The Klook Guide To Sunway Lagoon

5 Jan 2018

Hew Lee Yee

Klook Travel Curator

Have a splashing good time at Sunway Lagoon!

Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia is a must-visit theme park with its mix of water parks and dry amusement park, as well as a wildlife park. Home to numerous exciting attractions, one of the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, and Asia’s first Nickelodeon water theme park, it’s great for all ages, even the little ones!

About Sunway Lagoon

Located in Bandar Sunway, 15 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur is the Sunway Lagoon theme park. Opened since 1993, this theme park has over 90 attractions spread across a wide 88 acres - that’s nearly 67 football fields!

Within Sunway Lagoon is 6 parks, consisting of 4 dry parks and 2 water parks. This includes the Amusement Park, Scream Park, Water Park, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, Wildlife Park, and Extreme Park. There’s something for everyone, from the thrill seekers to the beach bums.

Sunway Lagoon is also interconnected with 3 hotes and a large shopping complex, offering utmost convenience to it patrons. Situated in a prime location, it’s the place to go if you want the ultimate theme park experience in Malaysia.

Opening hours

Sunway Lagoon opens daily from 10am to 6pm. They do, however, open at nighttime during special occasions like their annual Halloween exclusive, Nights Of Fright.

Where to buy tickets

Tickets to Sunway Lagoon can be purchased from their official website or at the door. For convenience, you can get your tickets from Klook.

With instant confirmation, booking your Sunway Lagoon ticket is straightforward and hassle-free. Besides that, you get to enjoy some Klook-exclusive savings.

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Best time to visit

You can expect the park to be more crowded during public holidays, school holidays, and weekends in general. Typically, mid-year and the last 2 months of the year tend to be the busiest. To plan your trip to Sunway Lagoon, here is a list of the public holidays in Malaysia.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for a non-peak season, it’s not a problem either. Grab yourself a Quack Xpress pass and you’ll be moving to the front of the queues in no time.

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Quack Xpress

If you’re visiting the park during peak season, the best way to bypass the long queues is to get the Quack Xpress. It’s an express pass which allows the passholders to access the dedicated fast lanes for selected rides and attractions.

The Quack Xpress is available in 21 rides and attractions including Vuvuzela, Monsoon 360, Jungle Fury, Pirates Revenge and other Sunway Lagoon top attractions! Not only will you be able to squeeze in as many rides as possible, there’s also less time waiting in the sun with the express pass.

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Layout and map

The park is separated into 2 main areas with The Amusement Park and Scream Park located near the main entrance, whereas the rest are at a separate area. To get to the other 4 parks, you can take the many escalators down (no really, there are quite a few of them) or you can choose the scenic route and go across the Suspension Bridge.

Even if you only have a day, you can still visit all the 6 parks in Sunway Lagoon. What we like to do is to start out at the dry parks and then spend the rest of the day at the water parks.

The best would be to arrive early - before the opening time - and once you get in, go for the rides and attractions in the Amusement Park and Scream Park. Next, head over to the Suspension Bridge to get to the other side, and continue your fun at the rest of the 4 parks.

1. Amusement Park

If you’re not keen on the water park, Sunway Lagoon’s amusement park holds just as much excitement for its patrons. There are the absolute heart-stopping rides - Pirate’s Revenge and Tomahawk - both of which spin 360°!

For the faint-hearted, there are other subdued (but still fun) rides like Grand Canyon River Rapids, Butch Cassidy Trail, Vultures, and more.

Besides that, there’s also the Suspension Bridge that is one of the world’s longest suspended pedestrian bridge. No kidding! It offers visitors an incredible overview scene of the park and the Surf Beach below, which is pretty incredible!

So, you don’t need to be afraid of missing out even if you aren’t splashing about in the water parks.

