[USJ Update] NEW Night Parade At Universal Studios Japan

16 Apr 2018

Noelle Claire Ong

Klook Travel Curator

Universal Studios Japan comes alive at night!

Mark your calendars for 17th May 2018 because Universal Studios Japan has announced the return of the “Universal Spectacle Night Parade - Best of Hollywood” night parade! This parade will end at the end of 2018 so if you haven't made plans for Universal Studios Japan, you might want to do it soon! Using projection mapping technologies, this 587 metre parade route spanning slightly under an hour will be the highlight of your night at Universal Studios Japan. Check out a sneak peak of what to expect at the parade.

The parade skillfully recreates the worlds of Hollywood’s top movie series - Minions, Jurassic World, Harry Potter and Transformers. Get ready to immerse yourself in a spectacular 360-degree view of your favorite films with floats reaching heights of 9 metres! The start of the parade is scheduled between 17:45 and 20:45 depending on the day so be sure to check out the official USJ website for the parade timing before you go!

As the show begins, hop aboard the Hogwarts Express and get taken straight into a Quidditch match. Practice your spells and wand movements because you’re going to need them when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by dementors!

As the park morphs into a cityscape skyline, watch the skyscrapers get demolishes as Bumblebee and Megatron battle it out. The leader of the Autobots - Optimus Prime also converts from a truck to his robot form right before your eyes.

Watch out for the escaped raptors and the giant carnivorous T-Rex as you get transported into the island jungle of Jurassic World. As the alarms ring and lights flash before your eyes, feel the tension mount and your heart race as you try to escape.

Ending off the parade on a high is the ultimate Minions party! This fan favorite brings their spectacularly fun party to the parade as you journey to Margo, Edith and Agnes’ favorite amusement park - Super Silly Fun Land! Laugh and dance the night away to the vibrant colors and music of the party.

Universal Studios Japan Tickets

Night Parade Special Check In Pass

If you want the best seats in the house, get yourselves a special check in pass that grants you entry to an EXCLUSIVE viewing area. As with all parades, we know how people go really early to reserve seats, and if you don’t want the hassle of doing that, this is the perfect solution! Do note that you’ll need to head to the special viewing area (highlighted in red) 20 minutes before the show begins.

Klook your Universal Studios Japan Night Parade Check In Pass, flash your mobile e-voucher and get ready to take in the spectacle!

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Universal Studios Japan 1 Day E-Ticket

You’ll be needing your Universal Studios entry ticket to gain access to the night parade! Be sure to Klook your tickets for open-dated tickets that allow you to enter the park directly. Afterall, who has time to queue for tickets?

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Universal Studios Japan 1.5 Day Ticket

If you don’t want to purchase the extra check in pass just for the parade, we suggest getting the 1.5 day pass which will allow you sufficient time to cover all of the park attractions as well as sufficient time to get good seats for the night parade!

Don't forget to pick up your tickets from the redemption counters before heading to USJ!

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Universal Studios Japan Express Pass

If you truly hate waiting in line, be sure to also Klook a Universal Studios Japan express pass which allows you to bypass the queues of the top rides in the park! If you’re unsure of which pass to get, check out our guide to Universal Studios Japan to make an informed choice.

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Osaka essentials

Osaka Amazing Pass

The Osaka Amazing Pass is definitely a must-buy when you’re in Osaka. Granting you not only free entry to a number of Osaka’s iconic attractions, you’ll also get unlimited travel on all their subways, trams and buses!

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4G WiFi Device

We all know how reliant we can be on the internet while in a foreign country. Whether it’s to navigate our way around, translate street signs or just for Instagram purposes, you’ll definitely be needing this 4G WiFi device.

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