Where To Find The Best Dim Sum In Hong Kong

15 Dec 2017

Summer Chong

Klook Travel Curator

Dim Sumbody say Hong Kong?

You can’t visit Hong Kong without having at least a meal of dim sum. Home to har gows, char siew paus and siew mais, it is almost impossible trying to find dim sum more authentic than what you’ll find in this city.

However, with dim sum restaurants on every street, it can be hard to find a good one. Lucky for you, we have narrowed down which dim sum hot spots you have to visit and grouped it according to its geographical location. So, if you’re in the area, you now know where to go for some great grub!

Central/ Sheung Wan Dim Sum Restaurants

1. Ding Dim 1968

If you’re looking for an intimate dim sum joint that’s both traditional and unique, Ding Dim 1968 should definitely be on your list. Here are some must-order dishes while you’re there.

King Hargow : Freshly steamed juicy plump prawn dumplings, well deserving of its title of king. Siew Mai with black truffle : While truffle might not seem like a good idea, these flavors combine perfectly to give you perhaps the best tasting siew mai ever. Xiao Long Bao with pork and crab roe: These delightful little soup dumplings contain steaming hot tasty broth so be careful when taking a bite.

Now that your mouth is watering, here’s how you can get these yummy dumplings in your tummy. Klook yourself some vouchers for the set menus, offering you a taste of a variety of dim sum items, perfect if you’re eating alone. I mean, who wants to share such delicious food anyway? But, if you’re travelling as a group, get a HKD100 food voucher at a fraction of the price and order to your heart’s content!

Since tickets are open dated and instantly confirmed, you can book it right on the spot, flash your mobile voucher and get ready to feast!

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2. Lin Heung Kui

If you’re just looking for great tasting food with no regard to how it looks, this no frills Michelin recommended dim sum house, Lin Heung Kui is for you! While the interior might look modest, it’s extensive menu is definitely not.

Awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand, feast on traditional dim sum dishes cooked with the restaurant’s own century old recipes. Plus, the dim sum comes in traditional trolleys and bamboo baskets, which is a pretty rare sight nowadays.

Klook yourselves a dim sum set to get a taste of all their most popular dishes! All you need to do is flash your mobile e-voucher and get ready to feast.

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3. Yum Cha

If you’re looking for traditional dim sums with a yummy but modern twist, head over to Yum Cha for some of the cutest and yummiest dim sum! While the dumplings and buns might look slightly different, you can be rest assured that the authentic Cantonese cuisine flavors are still infused within these delicious parcels.

These squeezable googly-eyed buns come in 2 flavors, hot molten custard or green tea custard. We know your parents taught you not to play with food, but in this instance we think it’s perfectly acceptable!

Klook yourselves a dinner set for 2 and get to taste these molten buns and all its cute counterparts like the BBQ piggy buns and doggy sausage rolls. Just flash your mobile e-voucher whenever you feel like going and get ready to have your buns and play with them too!

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Tsim Sha Tsui Dim Sum

4. Dim Sum Icon

I’m sure most of you have seen these viral egg shaped dim sum items on your social media feeds. Gudetama, the yellow lazy egg from Sanrio has invaded Dim Sum Icon and is coming freshly steamed in a dim sum basket to your table! Watch the custard flow out of your Gudetama bun’s mouth or molten chocolate flow out of its bum, though the latter might make you lose your appetite.

Dim Sum Icon also frequently changes its theme frequently, with the most recent addition being Spongebob Squarepants! Coming out from his pineapple under the sea and into your dim sum basket, relive your childhood cartoon binge watching sessions while taking a bite into the succulent prawn dumplings.

Photo Credit : Dim Sum Icon Facebook

5. Aqua Luna Cruise

Enjoy two of Hong Kong’s finest features, the beautiful Hong Kong Victoria Harbor and tasty dim sum dishes on board the AquaLuna Dim Sum cruise! If you’re looking for a new dim sum experience, you should definitely put this on your list.