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2. Scream Park

Fear is the name of the game when you step into Scream Park’s horror house. You’ll be taking a 20-minute tour of the multi-level haunted house inspired from Ghostbusters’ Aldridge Mansion, the ravenous undead of Zombie Apocalypse, the unforgiving nightmares of Freddy Krueger and more. Get ready for a spine-chilling experience and whatever it is, don’t look back!

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3. Water Park

If you think water parks are only for kids, you clearly haven’t been to Sunway Lagoon! With the world’s highest, largest and most thrilling water ride, the Vuvuzela, you’ll be twisting and turning your way into a dizzying high.

Aside from the famous Vuvuzela, the water park is home to the iconic Surf Beach and Wave Pool, as well as other fun water rides like African Pythons, Congo Challenge, Cameroon Climb and more. There’s also the Waterplexx 5D, which is a multi-sensory journey filled with thrills and spills.

4. Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon

Opened in February 2016, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon is the latest addition to Sunway Lagoon with over 12 rides and attractions. It’s also Asia’s first Nickelodeon Themed Land and at 4pm daily, you can get slimed at SpongeBob Splash Adventure!

The water rides at Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon do not disappoint at all. The Kubarango, Jungle Fury and Primeval will each take you on one heck of a ride. But if you’re ballsy enough, step onto the Monsoon 360 and experience a heart-stopping vertical free fall that will leave you absolutely breathless!

5. Wildlife Park

Say hello to over 150 species of animals from the world at Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park. You can even get up close and personal with them at the petting zoo! You can also hold a baby sun bear near its enclosure if you happen to catch it during its playtime by chance.

At the Wildlife Park you will find the magnificent white lions and tigers. If you’re lucky, you’ll be rendered speechless, seeing them sauntering just a couple of metres away from you on the other side of the full length glass.

6. Extreme Park

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers will be glad to find these hair-raising and gripping activities in the park. From Malaysia’s longest flying fox, to bungee jump, ATV rides, Asia’s highest slingshot ride and more, you’ll be sure to get your dose of thrills here.

However, do note that the Extreme Park is the only park in Sunway Lagoon where you’ll be charged for some of the rides and activities. The fees for the Bungy Jump, G-Force X and Go Kart are not included in your Sunway Lagoon ticket.


The Lagoon Express

If you’re tired of walking and running about, you can hop onto The Lagoon Express. You can use the train to get to Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, Wildlife Park and the Water Park. It runs at 30-minute intervals and you also get to enjoy a nice tour of the park.

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Bags and personal belongings aren’t allowed on majority of the rides and attractions within the park. You can keep your things in the locker if you don’t have someone watching your things.

One-time use lockers and Multiple Time Usage lockers at various locations throughout the park. The Multiple Time Usage lockers come in 2 sizes. The small locker is able to fit 2 average-sized backpacks and 2 pairs of shoes, while the large one is able to fit a big luggage or several backpacks and shoes.

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There are tubes up for rental in Sunway Lagoon, mainly for use on the Lazy River or Wave Pool. The water slides and rides come with their own tubes, so renting one isn’t necessary if you have no need for it.

If you do choose to rent a tube, do keep in mind that you will have to carry it with you for the day. You won’t be able to get your deposit back if you lose or misplace your tubes.

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Upon entry, each person will have their own wristband with a barcode. If you’re worried about carrying your wallet or money around the thrill rides and water slides, you can choose to deposit cash into your wristband instead.

Depositing cash into your wristband is relatively simple. You can do so at the ticketing counters or lockers counters and e-load counters. These locations are easily accessible in the park.

The minimum amount to deposit into your wristband is RM50. Our advice is to deposit more than you think you need. You don’t want to go through the hassle of having not enough to pay and returning to the locker to get your cash for payment or top up.

Don’t worry about depositing too much into your wristband as you can get a refund for the balance. Cash refund is available before 7pm on the day of use and make sure to keep your receipts for validation. If you lost or damaged your wristband, however, you won’t be able to receive a refund.

