Thailand's Best Island Destinations For Your Next Beach Holiday

25 May 2018

Noelle Ong

Klook Travel Curator

Which Thai island is your favourite?

If you’re looking for a beach getaway, Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful islands! With pristine white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters and lush greenery, there’s little else these islands don’t have.

With so many islands, it can be difficult deciding which one to visit. In this article, we list some of Thailand’s best beach getaways to help you make your pick! Here’s some highlights of Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lipe and Koh Phang Nga and listed out for you.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is Thailand’s 2nd largest island and lies in the Gulf of Thailand. Best known for its palm tree lined beaches, cliff side yoga studios as well as high end luxury villas and spas, if you’re looking for a luxurious beach holiday, this would be your best bet. But, even if your wallets don’t allow for the lux life, there are also budget friendly options that will allow you to enjoy Koh Samui’s best without breaking the bank. Koh Samui is a 1 hour and 10 minute flight away from Bangkok, making it a great quick escape from city life.

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Klook activities to check out in Koh Samui

1. Koh Samui Photography Tour

The most famous landmark is probably the 12 metre tall golden Buddha statue at the Wat Phra Yai Temple. You can’t say you’ve been to Koh Samui without paying a visit to this giant Buddha and the other landmarks around the area like the Golden Pagoda and even what locals call the Grandmother and Grandfather rocks.

We know you’ll definitely want to be taking tons of pictures of these landmarks so we’d definitely recommend the Klook photography tour! Let your guide bring you to these landmarks at the off-peak times so you won’t have random strangers photobombing your pictures.

Tour inclusive of:

  • Snacks
  • Water and Soft Drinks
  • Round trip hotel transfer

Tour timing: 1.30pm to 7pm

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2. Sunrise and Sunset Stand Up Paddling

One of the best things to do in Koh Samui is to catch the sunrise and sunset! What better way to do that than paddling out into the ocean and taking in the calm waters and setting sun. For those of us with no experience stand up paddling, we’d recommend the Klook paddleboarding experience!

Inclusive of:

  • Hotel Round Trip Transfers
  • Premium SUP equipment
  • Qualified SUP English speaking instructor
  • Insurance
  • Drinking water and snacks
  • Digital Photos

Tour timing: 5.30am - 8.00am or 4.30pm - 7.00pm

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3. Cave Rai Ra Spa in Royal Muang Samui Villas

Of course one of the essential things to do in Koh Samui is rest and rejuvenate with a Spa session. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city in a pamper session and feel your stress disappear in the hands of skilled massage therapists.

If you’re unsure of which spa place to visit, we’d recommend you Klook your visit to Cave Rai Ra Spa. This luxurious spa in Koh Samui’s Royal Muang Samui Villas is perfect for those seeking a quiet experience. With 3 different types of massages, scrubs and wraps, pick your favorite treatment and get ready to recharge.

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Koh Samui Essentials

Koh Samui Private Car Charter

Getting around Koh Samui by bike might not be advisable since roads might not be the easiest to navigate. We’d recommend the Klook private car charter for your Samui trip and have your driver take you to wherever you wish to go!

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Koh Chang

Koh Chang is Thailand’s 3rd largest island and one of the locals best kept secrets. Apart from crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, Koh Chang is famous for its beautiful jungle treks! The island and its vicinity is also good for snorkeling and diving.

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Klook highlights in Koh Chang

1. Koh Chang Jungle Trekking

Koh Chang is blessed with beautiful lush green rainforests with hidden waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife. If you’re looking to escape the city life, you definitely won’t want to miss a trek in one of the national parks in Koh Chang. Keep your eyes peeled for sights of local wildlife like wild boars, barking deers and even langurs!

If you’re not an advanced trekker, do not fret! Opt for the half day trek that takes you towards the 2nd level of the Klong Plu Waterfall. If you’re up for a challenge then the full day trek that takes you across the island through the rainforest to 2 waters - Klong Plu and Than Mayom Waterfall would be your best pick.

Half day tour inclusive of:

  • 3-4 hour trek
  • Round trip transfer
  • Backpack
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Drinking water
  • National Park fee

Full day tour inclusive of:

  • 7-8 hour trek
  • Lunch and drinking water
  • Round trip transfer
  • Backpack
  • Mosquito repellent
  • National Park fee
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2. Kon Tiki Snorkeling Cruise

If you love the ocean, the Koh Chang Marine Park will be your paradise! The crystal clear waters and abundance of marine life will leave you cruising from one island to another and what better way to see this than snorkeling.

Get up close with the underwater world on a snorkeling cruise tour! Opt for the half day cruise and hop across 3 different islands or if you really love the ocean, we’d go for the full day cruise with visits to 5 different islands.

Half day snorkeling inclusive of:

  • Half day cruise aboard Kon Tiki
  • 3 islands for snorkeling - Koh Wai, Koh Klum and Koh Laoya
  • Snorkel, mask and life vest
  • Insurance
  • Lunch buffet, afternoon snacks and refreshments
  • Hotel pick up

Tour time: 10am-3pm

Full day snorkeling inclusive of:

  • Full day cruise aboard Kon Tiki
  • 5 islands for snorkeling - Koh Wai, Koh Klum and Koh Laoya, Koh Mak and Koh Rang
  • Snorkel, mask and life vest
  • Insurance
  • Breakfast, lunch buffet, afternoon snacks and refreshments
  • Hotel pick up

Tour time: 9am-5pm

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Koh Chang transport necessities

Bangkok is a 4.5 hour drive away from Koh Chang. If you’re flying into Bangkok, opt for Klook’s private car charter for a hassle free and convenient way of getting to Koh Chang. Get whisked away in a comfortable vehicle that accommodates up to 10 people.

