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Top 10 Klook Activities You Loved In Seoul 2017

21 Dec 2017

Noelle Ong

Klook Travel Curator

There’s no doubt Seoul is one of Klook’s most popular destinations! This year, we’ve pulled data from over 1 million monthly bookings on Klook and rounded up the city’s top 10 activities decided by you!

From Lotte World to tree-lined avenues in Nami Island, find out what else made it to the list so you can start planning your holiday in 2018!

10. AREX Incheon Airport Express Train

The fastest way to get from Incheon Airport to downtown Seoul Station is the AREX Incheon Airport Express Train- it’s no surprise it’s so popular! Getting you to downtown Seoul in just 43 minutes, you definitely won’t be wasting time travelling. Afterall, with so much to see and do in Seoul you’ll definitely want to get out of the airport asap!

Klook your tickets to the AREX to skip the long queues at the ticketing counter, just flash your mobile voucher at the Incheon Airport Express Train Information Center or the Seoul Station Express Train Information Center to redeem your tickets and you’re all set.

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9. 4G SIM Card for Korea

With unlimited data, it’s no wonder this 4G Sim Card made it on the list! In such a picturesque city, whether it’s lush green landscapes or unique architectural structures or even traditional Korean palaces, you’ll definitely be wanted to Instagram each moment. With unlimited 4G data, you can freely flood your followers newsfeeds. Did someone say #travelgoals?

Klook your 4G SIM card and all you need to do is flash your mobile voucher at the redemption counter at any major Korean airport and you’re all set!

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8. Incheon Airport Transfers

Nothing says a holiday like relaxing and this includes getting the ultimate V.I.P treatment upon landing. The Incheon Airport Transfer is definitely the best option for those travelling in a group or with excess baggage. Recline in comfort as your driver takes you to your hotel after that long tiring flight. If you’re arriving in the wee hours of the morning and don’t want the hassle of trying to get a taxi yourself especially with the language barriers, this is the perfect choice for you.

Klook yourself the Incheon Airport Transfer for a hassle-free trip! Just look out for your driver at gate 12, recharge and get ready to explore!

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7. 4G WiFi for South Korea

Yet another internet product takes the list! This comes as no surprise especially since without internet, how are you going to navigate the streets or search for nearby food places! With a data allowance of 1GB a day, and connectivity to up to 5 devices, if you’re travelling in a group, this is the perfect choice. Even if you cross borders to nearby South Korean cities, you won’t have to worry about losing connection to your loved ones.

Klook yourself the 4G WiFi device and stay connected wherever you are. Just flash your mobile voucher at any of the international airports in South Korea, pick up your device and start navigating your way around!

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6. Korea Rail Pass (KR Pass)

If you’re looking for a convenient way of getting out of the city, hop onto any Korean Rail line and arrive at nearby cities like Busan in 2.5 hours! With 1,3,5,7 and even flexible 2 and 4 day passes, choose one to suit your needs and explore beyond Seoul.

Klook your KORAIL pass and you can even reserve your seats online, skipping the long queue at ticketing counters. With 600 over stations and 80 over routes, just redeem your ticket at any station and get exploring.

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5. Nanta Show

The Nanta show is definitely not to be missed whilst in Seoul! This unique blend of acrobatics, martial arts, music and even culinary skills will leave you glued to your seats, it definitely deserves its spot on this list. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to be a part of the energetic and comedic performance.

Klook your tickets to the Nanta show and all you’ll need to do is exchange your voucher for the tickets and get ready to laugh your butts off!

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4. N Seoul Tower

Standing at 479.7 meters tall, proudly at number 4 on the list is the N Seoul Tower! Surrounded by the lush green Namsan Park and offering the best views of the city, it’s no wonder the N Seoul Tower is one of the top on the most booked list. In the day, views extend across the city to the hills behind whilst at night, catch the twinkle of the city lights as the stars come out.

Klook your tickets to the N Seoul Tower and since tickets are open dated, you can choose a day with clear skies to visit for the best photos!

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3. Lotte World

Coming in at 3rd place is one of Korea’s top theme parks, Lotte World! Consisting of both an indoor and outdoor adventure park, it’s the perfect place whatever the weather. From free falling from a height of up to 70 meters on rides like Gyro Drop to hot air balloon rides that give you a bird’s eye view of the whole park, there is a ride for everyone!

One of the worst things that can happen is going to the theme park when your favorite ride is under renovation. Well, if you Klook your tickets, they’re open dated! That means you can visit any day so be sure to check the official website for updates on the rides before heading down.

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2. Nami Island

Coming in close to the top is the romantic Nami Island! Reenact your own Korean romance drama as you walk hand in hand with your loved one before stopping for a picnic along the iconic tree lined avenues.

After that, head to the french style theme park at Petite France for some of the most beautiful museums and cafes. Themed after The Little Prince, you’ll feel as if you stepped into a fairytale. Finally, end off the day by riding on a rail bike down the scenic countryside, taking in the sunset and the tranquility of the island.

Klook yourselves the Nami Island, Petite France and Rail Bike package to enjoy a hassle free experience of the park! With roundtrip transportation and a friendly english speaking tour staff to guide you along, you’ll definitely have an unforgettable day out.

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1. Everland

And the winner is… Everland theme park! You guys loved Everland so much it was ranked top booked activity in Seoul. This comes at no surprise, since there is so much to see and do at Everland. From record breaking roller coasters like the T-Express which goes at 104km/h to getting up close with the cute furry animals at Safari World, even if you’re a scaredy cat, you won’t be left out.

With so many things to do, you definitely should not waste time waiting in line for tickets. Klook your open dated tickets, flash your mobile e-vouchers and enter the park directly! If you truly hate waiting in line, be sure to couple your admission ticket with the Everland theme park Q-Pass to skip the lines at the most popular rides!

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Other Seoul attractions to check out

Fans of the hit variety show Running Man rejoice! Now you can experience what it’s like to be a part of the challenges on the show. Find hidden treasures and complete hilarious missions with your buddies at the Running Man Thematic Experience!

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No holiday in Seoul is complete without a trip to the traditional Korean spa! Whether it’s sweating it out in the heated rooms or freezing off in the frozen rooms, get relaxing at the Dragon Hill Spa!

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