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What to bring to Sunway Lagoon

You’ll be in the sun a lot so make sure you bring along your sunblock in the event you need to re-apply, which is very likely, especially after hours of sweating and being in the water. The Malaysian sun can be quite unforgiving, so it’s a definite must to lessen the sunburn.

There are no towels provided in Sunway Lagoon unless you purchase them from the souvenir shops. So, remember to pack yours together with the necessary toiletries. There are shower rooms in Sunway Lagoon so you can clean up before leaving.

If you want to carry your phone with you throughout the day, bring along a waterproof phone pouch that you can easily hang around your neck.

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What to wear to Sunway lagoon

Since it’s a family-friendly park, it’s best to dress modestly, mainly for comfort and convenience. Although there are no restrictions against bikinis and speedos, you might stand out from other patrons and get the few odd stares here and there.

Stick to a swimsuit you’re comfortable with and if you’re visiting the dry amusement park before or after the water park, you can simply throw on a T-shirt and boardshorts over your swimsuit. Malaysia is hot and humid all year round, so it’s best to stick with thin, breathable clothes.

As for footwear, slippers and sandals are the most convenient. You’ll be required to remove your footwear before going on the water slides and they’re usually kept at a general area

As long as you follow these simple Sunway Lagoon park rules, figuring out what to wear shouldn’t be difficult!

What to eat in Sunway Lagoon

No outside food are allowed inside the park aside from those for infants or special medical needs. Visitors, however, are allowed to bring in 1 bottle of plain water. Any other flavoured or types of drinks are not allowed.

You won’t have to worry about being thirsty and hungry during your time in the park. There are many snack stands located throughout the park, with small bites, refreshments and cold treats available. There are also restaurants in Sunway Lagoon, serving a wide variety of food from local cuisine, to fast food and more.

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Where to stay near Sunway Lagoon

Conveniently located a walking distance away from the park are Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Sunway Clio Hotel, and Sunway Pyramid Hotel. These 3 hotels are a mere 5-10 minutes walk away, so you can spend more time having fun and less time worrying about getting around.

Staying near the park means you won’t need to rush to get to the park before the crowd gathers. You’ll also reach your hotel in no time after a full day of fun. All in all, less waiting, more rest, more fun!

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Entertainment around Sunway Lagoon

Aside from the hotels, also connected to the park is a major leisure and shopping complex, Sunway Pyramid. Covering an area of 97 acres (yes, that’s almost the same size as Sunway Lagoon!), this mall has over 900 outlets.

Ranging from fashion, food, souvenirs, pharmacies, supermarket, electrical products, home furnishing, cinema, and basically anything you need from a mall, it truly is a one-stop centre. There is also an ice skating rink in the mall, which makes it stand out from the rest of the malls in the city.

Fun fact: Malaysia is home to several of the largest malls in the world and Sunway Pyramid is one of it. So you best believe that they know how to step up their shopping mall game!

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How to get to Sunway Lagoon

1. By Car

If you’re coming from Kuala Lumpur, you can get to Sunway Lagoon via the Federal Highway, Damansara-Puchong Expressway, New Pantai Expressway and KESAS Highway. There is ample parking space available at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

GPS Coordinates: 3.07199, 101.60515

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2. By Bus

You can take the KTM Train to Setia Jaya station, walk for 5 minutes to the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and take it to the Sunway Lagoon Station. From there, walk down the escalator to the Surf Beach Entrance.

Alternatively, from KL Sentral, you can take bus U63 or U67 and get down at Sunway Pyramid.

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3. By Shuttle Bus

There is a free shuttle bus service that runs every 25 minutes. The following are the shuttle stops: Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Sunway Resort and Spa, Sunway Lagoon Entrance, Sun-U Residence, Sunway Medical Centre, Menara Sunway, Sunway University College (Side Entrance), Monash University Sunway Campus, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Shopping Mall (Under Lion head)

Operating hours: Mon - Fri, 7am - 9:30pm Sat, Sun & Public Holidays, 9am-9:30pm

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