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Koh Phi Phi

Located in between the famous Phuket and Krabi islands, Koh Phi Phi is definitely no stranger to many. Even if you haven’t been to the Phi Phi islands, you might recognize it from movies like James Bond and even Bridget Jones. The crystal clear waters, coral reefs and jagged cliffs are just some of the features that make it the darling of the Andaman Sea. Daytime is usually spent in the waters or on the beaches while at night, you’ll find most people at a beach bar.

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Klook's Koh Phi Phi highlights

1. Phi Phi Snorkeling and Maya Bay Tour by Speedboat

One of the must do things when you’re in the Phi Phi Islands is to go snorkeling. Enjoy a day out in the open seas discovering the underwater world of Thailand. The plethora of marine life and the clear waters make it one of the most ideal snorkeling spots in the world.

Half day snorkeling tour includes:

  • 2 way hotel transfer
  • Snorkeling at Monkey Beach, Shark Point, Koh Samah Bay, Maya Bay and Pi-Leh Bay
  • Insurance
  • Fruits and refreshments
  • Snorkeling and safety gear

Tour time: 1pm-6.30pm

Full day snorkeling tour includes:

  • 2 way hotel transfer
  • Snorkeling at Monkey Beach, Shark Point, Koh Samah Bay, Maya Bay and Pi-Leh Bay, Mosquito Island, Hin Klang
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Fruits and refreshments
  • Snorkeling and safety gear

Tour time: 1030am - 630pm

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Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand! Located in the Andaman Sea, the coral rich waters and sandy beaches make for some of the best dive sites in the region! Some have even coined this island the “Maldives of Thailand”.

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Klook highlights in Koh Lipe

1. Koh Lipe Sea Eco Sunset Snorkeling

You can’t leave Koh Lipe without diving into their clear blue waters. Did you know that about 25% of the worlds’ tropical fish can be found here! There’s no better way of getting to know Koh Lipe than through it’s underwater scene. Discover some of the most picturesque beaches and the abundance of marine life that live there!

Klook your Snorkeling tours and your guide will even take photos of you underwater! Since all the gears are included, all you’ll need to do is arrive at the Sunrise beach and let the guides take care of the rest.

Tour inclusive of:

  • Snorkeling at Jabang, Hin Ngam, Koh Yang, Koh Rawi, Secret Beach, Koh Adang and Koh Lipe
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Lunch box, water fruit, snacks
  • Life jackets
  • Underwater photos
  • English speaking instructors

Tour time: 1pm-pm

Address: Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe, Amphoe Mueang Satun, Chang Wat Satun 91110

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2. Koh Lipe Jungle Trekking and Snorkeling Eco Tour

The nearby Koh Adang island is also a must visit for all nature lovers. A trek through the lush green rainforest will reveal breathtaking viewpoints. Since Koh Lipe is relatively flat, the trek up Koh Adang would be a great way to catch panoramic views of the surrounding islands!

If you want the best of both worlds, this trekking and snorkeling tour will give you just that. Experience the best of Koh Lipe with a 3 hour trek through the rainforest as well as a 1 hour snorkeling experience in the picturesque Tarutao National Marine Park.

Tour inclusive of:

Rainforest trekking (3 hours) Snorkeling (1 hour) Snorkeling gear and vest Cookies and fruits Drinking water Photos Guide

Tour timing: 8am to 1pm

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Koh Pha Ngan and Surat Thani

Koh Pha Ngan is famous for more than just their full moon parties. The charms of the island include beautiful beach bays, coves and even majestic waterfalls. Of course, while you’re in the island, you can’t miss the full moon or even half moon parties! Fill your days with time spent at the beaches and party the night away for the perfect mix of Koh Pha Ngan.

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Klook's Koh Pha Ngan activities

Koh Pha Ngan (Mingalaba) Road Trip

Some of the most impressive sights in Koh Pha Ngan include the Thong Nan Pan beach as well as the Than Sadet Waterfall! The waterfall is one of the most famous sightseeing spots of the island because it is also home to a rock that was inscribed by King Rama V. Pack a swimsuit because you can even bathe in its clear waters!

Tour inclusive of:

  • 2 way hotel transfer
  • Visit to Thong Nai Pan Beach, Than Sadet Waterfall, Yao Beach, Rin Beach
  • Snorkeling at Mae Head Beach
  • Sunset at Three Sixty Bar
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • English speaking guide
  • Drinking water

Tour time: 10.30am to 5pm

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Thai Meditation and Yoga Class

If you’re looking for total relaxation on your holiday, you might want to shut yourself out from the world and just meditate. The Thai Meditation techniques will leave you fully recharged and with a peace of mind, ready to face the outside world once more. This would also be a great way to learn about the different Thai cultures!

If you’re never tried Thai meditation before, don’t fret! Your English speaking Thai instructor will teach you all you need to know to rejuvenate your body and mind during the session. Apart from meditation, you’ll also be doing a series of Yoga poses to relax your body and recharge you for the day ahead.

Package inclusive of:

  • 3 hour class
  • English speaking instructor
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Lomprayah Ferry to Surat Thani

We would definitely recommend island hopping because all the Thai islands have something different to offer! If you're planning to visit both Surat Thani and Koh Samui, the Lomprayah ferry is the easiest way to travel.

Ferry ticket inclusive of:

  • 1 way high speed catamaran ferry ticket from Koh Samui (Nathon Pier) to Surat Thani (Tapee Pier) or from Surat Thani (Tapee Pier) to Koh Samui (Nathon Pier)
  • Luggage allowance (20kg)
  • Insurance by operator
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