Feast on a selection of dim sum specially created by chefs of Dim Sum Library as you take in sights of fishing junks, traditional sampans juxtaposed against the luxurious yachts and cruisers. Set sail to the old fishing port of Aberdeen on the roomy and comfortable cruise ship and enjoy a relaxing afternoon at sea.

Klook yourself this unique dim sum experience and all you need to do is flash your mobile voucher and enjoy your voyage!

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6. Dim Sum Class

Food always tastes best when you make it yourself. Well, since you’re in the land of dim sum masters, why not pick up a skill or two from the professionals and make your own dim sum! From deep fried squid shaped spring rolls to traditional shrimp dumplings and even cute little penguin shaped dumplings, let your culinary skills flourish as you create these delicious treats, you’ll never have the buy frozen dumplings again.

Klook yourself a dim sum making experience and all you’ll need to do is flash your mobile e-voucher and get cooking! All equipment, materials and recipes will be provided so you won’t have to worry about lugging them along in your suitcase.

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Mong Kok/ Jordan Dim Sum

7. Social Dim Sum

If you’re new to Hong Kong and the concept of dim sum is absolutely foreign to you, opt for this Social dim sum breakfast meet and eat! After all, food tastes better when you’re eating it with company right?

Sample the best of all the dim sums in Hong Kong and let the friendly local guide teach you the best ways to enjoy them. You can even pick up some local Cantonese slang while you interact with your new found foodie friends!

Klook your Social Dim Sum experience for an authentic Hong Kong breakfast club experience. Just flash your mobile e-voucher and look out for your friendly guide at the meet up location.

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8. Lo Dim

If this is not your virgin dim sum experience, and you’re a little bored of the usual dim sum menu, head to Lo Dim for a refreshing twist on the traditional dim sum items! Combining contemporary Eastern and Western flavors, you’ll find items like mini hamburgers, chiffon cakes as well as the usual steamed rice rolls and BBQ pork buns. After a long day of shopping at the Ladies Market or Langham place, this would be the perfect pit stop to refuel!

If you spend HKD100 at Lo Dim, you can get one of their signature dishes for just HKD5 with Klook! Since the tickets are open dated and instantly confirmed, after looking at the menu, if what you’ve ordered fulfils the minimum HKD100, be sure to Klook your signature item voucher!

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Dim Sum in Sai Wan

9. Sheung Hei

If you’re looking for a dim sum restaurant for those midnight dim sum cravings, head to Sheung Hei Dim Sum master. Open for at least 22 hours daily, anytime is dim sum time! Awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand Recommendation, you’re definitely getting a bang for your buck with these top quality dim sum items. While we hear the wait can be pretty long, it is definitely worth it!

Some of the must try dishes include the steamed glutinous rice with chicken and the pan-fried green pepper stuffed with mixed fish and pork.

Klook yourself a discounted HKD100 cash coupon for Sheung Hei and enjoy a huge variety of dim sum without paying full price! Just flash your mobile voucher and since tickets are open dated and instantly confirmed, you can book it just before heading there.

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10. Sun Hing

Another late night dim sum joint in Sai Wan is Sun Hing! Fill those midnight hunger pangs after a long night out with some steamed prawn dumplings and their must try- crispy fried milk! Another thing you must try is their golden custard buns aka Liu Sha Baos. These buns have even gotten the thumbs up from Hong Kong star Eason Chan! Beware of the hot molten lava custard flowing out from the bun, it might scald the roof of your mouth.

Photo Credit : Timeout Hong Kong

Other Must Eat Hong Kong Foods

While you’re in the gastronomic capital of Southeast Asia, if you didn’t go back feeling like your pants don’t fit, did you really eat everything Hong Kong has to offer? Don’t forget to pick up an Emack and Bolio’s ice cream cone for the most extra, over the top ice cream experience that will definitely be worth the calories.

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The typhoon crab at the Under Bridge spicy crab restaurant is definitely a must try as well. Think thick juicy crab meat deep fried and tossed in their special spicy sauce. Klook a set meal to try all the best dishes of the place!

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