Express
  • 4G SIM Card
  • Osaka Amazing Pass
  • Kansai Thru Pass
  • Hankyu Tourist Pass
  • Yokoso! Osaka Ticket
  • Kobe Rokkosan Tourist Pass

1. ICOCA Card

When you’re in the Kansai region, the ICOCA Card is probably the easiest transport card to use for getting around the cities. Covering the major cities of the Kansai area - Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, this ICOCA card will allow you to seamlessly navigate the public transport systems. Simply load your card with credit and tap it at the gantries of metros, buses, trains and even pay for your purchases!

Klook your ICOCA card and it is ready to use as soon as you pick it up since it comes preloaded with 1500 JPY worth of credits! Just flash your mobile e-voucher and you’re all set.

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2. Nankai Line Airport Express

If you’re heading into central Osaka, the Nankai Express is probably the fastest and one of the most comfortable ways of getting there! Your trip from Kansai airport to Namba station will only set you back 38 minutes. Trains operate every 30 minutes, giving you ample time to pick up all your stuff at the HIS booth, grab a drink from the vending machine and head to your seats.

Klook your tickets on the Nankai Line Airport Express trains and they are instantly confirmed! This means that you can buy them on the spot at the HIS counter if you decide to take the trains!

To redeem:

  • Flash your Klook mobile e-voucher at the HIS counter and pick up your Nankai Line exchange tickets.
  • Head to the Nankai ticket office and exchange your exchange sheet for a train ticket, complete with seat reservations!
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3. 4G SIM Card

An essential for every traveller today is definitely internet connection on the go! If you’re travelling alone or will be splitting up with your travel buddies during your trip, we’d recommend getting a 4G SIM Card. This way you’ll be able to navigate to your travel destinations, post your holiday snaps and also keep in touch with your loved ones.

Choose from either :

  • 3GB data for 8 days usage
  • Unlimited 4G for 8 days usage
  • 1GB data 6 days usage

Klook your 4G SIM Card and all you’ll need to do is flash your mobile voucher at the HIS counter and you’re all set. The friendly counter staff will assist you in activating the card should you want to use it immediately.

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4. Osaka Amazing Pass

One of the Osaka trip essentials is definitely the Osaka Amazing Pass. With free entry to 30 different iconic Osaka attractions as well as unlimited travel on the subway, tramway and bus services within the city, it’s definitely a must have. Check out how to make the most of your Osaka Amazing Pass with this guide!

Klook your Osaka Amazing Pass and pick up this all inclusive pass at the HIS booth! Just flash your mobile e-voucher and you’re all set.

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Alternatively, you can also pick up your Osaka Amazing Pass at the Kuromon Market! If you’re not flying into Kansai International Airport, head over to the Kuromon market to pick up your pass. Feast on local snacks like grilled scallops and freshly made mochi as you make your way to the booth near the information counter to pick up your pass.

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5. Kansai Thru Pass

The Kansai Thru Pass is a flexible rail pass that allows you unlimited rides on selected railway, buses and subways throughout the Kansai district. You’ll also receive discount coupons for over 350 major tourist spots! Pick between a 2 day or 3 day pass to best suit your needs.

Klook your Kansai Thru Pass, flash your mobile e-voucher and redeem your pass at the HIS booth and use it immediately!

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6. Hankyu Tourist Pass

With the Hankyu Pass, you’ll get to enjoy unlimited train travel in and around Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe on all Hankyu train lines. This will save you the hassle of buying single tickets at the start of every journey!

All you’ll need to do is flash your mobile e-voucher and redeem your pass at the HIS booth.

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7. YOKOSO! Osaka Ticket

If you’re planning to take the Nankai Line Airport Express as well as visit some of Osaka’s most popular attractions like the Osaka Castle for a day, we recommend the YOKOSO! Osaka pass. You’ll get to enjoy a one way reserved seat ticket on the Nankai Airport Express, unlimited rides on the Osaka municipal subway system, trams and buses as well as discounts on various tourist attractions.

Flash your mobile e-voucher at the HIS booth and you’re all set. Don’t forget to exchange your voucher for a physical train ticket at the Nankai ticket office!

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8. Kobe Rokkosan Tourist Pass

Head up to the beautiful Mount Rokko hassle free with the Kobe Rokkosan tourist pass! Not only will your transport up the mountains be covered, you’ll even get one of the most scenic rides up the mountain on the Rokko cable car! It also gives you unlimited rides on the Rokko Sanjo bus that takes you around the attractions on Mount Rokko!

Klook your Kobe Rokkosan Tourist Pass and it includes the following:

  • Kobe City Bus No.16, round ticket (One time)
  • Rokko Cable Car, round ticket (One time)
  • Unlimited rides on Rokko Sanjo bus
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Other Osaka essentials

1. Universal Studios Japan

No trip to Osaka is complete without a visit to the magical Universal Studios Japan! Whether you’re a Potterhead looking to satisfy your butterbeer cravings at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or a Minion fan looking to soak in the mischief at the Minion Park, we’ve got you covered!

Klook your Universal Studios Japan tickets, flash your mobile e-voucher and enter directly. With so much to see and do, nobody has time to wait in line at the ticketing counters!

Check out our guide to USJ for tips to conquering the park!

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For some of the best views in Osaka, head up to Japan’s tallest skyscraper, the Harukas 300! With ceiling to floor glass panels, you’ll get to enjoy panoramic 360 degree views of the city.

Since it’s really important to visit on a day with clear skies, Klook your open-dated Harukas300 tickets and just flash your e-voucher on the date you plan to visit!

Discover these 10 must-dos on your visit to Japan's tallest skyscraper!

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